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  1. Coffeewiththegods

    THAT Look that Bran Gives Tyrion...

    Oh yeah! That’s mostly likely it.
  2. Coffeewiththegods

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    I agree with some of these points but, on the other hand Dickon is also leaving his mother and little sister alone in his actions...i May be looking too much into the matter though.
  3. Coffeewiththegods

    THAT Look that Bran Gives Tyrion...

    One thing that went over my head is that bran says to Sam. “I’m waiting for an old friend.”...so bran can see the future? I can’t remember if that was ever previously confirmed. I know I’m the books BR says “soon you will learn to see beyond the trees”. I always took that to mean that eventually he would see events in the pass, even if they didn’t occur near a weirwood tree.
  4. Coffeewiththegods

    THAT Look that Bran Gives Tyrion...

    Someone on here mentioned that when bran is looking at people like that, he’s scrolling through their past events and Maybe even future events to come. When Jon and dany arrive at Winterfell you can see bran giving dany a subtle weird look. Some people took this to mean that bran had a problem with dany...while I’ve seen others state that he’s just realized that Jon is in a relationship with dany before he got to tell Jon the truth about his parents.
  5. Coffeewiththegods

    I am the Queen

    You’re wrong on this one. Sansa even has to convince him to fight. Jon tells her that he’s done fighting even after reading the letter. The episode prior to this one he hands edd the cloak and edd asks him “what do you want me to do with this?” Jon replies “wear it, burn it I don’t Care my watch has ended.” Sana’a hadn’t even showed up to the wall yet.
  6. Coffeewiththegods

    The importance of edd

    Yea I just mean that beric is dead in the books but alive in the show. Grrm apparently pushed for ladystoneheart to be in the show but D&D did not want it.
  7. Coffeewiththegods

    The importance of edd

    I could be over looking something or just simply looking too much into it. D&D killed off pyp and gren pretty quickly yet they are still alive in the books. I always expected them to kill edd first(edd is one of my favorite characters) but the battle at the wall happened and edd survived. I thought surely they will kill him off sooner or later, but here we are seasons later and he’s still alive. You guys think he will survive this long in the books or has a part to play in the end? Or maybe D&D drew straws to see which one of Jons friends they would keep around? I don’t expect him to make it to the end of this season but oh boy if he does! The beric and lady stone heart situation in the show is also reminiscent of this...although with that I think D&D just liked the idea of the flaming sword...beric is a badass though. I’m glad they kept him around this long.
  8. Coffeewiththegods

    Samwell's response?

    Yea I don’t think he would have either but maybe some part of sam’s subconscious still pined for some sort of acknowledgement from his father. It’s natural for people to try to win over or be accepted by the ones who don’t want us or see our true Value
  9. Coffeewiththegods

    Stannis wrote the Pink Letter. Clydas changed it

    Hmm. Has there been any new updates/rebuttals on why Jon didn’t notice a change in handwriting? Everyone who gets a letter from Ramsay makes note of his spikey handwriting. IIRC Jon makes note of it the first time but later when he receives the pink letter he doesn’t mention the handwriting. To me this hints at him obviously having seen the handwriting before. This was the point that won me over and convinced me that it was Ramsay that wrote it but, by misdirection of Stannis. I don’t think Ramsay truly defeated stannis but stannis allowed Ramsay to think he’s won for the moment. There’s a theory that stannis and some of his men will sneak back into Winterfell wearing the Frey armor. but! Like I said I haven’t followed any new pink letter theories in a while. I’m open to new ideas. I wasn’t sure if anyone had refuted the handwriting bit though.
  10. Coffeewiththegods

    Samwell's response?

    Agreed. In addition to that, he probably feels like his dad died before he ever got to prove him self or, show that he had finally become a man.
  11. Coffeewiththegods

    Samwell's response?

    Maybe also realizing that his mom and sister are now alone and winter is coming.
  12. Coffeewiththegods

    Thoughts on Bran’s character development

    Someone told me that Isaac has said that bran wouldn’t be as stale and robotic this season as well.
  13. Coffeewiththegods

    The boy on the wall

    I thought this was a dumb move sending him back there too but, upon rewatch. He says something about them needing more horses and wagons...maybe that’s why he went back. Idk lol maybe his people would respect it more that he came back him self to lead them to Winterfell???
  14. Coffeewiththegods

    {spoilers} wildfire

    Just a precaution. I’m so used to writing “spoiler” in the post title that it has become second nature when I make a post lol apologies!
  15. Coffeewiththegods

    {spoilers} wildfire

    I was under the impression that the NK would push Jon&co back to kingslanding, and maybe that’s how it would come into play but! You just made me wonder if somehow if they are pushed back to kings landing, Cersei refuses to open the gates and let them in...maybe Jamie kills her to open the gates??? Just a theory of mine though. The NK also has that dragon too, so I don’t think gates would be of any use.