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  1. Gink

    SotM Davos Dayne + Nymeria

    Interesting. Do you have a source? I`d like to know more about the show lore too, didn`t even know they had that. When/how did anything that happened with the Daynes a couple thousand years ago relate to the show, though? The show doesn`t even mention the Daynes except for Arthur at the ToJ, does it?
  2. Gink

    Melisandre and Thoros of Myr

    Sorry, deleted that part.
  3. I was reading an old thread on this forum, and a meeting of these two characters was very briefly discussed. One poster said this meeting would "end the story", another that they'd meet much later (in ADoS), and that it would "answer a lot of questions." I'm not sure what I've missed since I dont really get what they mean. It's been a while since I read the books. Thanks for any clarification on this. I didn't want to necro a three year old thread.
  4. Gink

    [Videogaming] Your ASoIaF Dream Game?

    Crusader Kings 2, the GoT mod is the best asoiaf game we have at the moment, and probably for quite a while, unless Paradox is secretly developing something we don't know about yet. The new CK2 Holy Fury expansion coming out sometime this fall is also adding some new mechanics I think will greatly benefit the mod even more. Old video, mod is old but still constantly updated https://youtu.be/HLcPHSluAuY