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  1. IMO Euron (along with an association with Cersei) will be the main villain of the story. Followed closely behind by Quaithe, who while she may appear to be helping Dany, but will ultimately cause Dany's ruin by pushing Dany to fully accept and utilize/impose her Targaryen persona on the world focusing on dark/blood/fire magic. This was IMO the "truth" Quaithe wanted Dany to find in Asshai. Dark/Blood/Fire magic is the ultimate power in the world.
  2. Sophie reports that she has received from HBO the large Stark Thone chair she sat in in the finale when crowned as Queen in the North. She has it displayed in her home. I wonder if other cast members will be getting some things. I think I had read somewhere a while ago that Kit would like Long Claw and Emelia wanted her Daenerys wig but I don't know if this is accurate. Just FYI.
  3. Actually I was just trying to support your post. I did not perceive your post to be a claim that it was Valyrian steel.
  4. Aegon V wore the crown of Aegon III which was made to symbolize the unity of the people after the Dance, It was a simple crown like Aegon I but was not made with Valyrian steel (which was felt too symbolic of a war legacy). It was probably made of gold.
  5. Off the top of my head: 1. How Dany obtains the allegiance of the Dothraki 2. How Jon is "resurrected". 3. Winterfell battle with Stannis result and subsequent Winterfell conflicts. 4. Results of battle of Meereen. 5. What characters end up allied with Dany. 6. Dany's next plan after she returns to Meereen. 7. Signs that Dany is starting to become "darker" (or not). 8. Results of Arianne meeting fAegon. 9 Results of Euran's attack in the West and his future plan of operations. 10. A clearer picture of what is going on with Arya. 11. Lady Stoneheart's future revenge on the Frey's. 12. The beginning of stirrings of the Others beyond the Wall.
  6. The "disgust" comment was cut from the scene between Jon and Daenerys when he met with her after he arrived at Dragonstone and was supposed to be inserted right before Daenerys stated "let it be fear". So this occurred before the battle.
  7. I would be very interested in seeing how things play out with the dragons. If Daenerys is able to reestablish control over all three of her dragons and lands in Westeros (at the end of TWOW or at the beginning of ADOS) with all three of them along with a significant army of dothraki and unsullied I don't see how militarily anyone (fAegon, Euron, Cersei or anybody) can stop her. I mean Aegon I had just a few thousand soldiers when he started out to conquer the 7 Kingdoms but with his 3 dragons he made short work of all opposition (even though their armies were significantly larger than his). So what is the fate of the dragons? Does the dragon horn really work? Will someone else be able to establish control over any of the dragons? Will scorpions be effective? It seems that GRRM does not have a very constructive view of the dragons. In his interview following the release of Fire and Blood he commented that he viewed dragons as being destructive in nature and that they might help Daenerys to conquer but not necessarily to rule. So will any of the dragons survive till the end? I would be interested in what other people. Any thoughts?
  8. Vhager was much larger than Caraxes but was much slower and less agile.
  9. Dragon colors: Balerion: King Aegon I, of course black (died in 94 AC) Meraxes: Queen Rhaenys (Aegon I sister/wife), silver scales, golden eyes Vhager: Queen Visenya (Aegon I sister/wife), unknown Sunfrye: Aegon II, golden scales Vermathor: King Jaeharys I (initially), bronze Caraxes: Prince Daemon Targaryen, red scales Syrax: Queen Rhaenyra, yellow scales Meleys: Princess Rhaenys, scarlet scales, pink wings My best guess for Vhager is green (no specific reason)
  10. Well we will probably have the dwarf fool Mushroom to contend with at some point so I'm not sure at least about the jokes.
  11. That would be great. I really hope they will show in detail the "Battle Above the God's Eye" pitting Prince Daemon Targaryen riding Ceraxes (covered in red scales-perfect for a Targaryen) verses Prince Aemond Targaryen riding his dragon Vhager. These were two of the fiercest dragons at the time. Daemon reportedly jumped off his dragon and attacked Aemond on Vhager (Aemond had limited mobility as he had secured himself in his saddle) with Daemon killing Aemond by plunging his sword Dark Sister into the remaining eye of Aemond. Both riders and their dragons died, but Daemon's body was never found (leading some to believe he was rescued by his possible paramour Nettles (with her dragon Sheepstealer), but there is no reported evidence to support this, but who knows what they might change in the show-but probably not.
  12. Coming up with heroic characters is going to be quite a challenge if they do the Dance. But goes what guys. The Starks may end up once again as the heroic family. Perhaps they could greatly expand upon the the role of Lord Cregan Stark in the pre and actual battles and end, as the book, with an episode entitled “The Hour of the Wolf”. Stark haters may not take this too well. But on the other hand, it would provide an early sign of what GRRM has in mind for the ending of ASOIAF, which would be consistent with his initial title for the seventh book (“A Time for Wolves" instead of ADOS). I would love to see this.
  13. Good Queen Alysanne, sister/wife of Jaehaerys I, visited the NW on her dragon Silverwing. She tried several times to get Silverwing to fly north of the Wall but the dragon always veered off. This did trouble her at the time as her dragon had never before refused to go where she wanted her to go. So it would appear, at least in the books, that there may be some type of magical connection between the Wall and the dragons.
  14. In addition IMHO we also will see Daenerys' mental state become increasingly more paranoid in TWoW. She hallucinated on two occasions in ADwD with the most significant episode IMHO being a "visitation" from Quaithe while Danny was awake in her quarters in Meereen. Quaithe was clearly not really there bodily. IMHO Daenerys will see future "visitations" (hallucinations) from Quaithe warning her about individuals being out to betray her which will over time cause Daenerys to develop increasing paranoia. Paranoia combined with "I am the blood of the dragon" self-righteous grandiosity (even with possibly some good intentions) is a prescription for ultimate disaster. This is likely to be another deception for readers as the warnings from Quaithe will be interpreted by many as being helpful to Daenerys but ultimately will result in paranoia developing and building up to have the opposite effect. Just some thoughts I have.
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