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  1. S. D

    Varys appreciation thread

    I love Varys, especially when he giggles and titters and makes the bigots uncomfortable. I especially loved Varys in the chapter where he shoots Kevan, because I hate Kevan.
  2. S. D

    Dorne and the Faith after Aegon...

    I disagree because in his camp he also had a bunch of green and gold stuff. I agree Renly is supposed to be a cipher but looking at his background might help understand him. He was an orphan and was raised away from his brothers so I think he looked at the Tyrells as akin to family - like Theon wanting to be a Stark. I understand this is all basically headcanon though so I don't mind if you don't accept my POV! I admit I'm biased because I ship them . I just think he picked up his scheming and duplicitous ways from them, and was close to them because he associated them with luxury and beauty, things he holds in great esteem. . And Jon and Ygritte also had a 4 year gap like Renly/Loras but a genuine relationship. Well I'm glad we cleared up the homosexuality issue. Basically it's "Don't ask, don't tell."
  3. S. D

    most tragic character

    Agreed with Theon. Theon never had a chance. Even if the war never happened he would have a sword hanging over his head as long as Balon was alive. If he had return to Iron Islands, Euron would have killed him. If he had stayed with Robb, he would probably have been killed when Balon rebelled or at the Red Wedding. If he had sent a letter warning Robb, he would have been imprisoned by the Ironmen. If he just did whatever was expected of him and didn't try to capture Winterfell.... Well he would never win the Kingsmoot anyway.
  4. S. D

    References and Homages

    Tiberius Caesar about Augustus Caesar: -I, Claudius Stannis Baratheon about Robert Baratheon: -A Clash of Kings, Prologue.
  5. S. D

    Dorne and the Faith after Aegon...

    We don't actually know if Loras was there just for the tourney or not. He could have been staying in KL under some kind of pretext (I'm serving Robert as his sworn shield!) And you have entirely ignored my point about him wearing Tyrell colors, which does indicate deeper feelings...though I suppose that doesn't preclude him sleeping with others. Effeminate might not be the right word, but Daemon II certainly wasn't manly. He was hitting on Dunk too, so he didn't take great pains to hide his sexuality. And wouldn't his homosexuality be one of the reasons Bittersteel didn't support him? IIRC there was also a character who spoke derisively of him/stated he didn't want to support him because of his homosexuality. I might be wrong though. There are other indications of this intolerance. Whoresbane Umber killed a "boy whore" who stole from him and the story is "spoken of only in whispers" why do you think that is? Cause its not accepted/seen as shameful. This also happened in the North, where there's no Faith of The Seven, so there is also a societal taboo against it, in addition to a religious stigma. Victarion Greyjoy also drowns a bunch of male prostitutes and calls them abominations. There's also this: --Septon Raynard to Cersei Lannister (AFFC, Cersei VIII). The Faith teaches that man was made to be with a woman and that children should come out of their union. I don't actually think gay people are actively persecuted though, which is about as far as I agree.
  6. S. D

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    1.LANNISTERS Well, yeah. Jaimes's obsession with Cersei (which doesn't even make sense since he was apart from her for a great deal of his childhood) needs fixing. He also needs to be given recognition for the great public service of killing Aerys (why didn't Jaime just say he had wildfire???). He plainly has trauma related to that, as he mentions dissassociating. I'm not sure how much Cersei can be helped (I think she's a born psychopath/narcissist) but most of her issues did stem from Tywin's toxic mode of parenting and being abused throughout her marriage. Someone should also give her lessons in politics and administration, because damn does she suck at it. Tyrion needs.... He needs society to be upturned basically. Being a dwarf really WAS the source of all his problems. Family therapy for all of them, but especially Cersei and Jaime. 2.BARATHEONS This is the great tragedy of ASOIAF, IMO. If the Baratheons had stuck together and not been so dysfunctional all disaster could be averted. Instead, this. First of all, Robert. Needs healthier coping mechanisms. Needs not to fuck 14 yo girls. Needs to let go of the past. Needs a better diet. Stannis has a clear inferiority/victim complex and some form of aspergers. Also trauma from watching his parents die and the Siege of Storm's End. Renly obviously has unresolved childhood trauma on many levels from the Siege of Storm's End which led to his love of luxury and comfort and insouciant approach to life. Also abandonment issues and a pathological need for attention/validation. Family therapy needed for all of them. 3. GREYJOYS Put them last because I don't think therapy would get to the root of any of their (individual) problems, with the exception of Aeron, who needs a healthier way of dealing with his sexual trauma than drowning himself in the ocean. Balon's core problem is that he's an idiot. Euron is a hopeless case, as is Victarion (though he probably could be given some help with his anger issues and narrow worldview). Family therapy needed for all of them. EDITED because I forgot about Theon and Asha Theon.. well obviously. Dude is like a walking Psych textbook. From PTSD to OCD to Stockholm Syndrome to 527272 different defense mechanisms. Needs huge amounts of therapy. Asha actually seems pretty mentally stable, so I'm not sure if she really needs therapy.
  7. S. D

    So, what's your head canon?

    My headcanon is that Theon would listen to Lana Del Rey
  8. S. D

    Dorne and the Faith after Aegon...

