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  1. S. D

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    I'd like to mention that Ned was only mentioned to write letters to Stannis once, it wasn't multiple times. And Stannis didn't receive it because the communication was controlled by Pycelle.
  2. When did I say it was obvious? Oh, never, that's right. I also never said I was puzzled that other characters didn't come to the conclusion that Cersei might be sleeping with her brother. Stop putting words in my mouth, please. And I'm sure Renly would be able to figure out that Gendry is Robert's bastard. He looks exactly like him. Maybe not /all/ cases, but consider how Steffon Robert and Stannis' kids all inherited their looks. Cersei and Robert fought in public, it's not like it was this big secret that they hated each other. There were also rumours that Cersei killed Robert's bastards and sold their mother into slavery, so her cuckolding the king isn't actually that extreme compared to that. I'm just saying with all the factors combined, it's not put of the realm of possibility that someone might put the pieces together.
  3. Who said anything about proof?
  4. Lol. I already mentioned that that's not the only thing. Edmure didn't live with Catelyn. Theres also: 1. The bastards 2. Baratheon genes being dominant in all cases 3. Cersei and Robert's trainwreck of a marriage 4. Cersei is queen, so her lover would have to be someone who's either a servant or a relative 5. Jaime is the only person Cersei really spends time around I can't believe you find it ludicrous that anyone would be suspicious when Stannis himself undertook an investigation precisely because /he/ got suspicious. And Stannis has black hair and blue eyes, so your joke doesn't really work.
  5. Edmure wasn't Catelyn's constant companion and Cat and Ned didn't have a terrible relationship with each other.
  6. Yup, and Tobho Mott says he and Loras were regular customers, and Tobho Mott had Gendry as his assistant.
  7. S. D

    How much does Mace Tyrell know about Loras?

    He's gay, as far as I know.
  8. S. D

    How much does Mace Tyrell know about Loras?

    Loras lived at court with Renly, it is known. [Passing adj Archaic to an extreme degree the events were passing strange] Why would Littlefinger know Loras extremely well if he only came for tourneys? This means Loras was at court.
  9. S. D

    Varys appreciation thread

    I love Varys, especially when he giggles and titters and makes the bigots uncomfortable. I especially loved Varys in the chapter where he shoots Kevan, because I hate Kevan.
  10. S. D

    Dorne and the Faith after Aegon...

    I disagree because in his camp he also had a bunch of green and gold stuff. I agree Renly is supposed to be a cipher but looking at his background might help understand him. He was an orphan and was raised away from his brothers so I think he looked at the Tyrells as akin to family - like Theon wanting to be a Stark. I understand this is all basically headcanon though so I don't mind if you don't accept my POV! I admit I'm biased because I ship them . I just think he picked up his scheming and duplicitous ways from them, and was close to them because he associated them with luxury and beauty, things he holds in great esteem. . And Jon and Ygritte also had a 4 year gap like Renly/Loras but a genuine relationship. Well I'm glad we cleared up the homosexuality issue. Basically it's "Don't ask, don't tell."
  11. S. D

    most tragic character

    Agreed with Theon. Theon never had a chance. Even if the war never happened he would have a sword hanging over his head as long as Balon was alive. If he had return to Iron Islands, Euron would have killed him. If he had stayed with Robb, he would probably have been killed when Balon rebelled or at the Red Wedding. If he had sent a letter warning Robb, he would have been imprisoned by the Ironmen. If he just did whatever was expected of him and didn't try to capture Winterfell.... Well he would never win the Kingsmoot anyway.
  12. S. D

    References and Homages

    Tiberius Caesar about Augustus Caesar: -I, Claudius Stannis Baratheon about Robert Baratheon: -A Clash of Kings, Prologue.
  13. S. D

    Dorne and the Faith after Aegon...

    We don't actually know if Loras was there just for the tourney or not. He could have been staying in KL under some kind of pretext (I'm serving Robert as his sworn shield!) And you have entirely ignored my point about him wearing Tyrell colors, which does indicate deeper feelings...though I suppose that doesn't preclude him sleeping with others. Effeminate might not be the right word, but Daemon II certainly wasn't manly. He was hitting on Dunk too, so he didn't take great pains to hide his sexuality. And wouldn't his homosexuality be one of the reasons Bittersteel didn't support him? IIRC there was also a character who spoke derisively of him/stated he didn't want to support him because of his homosexuality. I might be wrong though. There are other indications of this intolerance. Whoresbane Umber killed a "boy whore" who stole from him and the story is "spoken of only in whispers" why do you think that is? Cause its not accepted/seen as shameful. This also happened in the North, where there's no Faith of The Seven, so there is also a societal taboo against it, in addition to a religious stigma. Victarion Greyjoy also drowns a bunch of male prostitutes and calls them abominations. There's also this: --Septon Raynard to Cersei Lannister (AFFC, Cersei VIII). The Faith teaches that man was made to be with a woman and that children should come out of their union. I don't actually think gay people are actively persecuted though, which is about as far as I agree.
  14. S. D

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    1.LANNISTERS Well, yeah. Jaimes's obsession with Cersei (which doesn't even make sense since he was apart from her for a great deal of his childhood) needs fixing. He also needs to be given recognition for the great public service of killing Aerys (why didn't Jaime just say he had wildfire???). He plainly has trauma related to that, as he mentions dissassociating. I'm not sure how much Cersei can be helped (I think she's a born psychopath/narcissist) but most of her issues did stem from Tywin's toxic mode of parenting and being abused throughout her marriage. Someone should also give her lessons in politics and administration, because damn does she suck at it. Tyrion needs.... He needs society to be upturned basically. Being a dwarf really WAS the source of all his problems. Family therapy for all of them, but especially Cersei and Jaime. 2.BARATHEONS This is the great tragedy of ASOIAF, IMO. If the Baratheons had stuck together and not been so dysfunctional all disaster could be averted. Instead, this. First of all, Robert. Needs healthier coping mechanisms. Needs not to fuck 14 yo girls. Needs to let go of the past. Needs a better diet. Stannis has a clear inferiority/victim complex and some form of aspergers. Also trauma from watching his parents die and the Siege of Storm's End. Renly obviously has unresolved childhood trauma on many levels from the Siege of Storm's End which led to his love of luxury and comfort and insouciant approach to life. Also abandonment issues and a pathological need for attention/validation. Family therapy needed for all of them. 3. GREYJOYS Put them last because I don't think therapy would get to the root of any of their (individual) problems, with the exception of Aeron, who needs a healthier way of dealing with his sexual trauma than drowning himself in the ocean. Balon's core problem is that he's an idiot. Euron is a hopeless case, as is Victarion (though he probably could be given some help with his anger issues and narrow worldview). Family therapy needed for all of them. EDITED because I forgot about Theon and Asha Theon.. well obviously. Dude is like a walking Psych textbook. From PTSD to OCD to Stockholm Syndrome to 527272 different defense mechanisms. Needs huge amounts of therapy. Asha actually seems pretty mentally stable, so I'm not sure if she really needs therapy.