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  1. I'm pretty sure that Yeen is on the banks of the Zamoyos River. "Now in ruins, Zamettar was a colony established by the Old Empire of Ghis at the mouth of the Zamoyos. Upriver are the ancient cyclopean ruins of Yeen." The oily black stone seems to have some sort of magical property, as wherever there are objects made out of this stone (except the sea-stone chair), there is something strange, almost evil about the places where this stone is found. Yeen, where not one plant grows within the ruins, The Isle of Toads, where its inhabitants have "fish-like faces and webbed hands and feet", and Asshai, where the stone "seems to drink the light." Outside of Asshai "Demons and dragons and worse make their lairs in the cliffs". It seems that the stone was a menacing aura about it, and one might wonder whether the "Corpse city", the "City of the Night", the ruined city of Stygai, is made out of this stone, as it is said that even shadowbinders fear the city. There may even be an object or ruin made out of this stone on Ulthos or in the Land of Always Winter.
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    Roose Bolton, just cause I won't have to struggle through that motherfucking blizzard, and as soon as Stannis shows up, I'm getting the fuck outta there. WYR visit Yeen, or the ruins on Leng?