    There was something in the World Book which said that the "septons tried to steer Dorne to the right path" because of their loose sexual practices including bisexuality. So I think there would be some religious stigma against homosexuality. And I'd say Renly was pretty monogamous with Loras. The rumours surrounding them had not only to do with their gayness, but their gayness in relation with each other. If there were other lovers we don't hear of them. Renly also wears green and gold in all his scenes, which is kind of like the bride taking on her husband's colors after marriage. This was even before marrying Margaery, mind, so it was with Loras in mind that he did this. And he certainly intended for the relationship to last since he put Loras at a life long position at his side as Lord Commander of his Kingsguard. The resentment towards Satin is not just that he was a male prostitute, but that he is openly effeminate, wearing perfume in his hair, looking “pretty”, etc. I think that homosexuality is more frowned upon if the person in question takes on the role of the "girl", to put it in a crude manner, which is what everyone would assume of Satin. As a whole if the gay person performs masculinity on the outside, is discreet, etc most look the other way. Which is why Daemon II had trouble getting people to follow him, as he was openly effeminate and flamboyant. The fact that Daeron liquidified his engagement with no fuss from Aegon implies that some have no problem with the lifestyle, or accept that it's something that cannot be changed.
  9. S. D

    How much does Mace Tyrell know about Loras?

    Er, Mace did know. The link I gave up above is an interview where George R R Martin says he and the Queen of Thorns were aware of Loras' sexuality.
  10. S. D

    How much does Mace Tyrell know about Loras?

    Yes he was aware. I think he must have been OK with it, if not happy because of the link it gave him to the King's brother.
  11. This is stupid. Renly is gay (he had no interest in Arianne Martell when she tried to seduce him) but he would understand the importance of having a heir and would do his duty. Renly not doing anything about the situation in the River lands was dumb but his overall strategy was sound. He would have been welcomed as a hero when he took Kings Landing and the blame for the food starvation would go to the Lannisters. The Lannisters and Starks were beating each other up and he didn't have to lift a finger. Then once both sides were sufficiently weakened enough Renly could swoop in and crush the Lannisters, making himself look like the hero and giving the Starks the justice they so wanted. There would have been a lot less bloodshed. And I keep repeating, Renly is not stupid and would use any number of excuses on why Stannis wasn't the legitimate heir (because of his religion, because he had no (worthy) heirs, because Robert gave Renly Storm's End to mark him as his heir, because Stannis abandoned his duty when he fled a King's Landing, because Stannis was a bastard himself etc). And there's nothing to stop him from adopting the story of the incest once Stannis was dead. It cannot be forgotten that Renly is popular and the Lannisters and Stannis are not. George R R Martin even said that if Stannis was killed in the battle near Storm's End few people would think of Renly as a kinslayer.
  12. Nah. Renly would have united the realm in the face of the threat of the White Walkers. The country was on the brink of civil war and Renly could have brokered that solution. He had the gift of diplomacy and was making friends with every lord he passed on the way in his campaign. He was the best shot for peace and stability. Renly's not an idiot, he would have adopted the story of the incest cooked up a story of how Stannis is unsuitable once he took the throne. Actually he doesn't even have to seeing as how Stannis was burning weir woods all over the place. People always forget Stannis had no proof of his claims of incest. To the rest of Westeros, he looked as much a usurper as Renly. Stannis would have been worse for Westeros than Renly seeenf as how he's highly unpopular, rigid and harsh at a time when Westeros needed to be united.
  13. S. D

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Renly would have been the best King. He's seen what Robert's uncaring and hedonistic ways have done to the realm, he wouldn't go down the same path. (My royal brother loves tournaments and feasts and he loathes what he calls 'counting coppers....) Took his job as Master of Laws seriously, as seen when he threatened to replace Janos Slynt He' s aware of his surroundings and is quick on the uptake (planning to supplant Cersei, fleeing KL after Roberts death) He understands people fairly well, and is not naive or deluded about their intentions (as can be gleaned from what he tells Loras and how he treats Catelyn) He understands the importance of appearances and the role it plays in amassing support He can be diplomatic and as ruthless as required (Letting Robb stay KITN as long as he did him fealty, making Catelyn stay so she "can see what happens to traitors" ) He has the love of the people, managing to amass a huge following despite being a usurper He understands politics fairly well (eg. creating the Rainbow Guard to grant him favour from Faith of the Seven practitioners, wanting Barristan Selmy at his side as a way to grant legitimacy, manipulating public opinion at the Tourney of the Hand) All in all, I'm throwing my lot in with Renly.
  14. I realise I really downplayed Brienne's skills in my post. She is very good, she got into the finals of the melee of King Renly after all, and I don't think these fighters can be dismissed as nobodies. Renly made himself a beacon of glory and power, and my personal theory is that these tourneys were a way to determine who got to be in the Rainbow Guard, and so therefore the cream and crop of the Reach would be participating. And has been said, other advantages like size and weight have to be taken into consideration. She did easily dispatch three Bloody Mummers. Greatjon Umber took out three men while blackout drunk with a hambone, so I have no issues with him being on the list, personally.