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  1. Huh, never heard this nickname before.. Thanks! Honestly, I don't believe that Cersei did triumph in S7... i think Dany did lose some by not saving the spoils for herself...
  2. P.S. @Angel Eyes I think if Tyrion knew about the mines (and he possibly did but perhaps thought the loss of family would be more important to Cersei and Jaime), he might have advised Dany to send the Unsullied to defend Highgardeen. One question I've had is why burn the spoils of the war, and not concentrate on exterminating the Lannisters? At least then, Dany could have had the grain for her soldiers...
  3. I did not get the impression that Olenna spoke to Tyrion that much. There was an episode, I believe "The Lion and the Rose" in which she stated to Tywinn that everyone knew that the Lannister mines had been dry for years. She said similar to Jaime after they took Highgaarden at last. She also asked him why they didn't take them as soon as their gold mines ran dry in the first place. (I assume it was so they could keep supplying them with grain; someone to farm and harvest it for them... just another alliance, even if there was little use they could provide in battle). Also, although Lady Olenna did not warn Tyrion, she did warn Dany when she was inclined to burn down the Red Keep, but Tyrion was in favor of taking the Rock as a more dipolatic approach. She didn't say anything about the gold minds, but she did say that she'd outlived many important men, specifically by "ignoring them" Cheers,
  4. LadyNoOne

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Hi there, I don't think it had anything to do with Robb. Cat, in life, was hardly any fan of Jon... Additionally, I do not believe Robb would have wanted to come back without his pregnant wife, who he loved both so much. Cheers
  5. LadyNoOne

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Thanks everyone!
  6. LadyNoOne


    Hi Folks, Lately, I have been considering LF. I am not sure he is completely self-serving. I do believe he has formidable aspirations. LF saved Sansa when he did not have to do this. He tried to do this before she was married to Tyrion. Of course, it is widely known that he wants her all to himself; yet, he went out of his way to rescue her as well as shelter her. Her Aunt Lysa was perfect for this, and LF knew she loved him. Did LF marry Lysa only to take power in the Vale? I don't think so. I think he did it because he could protect Sansa under a false name. Was LF in love with Sansa? I think he missed Cat very much that he loved Sansa by extension. I believe he saw a beautiful, young girl who had been abused horribly, and that he wanted to protect her. Did LF really betray Sansa before he was sentenced by her to die? One may argue that he feared for her safety from Arya. I do not think there was any real threat there, but I think he may have thought there was. Why wasn't Lysa enough for LF in lieu of Cat? Well, we all love who we do. Sometimes there is no sense to it. Maybe she was too easy a choice when LF prefers a challenge. I've mentioned this before: the LF/Bolton situation was confusing. I'm unsure why Cersei wouldn't have been alerted to this union. I'm completely baffled by this, but I do not think LF wanted Sansa to be hurt. Perhaps he felt the Boltons who are in close association with House Lanisstar could protect her. What do people think?
  7. Sorry for the previous post. I'm still getting the hang of this site. Yes, Arya, is beyond heroism, and Sansa is not seeking love -- For now I think Arya still wants to be a hero, but realizes now that people are not wholly good nor bad. Sansa, I believe, may trust again though she has abandoned her earlier notions of life in the court. Then Sansa may love again. Or, perhaps the NK just turns everyone.. Who knows?! Cheers
  8. Hi all, I do think this is a great topic, and also considerate. I think the worst way to end the show would be for another main character to die needlessly (as in the Red Wedding). I would also dislike it if Cersei kept the crown, or any Lannister apart from Tyrion, possibly. I wish I didn't feel this way, but I hope her baby is not born. Of course, we do have some assurances from the witch she visited. I hope that Sansa finds true love (possibly Tyrion? Think he's good for her, and he's in need of love, too. Good man, all in all). I also think that she would not make a good Queen of Westeros, but a good ruler/Warden of the North. I hope that Arya becomes a knight, and lets go of her vengent tendencies. The worst possible outcome I can think of is that the NK kills/transforms everyone else. Thoughts?
  9. LadyNoOne

