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  1. Iman

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Are arya and jon warg? We know they can change into their direwolves but are they completely warg and able to change into other things too? Bran can change himself into everything alive in the world? And is he the first one who can do this ? This makes him special?
  2. Iman

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    No , of course not. We hate him only because of that he is a Lannister or he has role in red wedding. But why should we hate someone who does his best for his family?! If somehow we loved Lannister would we again say this about him?! Well he is not our favorite character : he hated Tyrion, he had part in killing Robb and others , he ordered to butcher Elia and her children but he did all this not for his own for his whole family and dynasty. He never ever enjoyed the death of Robb or Elia , he controlled Joffery , he really never meant to kill Tyrion , he did everything for Jaime and ... . I didn't feel sad for his death but i will miss his strength , solidity and seriousness. Truly in the whole story that we have seen in books ( not in the past) there were no other man as strong as him.