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    Robb’s Strategy

    Catelyn does not seem to believe in "might equals right". If that was the case she would consider Renly as the rightful heir which she does not. Also Myrcella does have a lot of "might" and in this case she is fully capable of fighting for her claim. P.S I have not read Fire and Blood or TWOIAF so I apologize if I am getting something wrong. This is just the impression I got from the main books. Also a quick browse through the wiki on laws of inheritance on the iron throne seems to suggest that a female's claim or the claim's of someone from the female line was considered weaker than a male claim with several female claims being overlooked over the years in favor of a male one
  2. EccentricHorse11

    Robb’s Strategy

    Actually daughters don't seem to be considered that important. "You are very free to name others traitor and usurper, my lord, yet how are you any different? You say you alone are the rightful king, yet it seems to me that Robert had two sons. By all the laws of the Seven Kingdoms, Prince Joffrey is his rightful heir, and Tornmen after him".- Catelyn A Clash of Kings chapter 31 Note that Catelyn says 'two sons' rather than '3 children' which would have been the more appropriate word choice if Myrcella was considered to be ahead of Stannis in the line of succession. Yeah sure Tywin does not care who the rightful heir, but the thing is who is he going to try to fight for? Nearly all his family is dead or hostage and also Myrcella is under Dornish hands and Doran might hand her over the Stannis as that would the safest thing for them to do.
  3. EccentricHorse11

    Robb’s Strategy

    Actually Joff and Tomman being captured and executed would mean that Stannis is the rightful heir even if you ignore the twincest, so who will Tywin try to put on the throne? There is nothing left to fight for.
  4. EccentricHorse11

    Robb’s Strategy

    Actually holding King's Landing could be enough to win them the war as then Robb gets back Sansa. Tyrion, Cersei, Lancel and Joffrey maybe even Tommen would all fall into enemy hands. In this case all the sons of Kevan and all of Tywin's children and King himself would be caputred or killed.
  5. EccentricHorse11

    So where would you live ?

    I will be an average citizen of Oldtown. The Hightowers seem quite rich, so the people of Oldtown must earn a lot to afford high taxes
  6. It seems to me that Rhllor and the Old Gods are the only ones who seem to actually be real. The Drowned God just seems to be some made up concept to justify and encourage the raiding and pillaging lifestyle of the Ironborn. The Seven so far has done absolutely nothing to prove their existence
  7. EccentricHorse11

    Tyrion's plan to free Jaime from Riverrun

    Sooo, do we have to thoerize? Maybe, the poisoner made served poisoned wine to the gaurds ?
  8. EccentricHorse11

    Tyrion's plan to free Jaime from Riverrun

    Only problem is that Tyrion took the potion from Pycelle before Varys brought the poisoner. Tyrion took the potion in chapter 17 whereas the poisoner is mentioned in chapter 25
  9. EccentricHorse11

    Tyrion's plan to free Jaime from Riverrun

    But however there is this paragraph in Chapter 17-Tyrion A Clash Of Kings where tyrion is in Grand Maester Pycelle chambers to tell him to dispatch a letter to Doran Martell. "The maester's medicines made an impressive display; dozens of pots sealed with wax, hundreds of stoppered vials, as many milkglass bottles, countless jars of dried herbs, each container neatly labeled in Pycelle's precise hand. An orderly mind, Tyrion reflected, and indeed, once you puzzled out the arrangement, it was easy to see that every potion had its place. And such interesting things. He noted sweetsleep and nightshade, milk of the poppy, the tears of Lys, powdered greycap, wolfsbane and demon's dance, basilisk venom, blindeye, widow's blood . . . Standing on his toes and straining upward, he managed to pull a small dusty bottle off the high shelf. When he read the label, he smiled and slipped it up his sleeve." I thought that what tyrion took was the poison meant for Cersei, in which case he would have no need for a poisoner
  10. This is a question I have had since I reread a Clash of KIngs, . "Oh, for a certainty. You'll tell her it is part of my scheme to free Jaime." Varys stroked a powdered cheek. "This would doubtless involve the four men your man Bronn searched for so diligently in all the low places of King's Landing. A thief, a poisoner, a mummer, and a murderer."-Chapter 25 Tyrion Tyrion plans to free Jaime and asks Varys to bring him a thief, a poisoner, a mummer and a murderer. He sends them along with many Lannister gaurds with Cleos Frey to Riverrun. The exact plot only becomes clear in later. "False envoys," Edmure declared. "They pledged me their peace and surrendered their weapons, so I allowed them freedom of the castle, and for three nights they ate my meat and drank my mead whilst I talked with Ser Cleos. On the fourth night, they tried to free the Kingslayer." He pointed up. "That big brute killed two guards with naught but those ham hands of his, caught them by the throats and smashed their skulls together while that skinny lad beside him was opening Lannister's cell with a bit of wire, gods curse him. The one on the end was some sort of damned mummer. He used my own voice to command that the River Gate be opened. The guardsmen swear to it, Enger and Delp and Long Lew, all three. If you ask me, the man sounded nothing like me, and yet the oafs were raising the portcullis all the same."- Chatpter 39 Catelyn So the murderer killed the guards, the thief opened the cell and the mummer imitated Edmure's voice. But what did the poisoner do? Am I missing some thing or is it never explained? Does anyone have any theorys?
  11. EccentricHorse11

