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  1. SibelLecher

    What would your house / motto / sigil be ?

    House Revenge Sigil is comedy tragedy masks overlaying each other with a four-split background. Top left an bottom right are white, top right and bottom left is light grey. Motto is " As We Endure " Because the history of the house is that they were slaves, servants, always being tortured and worked to death. They endured all of it and each member of the house has someone or something to which they want revenge.
  2. Need some ideas for fan houses.
  3. SibelLecher

    Will we ever hear the Other/White Walker language?

    The show and books both follow a theme that the other / white walker 'language' is completely telepathic. Both portray that the whites know when to 'stop' / 'follow' due to what they are told. I hope they speak common because that would blow some in canon minds