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  1. umm, hourly workers still get their pay deducted. i dunno maybe your system is structured differently . yeah VAT sucks and 27%is high , it's 2 to 8.5% in Texas depending on where you are in the state . it's a fixed 6% in Pennsylvania. generally speaking ,i believe the fairest possible tax is a simple fixed flat rate tax of 20% on all individual income that's at least 5 thousand dollars above the poverty line and increase the cap 10 thousand after marriage and 15 thousand per dependent child in the family so basically a family of 4 will not pay taxes unless they make 60 thousand which is double the poverty line for a 4 individual household . everyone who can contribute is contributing and it's proportional. I as someone who's in the top 1 percent will still pay significantly more than the entire income of the people in the middle class and would be incentivized to have our money here in the US where it can be invested instead of getting it out using loopholes because contrary to common belief loopholes are not magic wormholes that take all your money and keeps it safe . lawyers and accountants and banks and governments have to get their share and so for example getting my money to Switzerland nets me around 74 cents on the dollar which is a good deal for the capital i'm moving but it is a game of diminishing returns so when the tax cuts passed here in the us i was able to transfer a considerable chunk from overseas back home to the US . it really is just a simple cost benefit analysis , make it more profitable for me to give my money to the IRS otherwise no thanks , I have better deals elsewhere . we simply cannot sustain this unfair model where only 53% of the country pay taxes and the remaining 47% simply vote for more socialist ideals without any skin in the game . yeah , if I can't find a woman who I trust completely to the point where i don't even think about a prenup then i just won't get married . the whole point of marriage in my opinion is finding a partner to share your entire life with and that's not something you can compromise trust in . otherwise what's the point ? however i must add that that's just my personal take on marriage and i don't begrudge anyone who wants a prenup ,on the contrary i think it is the logical move to make considering how likely an outcome divorce is and how family courts and divorce procedures are ridiculously biased against men . it's just not a fair game that we're asked to enter into on pure faith . god this feels shitty . it shouldn't be this scary . is "nice" a euphemism for something ? it was Stanford for me and the indoctrination is so much worse now (i dunno how old you are but i assume you're a fair bit older than me having had two children) . i had professors (the ones in mandatory humanities classes, go figure) who were proud communists preaching their retard drivel and how we should "destroy western civilization". of course i got A's because these morons are so easy to trick , just cater to their fantasies and bash on the rich and say how everything is the fault of "white straight cis gendered males" and throw in a couple of quotes from Das Kapital and Noam Chomsky and you'll basically get love letters in your exam grades . heck one such professor liked me so much she wanted me to "join the party" . and don't get me started on the students , they're basically 80% degenerate dirtbags with no principles or values other than binge drinking , taking drugs and spreading venereal diseases (relationships don't exist to these people , they're all basically communal fuck buddies) . they have no concept of personal responsibility and cannot take care of themselves and i mean not even the basic feed, cloth and clean after yourself . they really have no purpose other than the next dopamine firing (which is why i suspect most of them are regularly depressed and barfing at 4 am ) . i literally had someone knock on the door the of electromagnetic lab and ask me if i had any weed or knew anyone who sold near by . here's some genuine advice to anyone who's considering their future and thinking about university ,if you're not going into it to become an engineer , a doctor , a lawyer or an accountant or some other technical field that actually needs labs , equipment and accreditation then just don't bother . it really is not worth it , you can learn all they have to offer on your own from freely available courses online and books , i did not attend half my classes and i still graduated with a 4.0 gpa . heck i went there on a fully paid scholarship and i was disgusted by it , i have no idea how anyone can justify paying for this . and they want free tuition , Jesus , the students that are graduating are mostly useless and unhirable .and my advisor asked me why I absolutely refused to do my Masters at Stanford . they also had the gall to call me asking for donations HA! they don't even deserve the federal tax dollars they receive. jesus , you triggered my Vietnam Flashbacks lady i need a hug ! we're going to Houston. i dunno i'm not into mexican salsas , i'm more into butter and cream based sauces . hmm, perhaps , germany is varied. my mother is of Prussian stock and she's 6.2' and built like a spear . chiropractor's are legitimate but you have to go on reputation , remember these guys are not MDs and can easily cause you a serious injury if you go to someone who doesn't know what they're doing . hope this helps you nicely . this browns jets game is depressing , Cleveland truly is the factory of sadness .
