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  1. Agree to disagree about the handwriting then. That said, I wasn’t talking about what we know... but about the movite of the writer. However, if Ramsey wrote the letter, it makes not difference what he (not us) knows about Theon. He may be dead and Ramsey may know that. Still Ramsey needs that Jon leaves CB as soon as possible. And letting Jon know that Arya (Jon believes that is Arya for real) is with someone that helped her escaping, while Mance is waiting to die in a cage, is a good choice if you want him to hurry up. And if Ramsey hasn’t found Theon - dead or alive - after or during the battle he has another good reason to talk about Reek not Theon to Jon. So that Jon won’t ever wait for him (a man he doesn’t trust) and his sister, nor he will order his brothers to put him in cell and interrogate him... These were the points I was trying to make.
  2. To recap: Alba Longa = Long (Longa) Dawn (Alba). That said, sure Albus = White. But why... Harbor? I see not connection at the moment. I’ll think about it.
  3. L GRR Martin is using a lot of mythological references. And a lot of Roman/Latin myths too. For instance, you may also compare the oldest version of Didone’s myth - prior to Virgil’s Aeneid - to Daenerys. Talking about Aeneid, however, I am pretty sure that the description of “Val” when she comes back at the Wall, matches quite a lot with the first description of Lavinia ( the Latin woman Aeneas - the ancestor of Romolus and Remus - will marry). In addition... Targaryen are Valyrians, right? But both “Val” and Valyrian, are pretty close to the surname of an ancient noble house of Ancient Rome: that of the Gens (family) Valeria. That of... Valeri (plural) Among them, there was Marcus Valerius... Corvinus (raven), who’s told to have defeated a giant, with the help of a raven that repeteadly flew on the giant’s face. Sounds familiar? It should. But there’s more than that...The family was also said to discent from a lady called Valeria ”Luperca”. As you may get “luperca” is closed to luperculus/a thus to wolf/she wolf. In addition, the myth about her, it’s an interesting one. I don’t have enough time now to translate it all for you. But essentially you have a lady (Valeria) who’s about to kill herself with a sword (just like nissa nissa) to end a plaugue, when all of a sudden a eagle stops her in a scene that looks a lot that of Orell’s Eagle, attacking Jon. And... Orell’s etymology is interesting too. Orell comes from the Latin name Aurelius. And Aurelius meaning is “Golden”. Gold/Golden was associated to the authority of the state - keep in mind that Rome was a Republic, then an Empire (the monarchy plays an irrelevant part in its history), in short to the authority of Rome itself. And that was also symbolized by... the Aegle. Full circle. That is only to say... Martin uses a lot of bits and bites. We may find tons of these references. But just because of that, I honestly believe there is not path. There is not a myth he used or he is using in particularly. He uses them all, to put together a story that in the end will be a different one. However, before closing this post, I have a gift for you... about Rea Silvia and the city of Alba Longa. Regardless the debate around the true etymology of that city name, which is not 100% clear (scholars still debate this issue) well.. let me say that in Italian (I am Italian) therefore in the language more close to old Latin, “Alba longa” means... Long Down (not Night). Actually, we’d say Lunga instead of Longa. But for us Longa still sounds as old Italian, XVIII century Italian, not even Latin. That to say how much that meaning sounds obvious to us. And there is even more about that too... Because in Italian, just like in Latin, we have two different words to say Dawn. One is Alba from Albus (Latin= White). The other is Aurora from Aus (root: burning, thus red... and golden like the sun too -> see before Aurelius). Since I am pretty sure GRRM knows all of this, or at least that he knows about other myths, other tales whit characters whose manes sometimes are tied to Aus, sometimes to Albus/a, ... here is why (I guess) the red and burning (aus) sword of Azhor Ah Ahi is not.. Dawn, the white (albus) sword of the Morning. And I also (or only) sure... that somehow GRR Martin is using the combination of coulors white/red so much as he’s doing in ASOIF because.... he’s basically trolling us. Edit: one more thing.... now that I have said this all, think again about the scene next to Mance’s tent, when Dalla is about to give birth, Jon and Val meet again and suddenly Stannis shows up. Orell’s... aegle burns. Literally. In this context it makes perfectly sense at the same time.. none or to too many.
  4. I still believe in R+L = J. That said, sure there’s more to be known about Ashara. But the thing is... what if Ned never spoke about her, not because he loved her, but because somehow he felt betrayed? Not only there’s the chance she slept with Brandon, but... she was very close to Elia. And the point is that both those women were affected by the Raeghar + Lyanna romance. Raeghar cheated on his wife with Lyanna, that lead also to Brandon’s death and that to the wedding between Ned and Cat. Elia and Ashara had reasons... to hate Lyanna. We don’t know if that’s the case, because we know nothing about them. I think this would be an interesting twist.
  5. skystark

    Dissecting Names

    I think Arya may have another or a double meaning. In Latin aer = air In Italian that becomes “aria”, pronounced just like Arya. Maybe it has to do with the 4 elements and whatever GGM planned at first for the serie.