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    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Trying to group in tiers, because it is hard to directly compare commanders that have never engaged each other in any way. Beginning of the books: Tier A: known to have won battles by skill alone, or with comparable forces against a decent commander. Unlikely to blunder. Khal Drogo. Dothraki fight a lot among themselves. Never losing a battle there must mean something. He didn't become Khal for nothing. Stannis Baratheon. Held Storm's End against all odds. Known to have been an effective commander in the Greyjoy uprising. Randyll Tarly. Dealt Robert Baratheon his only true defeat with just the vanguard. Out of action for most of the war besieging Storm's End. Tier B: good commanders Robert Baratheon. The reason he's not tier A is that his impulsiveness makes him prone to run into traps. Won the trident. Tywin Lannister. At least decent as a commander. Brilliant strategist, usually wins his battles before the fighting begins - but this is not the focus of this thread. Ned Stark/Jon Arryn/Hoster Tully: led armies during Robert's Rebellion and commanded their forces at the Trident. Jon Connington. Held his own despite likely being heavily outnumbered in the Battle of the Bells. Managed to pull out most of his forces and retreat them to safety once it became clear the battle was lost. Throughout the books (not including characters who only fought in the past or died very soon): Tier A: Danaerys Targaryen. Her cunning plans defeated both Yunkai and Mereen with minimal losses on her side. Never lost a battle. Tyrion Lannister, for his ingenious defense of King's Landing. Robb Stark. Never lost on the battlefield, and known to take his enemies by surprise. Blundered a lot off the battlefield which cost him his life and his crown. Randyll Tarly. Did nothing that cost him his Tier A rank. Annihilated the enemy at Duskendale just as expected of him against an inferior foe. Tier B: Stannis Baratheon. No longer Tier A because he ran into a trap at the Blackwater. Tywin Lannister. Jon Connington. Jon Snow. Held the wall against the assault of Mance Rayder.
  2. not an answer

    How did The Reach lose?

    Well, in contrast to the books the Lannisters are supposed to have the most powerful army in the world of the series. Still, I don’t get how Highgarden could fall so fast... Olenna was there, and she was forewarned. Cersei blew up her family, you remember? So, the very moment she arrives back home (if not earlier via raven), the entire Reach should be in a state of war. That means: sentries at all borders, while the remaining loyal lords call their banners - and, of course, garrison their castles!
  3. not an answer

    Is Mace Really an Oaf?

    I mean, look at his careful maneuvering during Robert’s Rebellion - declaring for the Iron Throne, yet refusing to actually risk his army. I wouldn’t say he’s a good tactician but certainly a strategist: When Robert advances on the Reach, he gives him a beating at Ashford - which seems to have been a small-scale battle, perhaps just between the vanguards? Robert knows the Tyrells command the largest host in Westeros, so he turns his army north... mission accomplished; the war is now fought on someone else’s land. And after that, he heads straight for Storm’s End - which he besieges for the remainder of the war. No attempt to storm the castle. At the Trident, forces from the Reach are present, but Mace himself remains in the south (likely together with the larger part of his army) Why? Because Mace could not care less about his lunatic king. He wants his soldiers occupied with something that does not get them killed. The moment it becomes clear the war is over, he immediately bends the knee; returning to the Reach with (perhaps) the most intact host of all the seven kingdoms. Thoughts?