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  1. Yeah I think theres a conspiracy going on. 1) Mace doesn't seem concerned about his son while talking about him 2)Two septas mention Margaery's brother and one shushes the other from speaking 3) The only source for the claim is Aurane Waters who is playing Cersei 4)The men were Lannister men so he could have been pulling a Roose and letting them die to weaken the Lannister regime. We won't know until Winds though.
  2. Lol right. Calling another user on a forum "kid". Cringe....
  3. What does this mean I'm not familiar with this saying
  4. It wasn't really a debate because it was just one guy calling everyone sexist for not agreeing with him but basically his argument was that Cersei raped Robert because Robert would come into her bedchamber will drunk and she would have to give him handjobs and blowjobs so that he wouldn't force himself upon her. Apparently Robert was too drunk to consent and so Cersei raped him, even though he was the one initiating and demanding sex.
  5. Who is this insurance man y'all keep talki kn g about?
  6. Tiberius Caesar about Augustus Caesar: -I, Claudius Stannis Baratheon about Robert Baratheon: -A Clash of Kings, Prologue.
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