  2. I took a small look, in no way comprehensive, at the Hungarian tax code and it doesn't seem that complicated to be honest but it does have a dumb number of sub categories for municipalities for such a small country. Also WTF 19.5% from employer and 18.5% from income to social security and 14 - 22 % income to health care contribution... No wonder your salaries are shit. If I'm going to be honest about marriage the reality is that I don't know how the hell I'm gonna get married because the logical part of my brain goes "you gotta absolutely get an ironclad prenup that's witnessed and notarized by 2 judges and filed with multiple copies sent to the bank, your lawyer, your employer, city hall, the police, your parents and the insurance company." But then the other half of my brain goes" if you need this much protection from this woman then you shouldn't marry her to begin with " and so the debate goes on in my mind, now obviously I don't want that debate, I want to just do the vanilla fall in love and get married and trust each other without question(joint bank account and all that) and have a bunch of kids and grow old thing but that seems to be a matter of faith and trust and I'm a man of very little faith in anything but myself. *le sigh* It's been picked up by another network. For me it's a show that's nice to catch a few clips of on YouTube but not one to watch full episodes of and follow. You should hear my pillow talk, I use revenue charts and pew statistics OH, I know Texas well enough, my grandparents on my father's side are from Texas. I've been and I've liked. Besides I went to university in California and survived that shit hole, nothing can be worse. As for food I'm more of a soul food and southern BBQ guy, biscuits and gravy, ribs, anything smoked or slow roast. Yep that's the stuff. As for finding a cow girl, well I know how to ride horses pretty well so maybe lol. Sorry to hear that, it is indeed most likely caused by the pregnancy. It's common for the extra weight to cause irritation of sciatic nerve. However, because sometimes I like to pretend I'm House, if your mother had it and it wasn't in a pregnancy time then it could point to a tumor, see sciatic nerve irritation can be caused by multiple things but isn't really genitic however one of its' causes; a tumor pressing on it, can be genetic. The couple of studies I've read about unusual methods and signs of detecting cancer cited it but it's very obscure and unreliable. Very cool to read tho. Anyway hope you feel better and since this is most likely not chronic and caused by pregnancy then 12 weeks bed rest should have you good as new. In other news I've finally made the switch to a straight razor. It's very nice. This thing is extremely sharp tho, I could totally skin a dear with it.
  3. Texas. The corporate tax code is so much better and there's minimal regulation, no zoning code for building, also the patent courts are more friendly to local companies ... Etc. It's brilliant, tons of companies are moving there and have been for the last couple of years. The government designs them especially so you can't make sense of them, they're full of loop holes tho and I use all of them, I know the US tax code better than I know Shakespeare... And I know Shakespeare, heck at this point half my money is spread around Switzerland, Ireland, the virgin Islands. but the biggest tax cut has alluded me so far... Marriage. According to my math if I filed my taxes last year under a married couple's household instead of a single man's it would have driven it down from 290k to around 140k and even less if we have children . So clearly I need a wife, it is the fiscally responsible thing to do. I should use that as my pick up line "hey good lookin'! Wanna help me save up on tax money?". Yep, that's hot. Not really, I'd bet you a 100 bucks that you're probably operating in violation of at least a dozen codes and regulations (state and federal), it's inevitable, over 150000 new regulations are issued every year and they're never repealed. Whenever my hatred for the government wanes a bit I go and read the latest bill in congress or some EPA or FCC or department of agriculture or education regulations and my disgust is revamped with a fiery passion. I have one that says "I'm the invisible hand of the king". Not sure if anyone knows that reference but I love it. TV quality is really watered down these days. It's much worse in the oscars, I haven't seen a deserving best picture movie that actually did well at the box office since the dark knight and that was an age ago.
  4. Hello, new thread seems nice. How's life? Oooo an industrial engineer! You guys are cute! Update on the move, it's not happening until next year but I managed to convince one of my team members who couldn't go to come with me so today was a good day. Rb, I tend to treat taxes as a challenge to try to pay as little as possible and get all possible deductibles and funds. It's very fun when you think of it that way especially when you succeed.
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    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Based on SNEP' scale for me TFA is a a 7 Rouge one is a 7 TLJ is a 2 Solo is a 4
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    Would you rather?

    Pet Raven of course ! Be like Odin ! Travel by horse or in a carriage ?
  7. I dunno I still think the text should be clearer on defining what's OK and what's not but I'm afraid I'm at the limit of my copy right law knowledge and must submit to your research until I do some of my own .
  8. That's quite shocking really . You'd think people would lobby their governments for a law to protect them
  9. Interesting , I guess that's plausible . I just assumed there was some written code that was similar in concept . Guess I was wrong .
