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  1. Yea I’m also of the mind that it’d Hallis Mollen(HM). He was on his way to deliver neds bones to winterfell and he was also named captain of the guards.
  2. This posted in the wrong thread for some reason. Feel free to delete
  3. i was wondering...Jon has received a letter from Ramsay before and he takes note of Ramsay’s handwriting...and when he receives the PL he doesn’t question it because the handwriting is the same right???
  4. Yea this is the video that convinced me it was Ramsay who wrote the PL
  5. I also believe Ramsay wrote it. Elio & Linda Have a video where they lay out the evidence pretty convincingly.
  6. I had posted a theory on here before asking if maybe patchface would try to protect her
  7. I could definitely see selyse going along with it if she thinks Stannis is dead and this will bring him back.
  8. Is it possible that upon hearing of Stannis’s “Death” in the pink letter, Mel Desperately burns shireen asking to bring back azor ahai and Jon rises instead? And this becomes the catalyst for Mel following jon...I do believe that Jon will spend some time in ghost, but maybe somehow the death of shireen brings him back to his body somehow. I have another theory(based on absolutely nothing lol)that Mel knows about Jon switching the babies and that is why she will jump straight to burning shireen.
  9. In Mel’s vision, she mentions Patchface surrounded by skulls with blood-red lips, "That creature is dangerous. Many a time I have glimpsed him in my flames. Sometimes there are skulls about him, and his lips are red with blood. " We already know Mel doesn’t interpret the vision 100% correctly a lot of times. Ive been thinking what if! Upon hearing of the “death” of Stannis. Mel attempts to sacrifice shireen to bring back Stannis...and maybe even succeeds( I have another theory about how that will result in Jon’s resurrection)In doing so, patchface looses it and attacks a bunch of queens men in attempt to defend shireen. I just thought it would be a cool twist. Everyone thinks patchface will flip out and kill a bunch of people, but what if it’s actually just to defend shireen?
  10. How epic would it have been to see a 7 on 7 between the white walker generals and Brienne,jamie,Jon,Jorah, Arya, Sandor and beric
  11. I want to believe you and agree but, everytime anyone on here has ever speculated on anything the show has proven otherwise.
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