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  1. TheCorsairKing

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    I want to kill myself everyday.
  2. TheCorsairKing

    Book Jon vs. Show Jon

    Show Jon is boring, and looks like he wants to fall asleep.
  3. You mean when she released Tyrion, sealing Ned's fate. He begged Varys to slit his throat.
  4. TheCorsairKing

    The Ironborn

    Ghiscari and Bloodstone Emperor make the Ironborn look like pussies in comparison. Not to mention The Free Cities have it way way way worse.
  5. TheCorsairKing

    The Ironborn

    They are based on Vikings, and pirates. Too be fair Euron Greyjoy is one of worse characters in the story. He raped his siblings, and kinslays left and right.
  6. TheCorsairKing

    The Ironborn

    Not all Ironborn are the same. Their are ironborn who supported Asha. Asha wanted peace. Not to mention Ironborn have no fertile ground to grow. The Starks rape, and pillage the Riverlands. Why don't people hate the Starks? The Targaryens, Lannisters and Ironborn are mild compared to other houses.
  7. To be fair Catelyn Stark is no woman a man wants to sleep with. She is very stupid, and caused more deaths than Lyanna's hanky panky run away sex party.
  8. TheCorsairKing

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    There are 5 reason why he gave the orders. 1). Show loyalty to Robert. 2). Get Cersei married to Robert. 3). Get revenge on the Targaryens. 4). Get revenge on Rhaegar for not keeping his word to marry Cersei (The Defiance of Duskendale). 5). Get Lannister blood on the throne.
  9. TheCorsairKing

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Tywin did it to show loyalty to Robert. If he didn't Robert would be at war with the Lannisters. Rhaegar married Lyanna. Making Elia and his children disinherited. Even if the kids survived. If anyone found out the marriage happened. Elia's kids wouldn't inherit the throne.
  10. TheCorsairKing

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Tyrion was born similar how Dany's child was born. Tywin knew Tyrion wasn't his kid. He knew the King took liberties with his wife. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/images/f/f1/Morgaine_le_Fee_Rhaego_Targaryen.jpg
  11. TheCorsairKing

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    Brandon slept with Asher’s during the Tourney.
  12. TheCorsairKing

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    1). House Hightower: the most influential house of all houses in Game of Thrones. 2). House Lannister: Gold..Gold..Gold.. 3). House Targaryen: Bloodraven...
  13. TheCorsairKing

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    In the books Jon is alive in Ghost.
  14. Too bad Rhaegar was follower of the Lord of Light, and sacrificed Elia, and his two children to birth a savior. Rhaegar is a religious fanatic.
  15. TheCorsairKing

    R+L=J vs N+A=J (GRRM looses either way)

    I doubt R+L=J is true. Remember George is just trolling the audience.