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  1. DanyDayne

    So, if Jaime can be forgiven . . .?

    Sansa was the only one to really "forgive" Jaime and only because it's more of trusting Brienne than forgiving Jaime. Dany took her cue from Jon who is only concerned about the NK and the looming war. If Melisandre showed up now he'd most likely put her in armor to help them fight. Jaime is an extra sword to them and nothing more. He knows it too since he asked Bran what happens after.
  2. DanyDayne

    Episode 3 preview

    I thought this too. Most likely the dead are looking to break through and Jon is panicking and suggests trying to evacuate the ones in the crypt but Dany tells him the dead are already here so basically it's too late.
  3. DanyDayne

    Who is Going to Die

    After this ep I'm thinking Podrick, Greyworm, Edd, Tormund, Davos, Jorah, Lyanna, Beric, Theon.
  4. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    I can see how it would look bad on Sam's part after the tantrum he threw at Dany in the first ep. So yeah Bran definitely gonna have to step in. If they believe him about everything else they surely should believe him about this.
  5. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    I have no idea what it is tbh. It was something Gilly found in the citadel in one of those official looking books.
  6. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    But those were all political and official. None of those mentioned above "kidnapped" their intended and brought down war on the 7 kingdoms. Rhaegar was thought to be married when he allegedly kidnapped Lyanna. So many tiny details pointing to it being a kidnapping and rape, so now with the marriage certificate it at least leaves room for doubt. But I agree Bran has to speak up. Although I doubt anyone cares if it was forged or not, the documents are there and that's enough proof. The fact that there's a marriage certificate and a child proves they didn't have the full story. The fact that Rhaegar would set aside his current wife should at least get them thinking.
  7. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    I think Sam telling him he's not a bastard sort of made it obvious that Rhaegar didn't kidnap and rape her. You don't marry your attacker. Plus nowhere in the story they were told mentioned Lyanna having a kid so right away the whole story of Rhaegar/Lyanna has gone up in smoke.
  8. DanyDayne

    dany and sansa

    Ah yes I forgot the infamous smirk. Clearly her head's gone. I see no one mentions that Arya outright smiles at the Dragons when everyone was running in fear. Probably doesn't support the narrative Usurped? Wow. Let's not remember he willingly bent the knee even after she no longer expected him to.
  9. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    Yeah after the first episode where she basically scoffed at Tyrion for believing Cersei I kept wondering when did Sansa ever trust Cersei? I only remember her doing that in the first two seasons when she was "in love" with Joffrey and Cersei was like a surrogate mother to her in King's Landing. It would be strange but I guess kinda good if Sansa was telling Dany about her past. Means they're at least trying to be civil.
  10. DanyDayne

    dany and sansa

    Don't forget she's on her way to being the mad queen just like her father who burned people or whatever reason they're giving. No one ever says she's like Aegon the Conqueror who did the EXACT same thing to those who didn't bend the knee and was considered a good King
  11. DanyDayne

    dany and sansa

    Really?? Yes she should be above the pettiness, but they should ALL be above the pettiness as leaders in the realm. Where is the tyranny? I saw her tell Jon, the former King in the North who bent the knee, that she needed a little respect as Queen from his sister and Lady of Winterfell as is her due whether Sansa likes it or not. Is that too much to ask for? A lot of people don't like Cersei but you better believe they know better than to approach her with anything less than respect. You think Robert Baratheon was ever mocked directly to his face despite people considering him a waste of space? The same can be applied to any monarch for that matter. So why is Dany a tyrant for, as Jon aptly put it, being a Southern girl in Northern territory? She's already at a disadvantage without standing meekly by and letting them throw shade at her. How quickly we forget the likes of Joffrey and Ramsey. They were true tyrants. Dany is a long way from being like that. As much as some people don't like her character, the amount of reaching is just weird. Anyway this is only the first ep. I'm sure they will get over this and come to some sort of truce.
  12. DanyDayne

    Episode 2 preview

    Are Dany and Sansa finding common ground in their regret in trusting Cersei?
  13. DanyDayne

    dany and sansa

    Sigh. The point is their hostility is based on past actions that are no fault of the present generation, despite the fact that Dany acknowledged it. And that's exactly my point, they don't have to like her, if they want to be petty then fine. But why come at Dany when she smirks because her dragons scared them? She's allowed to be petty too if that's the case. Neither of them are right so let's all just be idiots and ignore the real threat.
  14. DanyDayne

    dany and sansa

    Without Dany, Jon and everyone who made the trip would be dead, the NK would have still made it past the wall, it would have just taken longer. Everyone would still be ignorant of the threat of the NK and WW and fighting among themselves. It's really just a flip of the coin here.
  15. DanyDayne

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Tbf that's not on her alone. He did push Bran out of a window and almost killed him. The North hates the Lannisters as much as the Targaryens especially for what happened at the Red Wedding. Unless of course Bran will conveniently decide not to mention that. He knew about LittleFinger and Ned, so why not about the Red Wedding and the Lannisters being the ones behind it? If they're holding what Dany's father did against her surely it will be the same as holding what Tywin/Joffrey did against Jaime.