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  1. Actually, one of my friends had this pinned since S3! He thought that Dany was going to be a cruel tyrant, and was showing signs. She was my fav character, and I completely ignored him. I knew I lost her at "The Bells". I kept thinking, "Stop, Dany, stop. You've won." After that she lost my support, not that it means anything, but I do think she lost a great number of supporters, as well.
  2. Well, after having viewed E06, I think our dear Dany has gone completely mad, and what Jon did was a favor to both her and the realm. Varys was right. I have speculated about a more democratic society, and it looks like we're headed towards the "electoral college" version A bit of good news, if you ask me.
  3. Hi Haskelltier, I'm sorry I've been away for a while. I just got around to watching E5 this morning! :-O So many now are thinking that Dany really is a tyrant, yet I think somewhat differently. I think she was heartbroken by Jon because they were so in love. He rejects her because she is his aunt, but she does not only want his loyalty as his Queen. It angers her; so she takes it our on Cersei, and all who she could think of as an enemy. Sorry for the crossover, but who here has seen the show "Snapped"? That is about the same thing: people who were/are in love but one crosses the other and the spurned destroys property, or even lives of the ones he/she loves. Of course this is wrong. My main point is that Dany is beside herself. ..
  4. And so is this world, one way or another...
  5. Hi, I meant it was an issue for Jon and Dany's romantic relationship, at least. Frankly, I think Dany will take it as more of a threat than Jon ever would. Clearly, the succession has moved on as you point out.
  6. Hi, I feel that this episode was a bit disappointing in that there was little new information. It was interesting to see how some characters reacted to info that we knew (e.g. Sam Tarly, "Jon Snow", Bran's insight that the KK had breached the Wall). I did not see Sam taking the death of Dickon so hard, for one thing. Nor did I think he would be surprised that he stood by his father in his allegiance to Queen Cersei. Speaking of Sam, I do hope that one of the books he took from the Citadel was the High Septon's diary that described annulling Rhaegar's former marriage and new one to Lady Lyanna. I think that Jon (or someone else) is going to converse with Dany about this, but beyond Bran's visions, what hard evidence would anyone have? Even a transcribed diary is dubious evidence at best. So, not much new information except for the current position of the WW, and interesting to see the reactions of characters to information we've known for 1.5 years. Looking forward to more! Cheers!
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