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  1. LadyNoOne

    Will Dany Resurrect?

    Hi, So, we saw Drogon fly off with Dany in his talon, and one cannot help but wonder: is he taking her to some secret place where she can be reincarnated? In the end of E06 we see her battle torn, and more tyrannical than ever. Do people wish to see her resurrected? Cheers,
  2. LadyNoOne

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Actually, one of my friends had this pinned since S3! He thought that Dany was going to be a cruel tyrant, and was showing signs. She was my fav character, and I completely ignored him. I knew I lost her at "The Bells". I kept thinking, "Stop, Dany, stop. You've won." After that she lost my support, not that it means anything, but I do think she lost a great number of supporters, as well.
  3. LadyNoOne

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Well, after having viewed E06, I think our dear Dany has gone completely mad, and what Jon did was a favor to both her and the realm. Varys was right. I have speculated about a more democratic society, and it looks like we're headed towards the "electoral college" version A bit of good news, if you ask me.
  4. LadyNoOne

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Hi Haskelltier, I'm sorry I've been away for a while. I just got around to watching E5 this morning! :-O So many now are thinking that Dany really is a tyrant, yet I think somewhat differently. I think she was heartbroken by Jon because they were so in love. He rejects her because she is his aunt, but she does not only want his loyalty as his Queen. It angers her; so she takes it our on Cersei, and all who she could think of as an enemy. Sorry for the crossover, but who here has seen the show "Snapped"? That is about the same thing: people who were/are in love but one crosses the other and the spurned destroys property, or even lives of the ones he/she loves. Of course this is wrong. My main point is that Dany is beside herself. ..
  5. LadyNoOne

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    I am in support of it, and I knew it was undeniable from Brienne's perspective when questioned by Cersei, she could not answer. IMHO, Jamie is not a hateful man. Is is a loyal one, however. The problem is that he cannot realize his potential because of Cersei.
  6. LadyNoOne

    3 Questions.

    Hi, Who else thinks that Cersei and possibly her new born don't make it? The Witch did answer her question, and one of them was that she would have three children whilst her husband had 20. We know a fourth is not in the cards. Something will happen. Cheers,
  7. LadyNoOne

    Why the Pyres?

    I see this as a solution. I think Dany is hiding Drogon. At least, I hope she is...
  8. LadyNoOne

    Why the Pyres?

    Hi, with due respect you're quoting the drowned God "What is dead may never die" The NK, WWs. and wights were sleeping for 8k years. I think that D&D do take some time considerations. The corpses were the better part of a day, for example. I questioned the need for the pyres, but now that no one can come back as a wight anymore, it is sparing the freezing ground. The Lords/Ladies of the Vale seem to concern themselves with their own affairs. Technically, they should have saved LF since he was found innocent, but then did not at his later trial. There is no heavy cavalry. You can note the post above that enormous amounts of Unsullied, Dothraki, and now TWO dragons are dead. In my opinion, given Missandei 's word, Dany will tortch KL.
  9. LadyNoOne

    Arya's Weapon

    Quite right, and there is a scene where the CotF drive the dagger into what would become the NK's heart, and before having done so he looked like a Stark, not a Thenn (or Darth Maul lol)
  10. LadyNoOne

    Arya's Weapon

    To me he looks like a Thenn...
  11. LadyNoOne

    Why the Pyres?

    It could mean, or I thought it meant, that the NK, WW, and the wights were finished, hence milder winters when they came, and no real threat. The wall is open now, and everyone is free.
  12. LadyNoOne

    Why the Pyres?

    Why do people want to torch dragons? Hmm... Well, I don't. I do want to see Cersei torched by a dragon.
  13. LadyNoOne

    Why the Pyres?

    Good point!
  14. LadyNoOne

    Why the Pyres?

    I agree with this opinion.
  15. LadyNoOne

    Why the Pyres?

    Are you asking if the NK is not really destroyed? Thanks,