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  1. Jacqs-Aus

    Who is Jon Snow?

    Well, we know that in the books, Rhaegar thought that he himself could be the Prince That Was Promised, which is why he thought he needed to become a warrior. Then, he thought that it was his son and named him Aegon; it's possible that something he read made him think that the PTWP was to be named Aegon. However, then he meets Lyanna and perhaps realises that it's not just his son that would be the PTWP but a son with a daughter of House Stark, therefore wanted to name any son with Lyanna as Aegon, assuming that would the right name for the PTWP. It's also possible that Lyanna named Jon as Aegon in honour of his murdered brother, as that had already happened before she gave birth (we're assuming on that timeline).
  2. Jacqs-Aus

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Jon hasn't broken his oaths by allowing the Wildlings through, that was established in a similar conversation with Bowen Marsh. It does not state anywhere in their oaths that they are supposed to prevent the Wildlings from crossing through the Wall. It states that they are to protect the realms of men and that includes Wildlings. Yes, Ramsey might think that and his plan could well be to force Jon into making the first move against him, so that he could legitimately meet Jon on the battle field and hopefully (from Ramsey's mind) kill him.
  3. Jacqs-Aus

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    If Jon was conceived at Harrenhal, that means he was born before the war started, because the war started a year (more or less) after the tourney. Ned didn't immediately marry Catelyn at the start of the war, he had to travel North to raise the banners (a journey which was complicated and presumably took several weeks at the very least) and march back down South, participate in the Battle of the Bells, travel back to Riverrun after the battle and then finally he married Catelyn and conceived Robb. Considering the distances that Ned had to travel to first go North to White Harbor and then South beyond Riverrun to the Stoney Sept, fight the battle and head back to Riverrun, we can conclude that at very least it must have been at 4-9 weeks since the start of the Rebellion before he married Catelyn. That means that Robb was born 9 months (assuming he was not early and was not late) after their marriage, therefore Jon if conceived at Harrenhal is at least a year older, probably more in fact. There is no way that the servants, nor Catelyn, would accept that Jon is the younger baby if so, as the difference would be too great at that age/stage in their development. Plus, Catelyn might not remember her sister as a baby, but isn't Edmure the youngest child, possibly by as much as 5 years or so? And Catelyn might still have been exposed to young babies during her life, she didn't necessarily exist in a vacuum.
  4. Jacqs-Aus

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    That quote is taken out of context stupidly all the time. Bastards do not physically mature faster, what nonsense. Maester Luwin is talking about bastards having a harder time of it socially and emotionally as children and so developing in those areas faster than more sheltered regular children.  I agree that the quote is taken out of context frequently. It is definitely meant that bastards become more independent etc faster than true-born children, simply because they have a harder life and have to mature faster to deal with the hardships of life etc. Emotionally they mature faster, they don't grow quicker physically. If anything, bastards probably physically mature slower than true-born children, because typically, bastards are not raised in castles with plenty of food etc but are left to struggle the same as the common-born folk and as most common folk know hunger, their physical growth is often stunted. It's been established from the POVs that the common folk are often small, thin and hungry-looking, plus we know from outside GRRM’s ‘world’ that malnutrition leads to a lack of physical development.
  5. If GRRM is trying to show anything by the way Sansa reacts, it’s to demonstrate how differently she reacts to the way that Lyanna did. Both Sansa and Lyanna travel South whilst betrothed to a son of House Baratheon, however, Sansa is happy to be betrothed to Joffrey whilst Lyanna is unhappy (based on what textual evidence there is). Also, Joffrey is not the Rhaegar substitute but the Robert one. When there is trouble between Arya, Mycah and Joffrey, Sansa merely screams that they’re spoiling everything, whereas Lyanna picks up a sword and attacks the squires who are beating Howland Reed. At the tourney, Sansa is given a single red rose where she is one of many to receive one and people are happy to receive them etc, however, Lyanna is given a crown of blue roses and ‘all the smiles died’. Sansa acts meek at Court and does nothing to shame Joffrey (and hates what she sees as Arya’s embarrassing actions), whereas Ned tells Robert that Lyanna had iron underneath her beauty and would not be submissive. You stated that both Sansa and Lyanna are held in ‘towers’, with Sansa being a witness to the happiness and therefore Lyanna must be a witness to someone else being happy in the tower (as in, someone else is having Rhaegar’s child). However, as GRRM has shown that Lyanna’s story is opposite to Sansa’s, that would imply that Lyanna was the one participating in the happiness in the tower, not merely witnessing it like Sansa. Finally, Sansa leaves the ‘tower’ alive but Lyanna dies instead, thereby ending her story, whereas Sansa’s story continues. Therefore, all 'Stark maids' do not react the same way at all. We could conclude from this that whilst Sansa’s ‘prince’ turned out to be a monster who doesn’t love Sansa and treats her terribly and with whom she falls out of love with (once he reveals his true personality to her), that Lyanna’s prince turns out to be everything everyone thought about him and that Lyanna loved him and Rhaegar loved her.