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  1. I just feel like Tywin wouldn't care if they knew each other. He seems to make all his moves out of political motivation, and if he was thinking of marrying Jaime to Lysa it would be quid pro quo, and what was in the letter might have been what he wants in return.
  2. kleevedge

    Dany's three betrayals

    I always felt like the treasons were going to be much larger scale like wars. I think the treason for blood is the second siege of Meereen, where the masters are trying to win back slavery. The treason for Gold could be her war with the Golden Company. The treason for love is a bit early to decide, it could be a war against Jon, or it could be a war against one her own dragons.
  3. In AFFC in a Jaime chapter, Jaime reflects on a time he came to Riverrun with a letter from Sumner Crakehall now I think there is a good chance that this letter came from Tywin but the contents of it allude me. Hoster was always trying to wed Lysa so I don't believe Tywin would be trying to convince Hoster of a marriage between her and Jaime. I don't think the letter had anything to do with the tourney of Harrenhal since it wasn't announced until 280 AC and Jaime said he was still a squire "green as summer grass" when he was sent to deliver the letter. If Tywin's intention was to marry Jaime to Lysa it would happen as Hoster was always looking for a good husband for Lysa.
  4. kleevedge

    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    Doran made Darkstar an important character by labeling him "the most dangerous man in Dorne". While he is a skilled swordsman, I doubt Doran was referring to Darkstars combat efficiency, I believe he was referring to his knowledge. It could be Darkstar has information about the ToJ (I believe the Martells had something to do with it), or information on Dorans plots. I have a suspicion that Darkstar is going to take the role of a new Vulture King, and possibly Samwell Tarly is going to kill him with Heartsbane like the 1st vulture king. Darkstar is actively trying to throw Dorne into the war, and he even looks like a King Vulture (White with black streaks).
  5. kleevedge

    The Stone Dragon of Skagos

    Stories tend to be misconstrued over time, A sailor saying he seen Cannibal flying over Skagos, Can easily become Cannibals at Skagos, which turns into the Skagosi are cannibals. Misinterpreting things is actually quite common in ASOIAF, think of visions, prophecies, battles, songs, and even other stories. While that doesn't necessarily mean the rumor of cannibals on Skagos come from a dragon, It could easily be northern propaganda since the Starks often warred with the Skagosi, or it could just be truth. It's open for interpretation since we don't actually have first hand accounts of Skagos.
  6. kleevedge

    The Stone Dragon of Skagos

    I just feel there is no reason for Dragon Eggs now, It's too late in the books for them to be of any use since they would still need to grow. Also dragon eggs wouldn't explain what Summer saw at Winterfell.
  7. kleevedge

    The Stone Dragon of Skagos

    I consider the others to be magical, they seem to have been active before Dany's dragons hatched. Mance was already gathering his army at the start of Game of Thrones so the others must've been active for awhile. We also know the skinchangers and Children of the Forest were active before Dany's dragons, I'd consider them magical too. Bloodraven was still greenseeing as well. To me Dany's dragons strengthened the magic, but I don't know if it exactly "woke the old powers".
  8. kleevedge

    The Stone Dragon of Skagos

    So I believe there is a Dragon living on Skagos. I think this dragon is the one Melisandre refers to as the "Stone Dragon", and "Skagos" means stone in the old tongue. Melisandre mentions her powers are strongest when she arrives at Eastwatch, we know from the warlocks that their powers are strongest in the presence of dragons, Eastwatch is close to Skagos. Now we have the question of where this dragon came from? Well we have 2 dragons missing after a dance of the dragons; Sheepstealer who Nettles rode off to Essos with, and Cannibal, who just seems to have disappeared entirely. Well Cannibal was a wild dragon who was never tamed, and got its name from eating smaller dragons and attacking the hatchery and eating dragon eggs. After the dance it disappeared never to be seen again... at least that's what were told. There is a rumor of the Skagosi being cannibals, I believe this to be a reference to Cannibal living on Skagos. Skagos would be an ideal place for a dragon to go to, it has one of the most abundant sources of sea life, and the land is mountainous and cavernous. The people who live on this Island don't communicate much with the mainland which would keep the story of dragons on Skagos to a minimum, but there are still some rumors. The Skagosi also dwell in caves, which would offer good protection from a dragon. There's stories of ships being lured to their deaths with false lights, dragons breath fire and fire is light. We also have to take into consideration of what Summer/Bran (or Bummer for short) see after the sack of Winterfell, a winged snake whose roar was a river of flame. If the dragon was on Skagos that would explain why there is no real reports of dragons in Westeros being seen. We learned from the fighting pits that dragons are attracted to battle, when Drogon arrived after the fighting had started (though you could say Dany summoned it). I believe there are 2 possibilities on who this dragon is, it's either Cannibal, or an egg that Cannibal had swallowed from the hatcheries that he passed on Skagos and it hatched. Now we have Rickon and Osha supposedly going to Skagos, which gave me an idea. What if the winged wolf that Jojen came to free wasn't Bran at all, but it was Rickon? I understand this theory is pretty crackpot but I feel it does have some validity.
  9. kleevedge

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    ya the dude who tried to free the dragons is definitely dead in my opinion, regardless who it was
  10. kleevedge

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    I have pretty crazy crackpot theory about Euron being the smiling knight. The theory being the smiling knight wasn't actually killed but seriously wounded. The 3EC seems to be linked to death visiting Bran and Jojen only after near death experiences, and visiting Euron after his near death experience which explains Euron's symbolism with the 3EC. This being hinted at when Theon refers to Euron's patched eye as his "smiling eye". Jaime said the smiling knight was "a madman, cruelty and chivalry all jumbled up together, but he did not know the meaning of fear." which does seem to describe Euron pretty well. But i do acknowledge this theory is pretty crackpot having little evidence.
  11. kleevedge

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Yes, but not a hard Yes. I like N+A=J I'm even open to Benjen+Ashara=Jon.
  12. kleevedge

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    Hmm i'm kind of in between on this one. While the Dornish all have Black hair and dark eyes, Quentyn has brown hair and brown eyes. "The seed is strong". He also has a broad nose, and a square jaw where Oberyn has a sharp nose. Quentyn doesn't seem to fit the traditional Dornish look. I'm open to the idea of the real Quentyn being in Norvos or Volantis but if I had to choose. Quentyn is dead.
  13. kleevedge

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    Varys is a boy, I feel since losing his testicles so early he didn't have a chance to properly go through puberty.
  14. kleevedge

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    I suppose Daario's beard is blue for all the shade of the evening he spills? No, Daario is not Euron. I'm more apt to believe Daario is the harpy.
  15. kleevedge

    Favorite Bastards

    1. Daemon Blackfyre - Probably the best swordsman of all time. The way he paused the fight after defeating Gwayne Corbray to make sure he wasn't killed. Seems like a pretty honorable dude. 2. Glendon Flowers - Everyone gives him shit and he still kicks everyone ass at whitewalls tourney including Daemon II after he had been tortured. 3. Aurane Waters - Played Cersei and stole her ships 4. Orys Baratheon - Even though I liked Argilac a lot Orys still pretty badass.