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  1. DanyDayne


    Yep. This is why I'm just rolling my eyes at what the show is doing. Thank god its not canon. Olenna's speech to her is even better now in retrospect. Be a dragon. To think Dany was self aware enough to tell Varys not to betray her but to talk to her and what does he do at the first opportunity? Smh. She shouldn't have asked Jon to keep the secret. Let him be King. Jon always says he doesn't want to be any kind of king but is always "forced" into it. Let him deal with the politics and cutthroat lords and ladies, the advisors using him as a puppet etc. Sansa telling everyone is more to do with the North than Jon himself. Being part Stark she knows or at least hopes Jon will allow them to be independent or show them favor. She has an agenda. Dany should go back east and leave them to it. She lost too much in the West.
  2. I was against the whole mad Queen angle but now I embrace it. Dany better burn them all! Missandei didn't deserve that. And Rhaegal. This is too much. This will break her.
  3. DanyDayne

    Possible mutiny

    If the soldiers can't handle war, or don't expect to lose people in war, then I don't know what to say lol.
  4. This episode made me appreciate the unfinished book series more. If this is anywhere near how GRRM plans to end the series then maybe it's best he doesn't finish. Fanfiction would be more epic. More characters should have died. Jon should have killed the NK or at least been more of a factor in the overall battle. Dany should have been forced to kill Viserion. Sam should have died since he did absolutely nothing. Bran should have contributed more in the form of Ghost maybe. He could have warged into him instead of sitting there waiting to be rescued. The crypt scene could have been more epic in terms of people dying. For the way the episode was hyped it should have been better.
  5. DanyDayne

    What Surprised you, What did Not

    Surprise: Jon basically doing nothing Dany fighting with a sword Arya being "Azor Ahai" kind of Jon abandoning Sam to his fate Lyanna slaying a giant No Surprise: Melisandre being boss Sam being useless in battle Jorah dying Theon dying Bran being no help
  6. DanyDayne

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Maybe this happens in the end. After everything is sorted we see Bran sitting alone, then suddenly he stands and his eyes glow ice blue lol. That would maybe explain the staring contest between him and the NK.
  7. DanyDayne

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Daenerys more than proved herself this episode tbh. I won't spend this week defending her to people that refuse to see since it's their choice. She's made mistakes, she's been corrected, she's grown just like any other character. She's far from perfect but she wants to be a good queen. Unlike the REAL Mad Queen Cersei, she put her own life on the line to defend the living. All she has left is Missandei, Jon and her Dragons. But people will still say she's going to go crazy and "burn them all". Which brings me to the wtf moment. I can see Cersei doing this. She won't hand over her power so easily. Same way she destroyed the Sept and everyone in it is the same way she'd probably destroy KL before surrendering. Jaime has to kill her like he did Aerys and puts Aerys' daughter/grandson on the throne in her place. Bittersweet.
  8. DanyDayne

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    This is an exaggeration. Every single named character? Daenerys entire storyline has been becoming who she thinks she was meant to be as the last in her line. But first and foremost she wants family. She thinks she's the last Targ and therefore the throne is hers by right but now that she's got Jon/Aegon it wouldn't be farfetched to see her give up the Throne if Jon even wants it. He's honorable and he's already bent the knee. Plus he saw her in battle and knows she'd fight to protect her people. That could be the "sweet" part. Bitter could easily be Jaime killing Cersei or something along that line. They don't have to go hand in hand.
  9. DanyDayne

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Tyrion killing Cersei, or better, Jaime (if he survived) killing Cersei. Or maybe Daenerys winning the Iron Throne and giving it to Jon. None of this mad queen nonsense the haters are desperate for. She should remember the house of the undying where the Throne room is covered in Snow. A sign that the throne is Jon Snow's and what she really wants is a family/to go home.
  10. DanyDayne

    Death scene: Jorah Mormont

    I loved his death scene. He was her most loyal supporter and he died the way he wanted to. In her arms. I joke all the time calling him Ser friendzone but I liked Jorah. He was a true knight for his queen until the end.
  11. Sansa was the only one to really "forgive" Jaime and only because it's more of trusting Brienne than forgiving Jaime. Dany took her cue from Jon who is only concerned about the NK and the looming war. If Melisandre showed up now he'd most likely put her in armor to help them fight. Jaime is an extra sword to them and nothing more. He knows it too since he asked Bran what happens after.
  12. DanyDayne

    Episode 3 preview

    I thought this too. Most likely the dead are looking to break through and Jon is panicking and suggests trying to evacuate the ones in the crypt but Dany tells him the dead are already here so basically it's too late.
  13. DanyDayne

    Who is Going to Die

    After this ep I'm thinking Podrick, Greyworm, Edd, Tormund, Davos, Jorah, Lyanna, Beric, Theon.
  14. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    I can see how it would look bad on Sam's part after the tantrum he threw at Dany in the first ep. So yeah Bran definitely gonna have to step in. If they believe him about everything else they surely should believe him about this.
  15. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    I have no idea what it is tbh. It was something Gilly found in the citadel in one of those official looking books.