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  1. I cant see the lords of the Vale attacking the Riverlands on Littlefingers behalf, and he has no army of his own. Well, maybe, if the Lannister regime falls, and Sansa is revealed and married to HtH, they may very well press Sansas claim to the Riverlands. But I doubt the Vale lords are willing to lift a finger for Baelish. Freys killing Freys in a civil war though, with BwB fighting/sabotaging both sides. That sounds like fun.
  2. Yes, I was also thinking the only explanation would have to be visions of the future, greendreams he had, so he knew both swords would be needed at the Wall. I dont like this image of Bloodraven where he's portrayed as some sort of omnipotent being that has a finger in everything that happens though. At least not already back then. Edit: Im going to be sticking with Loose Bolts theory upthread regarding the origin of Longclaw, its the one that makes the most sense to me.
  3. I dont understand why Bloodraven wouldnt return Blackfyre to the king though, he was serving as hand after all. It makes no sense to me that he would hide it for years while acting as hand, then smuggle it in secret to the Wall when exiled for killing Aenys Blackfyre.
  4. Bloodraven was the one who killed Daemon Blackfyre with a hail of arrows, but would he be allowed to bring the most valuable and important Targaryen heirloom with him to the Wall? Considering Bloodraven already had Dark Sister, why would the Targaryens let him have one more family valyrian steel sword? I guess he coulve retrieved it from the battlefield and hid it, then smuggled it to the Wall when he was sent there. Why would he do that though? It sort of makes sense, and it sort of doesnt. Im 50/50 when it comes to Longclaw being what Jeor said it was. They're both bastard swords, which seems to be another point in favour of your theory. Edit: skimmed the worldbook, and the last we hear of Blackfyre is Bittersteel picking it up and ending up in a duel with Bloodraven. The duel ended in a draw. Theres no mention of what hapoened to Blackfyre after that as far as I can tell. Did Bittersteel take it into exile, or did Bloodraven manage to disarm Aegor?
  5. I never said it was raised in a short amount of time, however, I doubt people were too keen on moving north of the construction site that soon after the long night. Thats what I ment when I said I didnt think anyone lived north of the wall until after it was raised. We know that the Watch has been continuously adding to it over the millennia, we're told in one of Jons chapters.
  6. We dont know if there were anyone north of the wall when it came up. Its been standing there for 8.000 years as far as we know. I would think no one lived in the lands north of the wall at the time it was built (I suspect it was built by the Others anyway), and people just ended up there as the millennia passed. Some fleeing justice, others seeking freedom from the tyrannical nobles, NW deserters, some from shipwrecks etc. Over time they developed their own customs and culture.
  7. The Bloodstone Emperor usurping the Amethyst Empress, resulting in the first Long Night. I love everything GEotD. Was very dissapointed when HBO decided to cancel Bloodmoon. Was hoping to see the Blood Betrayal. That would also cover the second sidestory Id like to see, the Daynes origin, the Daynes escape west, following the falling star. I believe they were either family or supporters of the Amethyst Empress, and I think Dawn was the sword of her dynasty.
  8. Never noticed in my first read that Renly basically told Ned at the hands tourney that Tyrion didn't win that dagger from Littlefinger.
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