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  1. Hello 

    I've read a couple of pages and although I'm no through reading I can see that this has helped you folks and that makes me feel happy for you :grouphug: also sad to know that you still have struggles but I suppose it's just the nature of these issues to take time and be persistent . 

    Anyway I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is an actual thing but I suppose it couldn't hurt for me to talk about it since it's been on my mind and the more I think about it the more petty and silly I seem to myself but here goes . 

    I have huge difficulties making emotional connections with people . I'm not anti social or anything, on the contrary I have many social relations whom I regularly join in social activities , we invite each other to meals , go out to events , participate in sports ...etc.  friends , normal friends and I have good relationships at work with my colleagues some of which I consider friends ...which all seems fine and dandy but the issue is that I don't really feel deeply about any of them , I enjoy their company ,otherwise I wouldn't do it but I just don't really feel connected to them or that I care much ... like I know this is callous but the best way I can put it is that if they all disappeared tomorrow I wouldn't really blink . I'd be like "huh , unfortunate . " 

    The deepest relationship I have outside of my parents(who I don't really count considering I see them like twice a year ) is with my dog (I'd kill for him lol ) and I really don't like this emotional isolation. It feels like I'm missing out on a huge part of life . I want to have deep and meaningful relationships with people but I don't seem to be able to do it no matter how hard I try . 

    I haven't really considered professional help as a serious option because this always seemed like a trivial thing that I thought I'd get past but seeing as I'm getting older now ( I'm 27) and haven't seen much improvement( some deterioration actually) I believe I should look into it . 

    I dunno what this rant really is but I'm guessing I just wanted to let off so thanks for giving me the space to do so .

  2. On 6/10/2018 at 3:31 AM, Meera of Tarth said:

    I am currently midway watching "Hirugashi When They Cry" and I'm quite enjoying it. Or maybe I like it more now than in the beginning  (first arch/s) because now the story starts making a little bit of sense as a whole, while still surprising the viewer (the episodes being quite compacted). Although, I point out that the ending of the first arch is quite intriguing as well. 

    The gore and mad aspects of the anime might not appeal to everyone. In my case, I just got accustomed to the former (basically watching how certain crimes are committed), and I am curious to discover up to what extend might the craziness of the different characters involved in those crimes play a part in the different mysteries of the story; even if I'm very busy and I can't watch it very frequently these weeks.

    The curse of the village is worth mentioning, but oh, the investigation of the crimes is the best part. Especially when Detective Oishi appears. I never have enough of him :P 

    That's a seriously creepy one but I really enjoyed it too . The animation style contrasts so weirdly with the gore bit it works . 

    If you like creepy horror stuff you should check out monster . Everyone should check out monster ,this is just shameless advertising . It's criminal that the series isn't as popular as it is good . 

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