    House Arryn Enters The War

    If the Vale mobilizes an army, lets say 25000 strong, then the Lord of the Vale(I'll call him Arryn) has three choices:- To support Renly, Stannis or Robb. Since the OP mentions them as a "loose ally to Stannis and Robb", I am gonna ignore Renly. Case 1 Robb If the Vale decides to follow Robb then Robb will probably be able to get a large enough force that he can send an army to attack Tywin Lannister and another to defeat Stafford Lannister. Now it is likely that Stafford will be defeated, but with Tywin it could go either way. Most probably in a battle against Tywin both sides would suffer heavy casualties and it could stop tywin from coming to the aid of King's Landing. If Stannis wins at the battle of the Blackwater then it is pretty much game over for the Lannisters. If he loses then things could get interesting. But it is likely that Robb will still lose because he will probably still marry Jeyne and get killed at the Red Wedding. Even if that does not happen he still has to worry about the Ironborn. The Reach and The Lannisters combined with the ironborn threat might be too much to handle for the Young Wolf. Case 2 Stannis. If the Vale declares for Stannis then a crucial factor would be the timing. If the Vale pledged loyalty right at the beginning of the war. then Stannis probably would not need to attack Renly and would instead attack Kings Landing immediately. This time there would be no Lannister-Tyrell army to save it. so Kings Landing falls and Joff and Cersei gets executed and Tyrion is kept as a hostage. Stannis might end up having to use the shadow assassin eventually to get rid of Renly. The Tyrells would then be forced to bend the knee since they have nowhere else to go to. Stannis would then march against Tywin while Robb attacks the Westerlands, Even if Robb ends up marrying Jeyne. the Freys would not be able to act since they only did so because they were guaranteed Lannister protection which in this case won't mean much. Tywin probably ends up getting defeated because Stannis with Vale and Stormlands support Stan would outnumber him. Then Stan would probably be preparing to attack the north when he gets the letter from the NW and he goes to the north and learns about the WW. Then probably Stannis and Robb team up to defend the North.
  12. EccentricHorse11

    What would have broken Joffrey and Cersei's hold on Sansa?

    Maybe If Joffrey killed Arya at the Trident?
  13. EccentricHorse11

    Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully: The true villains

    Actually Joffrey being king would not bring the realm peace. He is bound to do something stupid and cruel and start a war. Also Ned did end up acknowledging Joffrey as the rightful king in order to try and save sansa's life. but Joff beheaded him anyway.
  14. EccentricHorse11

    Horse Archers/ Missile Cavalry in Westeros

    I don't think Horse Archers are a big thing in Westeros since the knights and lords all train with melee weapons like swords and warhammers. It seems to be quite an uncommon thing for nobles to take up the bow or crossbow. Peasants are also not going to be rich enough to afford a good war horse. So it seems quite unlikely that any Kingdom even Dorne would employ them much. Also Horse Archers are quite difficult to train. Learning to ride a charging horse well can take a long time. Learning to shoot accurately can also take a lot of time and practice. But doing both at the same time is even more difficult. The Dothraki can do it because they are born and brought up in the saddle and it is all they do. I hope that was helpful