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  1. Is there a section for software related projects related to the novels. I may have some software to show, but I am unsure where to post it?
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    To be honest I never thought I'd have to wait that long, in 2014 I believed GRRM when he said the book was coming soon , so it didn't seem like a big deal back then. After that, once I had a one season delay it was much easier to distance myslef from the show.
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    Hello, I have read this forum for many years and seemingly never felt the need for an account, just enjoying reading theories etc. But I just got seemingly spoiled on Twitter about the end of the GoT show, after miraculously avoiding it the past 6 years since I'm still on season 4. Yeah I did not want to spoil the upcoming volume of ASOIAF since I read the first 5. I know GRRM said that after season 4 the show is different than the novels, but I'm sure sill it contains probably half the content of the upcoming novels so that's how I decided to not watch the show further, to the great dismay of my family and friends . So yeah I miraculously avoided that (by staying mostly in the Novels section of the foum, ok) but yeah tonight I let my guard down and probably got spoiled, so it immediately rang a bell somehow that "hey, I have stuff to edit on the ASOIAF Wiki since over a year and a half ago, and I even created an account here for it for that", but actually due to IRL stuff and some posting requirements to be an editor, I never ened up doing it. Now though, I have more time, so here I am!
  4. Hello, I registered here a long time ago in order to be able to edit the Wiki since I have a little list of inaccuracies to correct (still valid a year and a half after!), but with the 5 posts requirement, I ended up not editing anything as I was more of a reader than a participant in discussions (I never felt the need for an account). Add to that some IRL stuff happening, and I never materialized that promise to post or to edit the Wiki that I had made. I have browsed the site and read countless discussions (mostly in the novels section), since many years ago, but never felt quite like posting, but now I have a little more time so that will hopefully change, let's use that account I created some time ago for that!
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