  10. Probably, I didn't pay much attention to the articles and it was a long time ago so ya . I'm not that well versed on the grounds upon which one can claim a trade mark . Does one have to be the author ? Does one have to be the only one to use the term or shape or whatever in recent memory ? Or is it decided by the common observer according to the court ? And in this case who's the common observer ? And doesn't what's considered common vary demographically? At what point does Nike's "just do it " become only Nike's ? I'm sorry about the volume of questions,I'm just really curious , I'll probably read up on it later and do some research.
  11. Lol , I know all this . I'm actually quite knowledgeable in the field due to my work but I was just making a joke . As to the problem of isps total control ,one solution I see popping up more and more is public network access for everyone but I just don't see that as a solution since it's just transferring power from the companies to the government . I think we need a balance between both , the government to maintain transparency and prevent monopolies, and the free market to force the companies to compete and provide better service but sadly the fcc is shit and companies do have monopolies In certain areas of the US . It's a difficult problem that should be discussed more openly . I was genuinely shocked how few people were aware of this new eu proposal and how few cared .
  12. Yeah I agree , the iron grip of Disney is daunting ,I've read articles claiming Disney sued kindergartens over Micky mouse wall paintings . Now I kinda feel a bit hypocritical since I'm invested km Disney but oh well . I really don't have an answer to how a good copyright law would look like but the current ones and the ones being pushed are definitely geared towards protecting corporate rights rather than author rights (which ,mind you is their right . No one is being anti capitalism here but it does leave a sour taste in one's mouth ) This new eu law is really written in a way that makes it impossible to claim fair use over anything which will kill creativity imo. Regulations is needed in some areas to make sure that ISPs aren't ripping off their customers but I definitely believe we have a severe case of overreach by the powers that be . Blessed be VPNs .
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    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Hello I've read a couple of pages and although I'm no through reading I can see that this has helped you folks and that makes me feel happy for you also sad to know that you still have struggles but I suppose it's just the nature of these issues to take time and be persistent . Anyway I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is an actual thing but I suppose it couldn't hurt for me to talk about it since it's been on my mind and the more I think about it the more petty and silly I seem to myself but here goes . I have huge difficulties making emotional connections with people . I'm not anti social or anything, on the contrary I have many social relations whom I regularly join in social activities , we invite each other to meals , go out to events , participate in sports ...etc. friends , normal friends and I have good relationships at work with my colleagues some of which I consider friends ...which all seems fine and dandy but the issue is that I don't really feel deeply about any of them , I enjoy their company ,otherwise I wouldn't do it but I just don't really feel connected to them or that I care much ... like I know this is callous but the best way I can put it is that if they all disappeared tomorrow I wouldn't really blink . I'd be like "huh , unfortunate . " The deepest relationship I have outside of my parents(who I don't really count considering I see them like twice a year ) is with my dog (I'd kill for him lol ) and I really don't like this emotional isolation. It feels like I'm missing out on a huge part of life . I want to have deep and meaningful relationships with people but I don't seem to be able to do it no matter how hard I try . I haven't really considered professional help as a serious option because this always seemed like a trivial thing that I thought I'd get past but seeing as I'm getting older now ( I'm 27) and haven't seen much improvement( some deterioration actually) I believe I should look into it . I dunno what this rant really is but I'm guessing I just wanted to let off so thanks for giving me the space to do so .
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    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Couldn't for some reason copy the quote to the all things star wars thread like our venerable mod asked so I just pm'd you the links ,hope that's acceptable. Have a nice day
  15. Hello . so this is currently a huge deal in the making , the EU is currently considering a new copy right code that might have some massive repercussions on both private individuals and businesses . the legal framework. varied sources (I tried to get multiple sources from different backgrounds but was surprised with the lack of serious coverage , i mean most are talking about memes , which are of course a very serious thing but you know) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Now i'm no legal expert but i'll try to give you a quick rundown of what i understand to be the deal: I know this sounds hyperbolic but from where i'm standing this really reads like the death of the concept of "fair use" as the EU seeks to expand the concept of copy right to kinda include everything and throws out the concept of trans-formative work . now other than the memes this would greatly impact small start ups as they probably won't be able to break into the market . now there's talk that this law is copying some law in germany about trying to tax google over hyperlinking (no idea) . at any rate i know this isn't eloquent or very informative but i thought this was an important enough topic to draw special attention . so go ahead and discuss as you like , thanks .