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Thank you so much! I'm sooo new here, lol. It is a great forum/website. Yes, and I think Viserys definitely was power hungry enough to seize KL if he had that kind of power at the time... You're right that "justice" is a relative concept. I did not like it when Dany crucified the masters of Meereen in vengeance for the slaved children. Don't we all make bad decisions, though? Sometimes she has made decisions that are completely unfair, such as promising her largest dragon to the one of the masters of the Unsullied then burning him. On the other hand, the Unsullied did seem pleased to be freed... Cersei's version of justice is only to her own family. To her, those are the only ones that matter: "Hang the world" she says when shown a wright... Well, Qyburn is working on a solution to this. I'm wondering if Dragons can withstand wildfire? Actually, I think you have a really great point here regarding Jon. Thanks!
  10. LadyNoOne

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    @Lucius Lovejoy P.S. Sorry, forgot to mention that I don't think Arya's character would want to be queen either... Perhaps queen/king's guard... As far as Arya goes, I hope she lets bygones be that, and that she would be happy.
  11. LadyNoOne

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Hi there @Lucius Lovejoy I wish I could reply to quotes in-line, heh. So, Dany did cross the narrow sea with her Dragons, the Unsullied, and her large Khalasar (and some former slaves from Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen..). I know what you mean, though. At one point she was content to stay in Essos and rule there, but she did not. I think I expressed this on a different thread, but I think she is overcompensating. That is, I think she wants to be recognized. After all, she has been treated as a slave herself throughout her life, then sold as one into a marriage she was at first scared. She wants some justice, but she also feels part of the injustice is not only slavery. I believe she feels the "wheel" is unjust, and that is why she states that she wants to "break the wheel". Frankly, I don't blame her. Now, if she wanted only fire and blood, she could have taken the Capitol by now. She wants to be different than the "Cercies" of the world, and not be queen of the ashes. I must say I love those Dragons They are remarkably cat-like, except for the breathing fire part. So, why do you think Jon would be a poor king? He might be too empathetic... That is true, but he has a remarkable upbringing, education; and he is a tried and true battle warrior. He cares about people, and he is humble enough to listen to advisors. Still, I don't think his character would want to be king... Cheers!
  12. LadyNoOne

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Thank you for welcoming me @Katherine459! I understand your point now, and I did read an article before S7 was released that JRRM's opinions were ignored. In fact, I understood that he was quite miffed about all of that. I suppose I agree with you on the HBO failures. Realistically, though, 10 hours to cover so much plot is not to be expected compared to the writings. In any case, I am glad we can both agree that HBO has done some justice, and that justice waxes and wains. Cheers!
  13. LadyNoOne

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Hi there, I think Dany is getting some harsh criticism. She has acted valiantly to save the members of the party who marched beyond the wall to catpure a wright. She is all that you say, but not only. I would not characterize her as a villain. I would characterize her as a strong woman who wishes to be recognized. In some way, all strong people wish this. She was abused and made to be submissive to her brother, sold as you point out to Drogo (who fortunately she loved); and I believe this is why her "pet pieve" is slavery. I do not regard her subjects as slaves. I'm just now watching S4 E6, and Dany listens to the complains of all her subjects including former Masters. She reacts sympathetically to all. I do agree that she is becoming tyrannical, overly self-confident, as well as entitled. But... she deserves some credit, doesn't she? Maybe Jon would be the best king. He is humble, and also half Targ. He can ride those dragons. Thoughts?
  14. Hi, with all of these replies I apologize for not reading them all. That was a ridiculous episode, and one of the reasons I think so is where did all those WW's get the chains to drag the dragon from the lake?? I do have questions, though. Does anyone else think that the NK looks like a Thenn? Do people think that the three, including the NK are a different species than the other wrights? Did they turn all of them? I also wonder how the babies who were turned would every grow up? Seems odd to me... Thoughts? Thanks!