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  1. Ice spiders would be interesting since spiders can climb walls...
  2. Why was the kingsguard at the Tower of Joy? I see most people write it off to Rhaegar sent them there to protect Lyanna, but why would Rhaegar have control of the kingsguard? At this point Aerys already doesn't trust Rhaegar, so to give him full control of the KG seems a bit odd, I mean this is the Lord Commander and Arthur Dayne, Aerys must know what they're doing.
  3. Self Esteem - The Offspring )reminds me of Jaime and Cersei) Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie (Lady Stoneheart's theme song)
  4. I don't fully understand where the whole Ashara+Howland thing comes from. I don't remember any foreshadowing or set up for that theory. I always assumed Jyana Reed is actually Lyanna Reed (Lyanna Stark) and that Jojen is the name Howland is using to travel by. Meera would be their only child, which is why Bran is reminded of Arya so much by Meera, and Arya reminds Ned of Lyanna. As for Septa Lemore I believe she is Tyene Sand's mother. I'm pretty sure Elia's body was identifiable. Elia is described as flat chested while Tyrion had this to say of Lemore, I believe Tyene Sand's mother is how Doran knew about Griff and when they landed, she's his inside woman.
  5. How did Bowen lose his knife?
  6. Did you just reuse your joke from page 4?
  7. What did Melisandre say to Jon, after Jon declined her offer to make a shadow baby because he said it would be to hard to look her in the face due to betraying Yggriite?
  8. "Varamyr gave them his seed, took a hank of their hair to remember them by, and sent them back" Could Varamyr taking hair from the women he had be a reference to "The Rape of Lock"?
  9. Tom Waits - All the World is Green (Song about a dream of summer) Flogging Molly - If I ever leave this World alive (Maybe a Catelyn/LSH song) Johnny Cash - Hurt (for some reason makes me think of Tywin Lannister) The Pogues/Dubliners - The Irish Rover (Feels Like a Greyjoy song) Scorpions - Yellow Raven (reminds me of Bran) Tom Waits - The Part you throw away (Tyrion and Shae, Sounds like something Symon Silver Tongue could have written) Tom Waits - Dead and Lovely (Now this reminds me of Ros, I know its a show character but it fits so well) The Dead South - That Bastard Son (Fits Tyrion to a T, "All dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes") [Some lines from the song; "I don't feel no more I just want liquor and dirty whores" and "With all your cheat and all your lies Your faithful father won't forgive Your crimes"]
  10. The value of those eggs are immense, I don't think he would waste that just for Dany to die in the Dothraki Sea and let the eggs go to nothing. Illyrio obviously had to know something about hatching eggs, and how Targaryens would put the eggs that did hatch in cribs with Targaryen children. (Of course eggs don't necessarily need a Targaryen to hatch) but i do believe he felt Dany would have the ability to hatch the eggs. Now on (f)Aegon being a backup plan, was poorly said, I think he is the main goal to make king, but Dany's main use was the dragons, whether she were to marry (f)Aegon or just find a way to tame the dragons away from Dany then kill her im unsure.
  11. No but his "little birds" are definitely still at King's Landing, and do you really believe Varys doesn't know what's going on at court? He still could be passing the information to Doran regardless if he's at the actual council meetings or not. Ya but a Septa in Essos really has no significance unless the specific Septa is of importance, which Tyene's mother really isn't besides her possible connection with (f)Aegon, that nobody should be privy too.
  12. I'm still under the assumption Septa Lemore is Tyene Snake's mother. We know she was a Septa and that Arianne, Tyene, and another Sand Snake went to visit her when they were young, at what age I'm unsure. Now Doran often refers to having a "friend at court", now that could easily have been Varys. Varys is the most likely to know where and how to get to Dany, and that's how Quentyn was able to make the journey to get to her, but Varys would also have cardinal knowledge of (f)Aegon. Now I believe (f)Aegon was a backup plan if Varys were to lose control of Dany, which it is seemingly more likely, as Dany refused to go back to Illyrio's palace. If Doran and Varys were working together for awhile it is highly likely that when Arianne and the snakes (good name for a band) went to visit Lemore, they were sent with a retainer, possibly with Yandry and Ysilla, and from there met up with Varys, (f)Aegon, and Lemore to carry out a plan. I believe that plan was to send Septa Lemore, Yandry, Ysilla, (f)Aegon, and the others across the narrow sea, meaning Doran knew about the plan from the start. As to why Septa Lemore would have to stay hidden I'm unsure, as a random Septa from Westeros probably wouldn't be likely noticeable in Essos. While the small details like when Septa Lemore met up with (f)Aegon may be loosely based, I still find it highly possible that Doran was part of Varys's (f)Aegon plan.
  13. Did you hear Lord Manderly started reading prophecies? you can say he's a four-chin teller
  14. Did you know Ser Loras was in love with his Maester? It's true, he would always make up excuses about prostate issues just to get the Maester to stick a finger up his ass. One day on Valentines day Ser Loras went to the Maester and told him; "I seem to have a blockage, I haven't been able to shit". The maester checks for blockage and says "Seven Hells! no wonder you are blocked up you have a dozen roses stuck in your ass." An excited Ser Loras tells the maester " Read the card, Read the card!"
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