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  1. Obviously all of this isn’t confirmed...but I just thought it was kind of funny to think about. -“Ok. So jeor Mormont is dead, and Jon snow is the new lord commander?” *SOME TIME PASSES* -“Jon Snow is dead?” *TIME PASSES* -“....Jon Snow is back alive!? & he’s the king in the north now!?!” *MORE TIME PASSES* -“....HEIR TO THE IRON THRONE!?!”
  2. This posted in the wrong thread for some reason. Feel free to delete
  3. How epic would it have been to see a 7 on 7 between the white walker generals and Brienne,jamie,Jon,Jorah, Arya, Sandor and beric
  4. I want to believe you and agree but, everytime anyone on here has ever speculated on anything the show has proven otherwise.
  5. But an episode ago bran said due to the mark on his arm the night king ALWAYS knows where he is.
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