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  1. not an answer

    How did The Reach lose?

    Well, in contrast to the books the Lannisters are supposed to have the most powerful army in the world of the series. Still, I don’t get how Highgarden could fall so fast... Olenna was there, and she was forewarned. Cersei blew up her family, you remember? So, the very moment she arrives back home (if not earlier via raven), the entire Reach should be in a state of war. That means: sentries at all borders, while the remaining loyal lords call their banners - and, of course, garrison their castles!
  2. not an answer

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    Catelyn: her husband and her children; all dead. Lysa: Sweetrobin’s dead body; badly mangled (because she didn’t do enough to keep him safe). Sansa: her father, telling her the marriage to Joffrey was cancelled. Later: Joffrey. Arya: Septa Mordane complaining about her needlework. Later: Eddard’s detached head. Sandor: fire. Tywin: himself as a beggar; powerless and impoverished. Cersei: Tywin telling her what a disappointment she was. Aerys II: an assassin with raised dagger, with the assassin’s face alternating between various people in his vicinity. Renly: the slain body of Ser Loras. Loras: Renly’s corpse. Bran: winter. Dany: herself, whipping a slave. Ned: Jaime, with his king’s blood dripping from his sword, but having Eddard’s face (dishonour).
  3. not an answer

    Is Mace Really an Oaf?

    I mean, look at his careful maneuvering during Robert’s Rebellion - declaring for the Iron Throne, yet refusing to actually risk his army. I wouldn’t say he’s a good tactician but certainly a strategist: When Robert advances on the Reach, he gives him a beating at Ashford - which seems to have been a small-scale battle, perhaps just between the vanguards? Robert knows the Tyrells command the largest host in Westeros, so he turns his army north... mission accomplished; the war is now fought on someone else’s land. And after that, he heads straight for Storm’s End - which he besieges for the remainder of the war. No attempt to storm the castle. At the Trident, forces from the Reach are present, but Mace himself remains in the south (likely together with the larger part of his army) Why? Because Mace could not care less about his lunatic king. He wants his soldiers occupied with something that does not get them killed. The moment it becomes clear the war is over, he immediately bends the knee; returning to the Reach with (perhaps) the most intact host of all the seven kingdoms. Thoughts?
  4. not an answer

    Do you think Cersi can stop the propecy?

    Well, I am pretty convinced Maggy’s prophecy will fully come true. But does this mean all of Cersei’s children have to die as kings or queens? Joffrey has, Tommen will. What about Myrcella? Some Dornish already tried to crown her; maybe there will be a second attempt. Or she simply becomes queen after Tommen’s death? And what if her golden hair is all the crown she needs to fit into that prophecy? The valonquar will be Jaime or Tyrion, or (as an outside bet) Arya using Jaime’s face - I think it will be Jaime after all, using his real hand together with the golden one. However, before she dies someone will cast her down and take all she holds dear - another queen. Dany is the obvious choice, but by no means the only one - there are a lot of potential and former queens around: Current queens: Margaery - suspected by Cersei. Dany - seems all too likely, doesn’t it? Past queens: Jeyne Westerling? Faded into obscurity after the Red Wedding, but she clearly has a reason to hate the Lannisters who killed her beloved. Potential future queens: Sansa - would have to become queen first. Littlefinger succeeding, and marrying her to himself? Queen in the North with her brothers believed dead? (Arya - good at killing; just don’t see how she could become queen) Asha - another Kingsmoot? Unlikely they’d elect a woman, see her first attempt. Does not seem to have a particular reason to go after Cersei. (Selyse - Stannis’ queen; not sure if she is indeed younger than Cersei. Also not known to be a beauty.) (Shireen - definitely not a beauty). She will lose all she holds dear - her children? An implication that the younger queen will be involved in the death of Tommen and/or Myrcella? Perhaps even GRRM doesn’t know the resolution yet, which is why it takes him so damn long to finish the next book?