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  1. kleevedge

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Self Esteem - The Offspring )reminds me of Jaime and Cersei) Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie (Lady Stoneheart's theme song)
  2. kleevedge

    Elia Martell: Yes, another Septa Lemore speculation

    I don't fully understand where the whole Ashara+Howland thing comes from. I don't remember any foreshadowing or set up for that theory. I always assumed Jyana Reed is actually Lyanna Reed (Lyanna Stark) and that Jojen is the name Howland is using to travel by. Meera would be their only child, which is why Bran is reminded of Arya so much by Meera, and Arya reminds Ned of Lyanna. As for Septa Lemore I believe she is Tyene Sand's mother. I'm pretty sure Elia's body was identifiable. Elia is described as flat chested while Tyrion had this to say of Lemore, I believe Tyene Sand's mother is how Doran knew about Griff and when they landed, she's his inside woman.
  3. kleevedge

    The Wars to Come...

    Another war I've been thinking about is the Long Night and the battles against the others, but not in Westeros, in the East. I feel like Dany could end up gathering her strength and turn East, as Quaithe said, to fight against an attack from the Grey Waste. I have already did a thread where I compared the Wall to the set up of the Five Forts and the surroundings here ; I think Dany will have to man the five forts with her armies and defend Essos from the others. The long night reportedly effected Essos as well as Westeros, and Azor Ahai seems to be a figure from the East, while the Prince that was Promised a figure from the West. I'm interested to see if Yiti, and even shadowbenders from Asshai come to help her in the battle. If both Westeros and Essos were to be attacked at once, I'd imagine someone will have to take control of at least 1 of Dany's dragons to defend Westeros, while Dany, her unsullied, Dothraki, and sellswords guard Essos. This would make the battle of the Dawn a lot more hectic. Would be pretty cool to have Dany (Fire) defending the others in the East, while a Stark (Ice) defends in the West. If Dany never makes it to Westeros, she could take the place of the Amethyst princess, which is why in her vision in the HotU she saw the gemstone emperors. Arya could even aid in this fight since she is in Essos, but I find it more likely she makes it back to Westeros. Melisandre's vision of towers by the sea, submerged in a black and bloody tide, could be referencing the five forts and the bleeding sea.
  4. kleevedge

    The Mysteries of the Nights Watch and the Wall

    Well you know what else is salty? Urine. This could serve symbolically for Tyrion pissing from atop the wall.
  5. kleevedge

    The Mysteries of the Nights Watch and the Wall

    I don't see the children using the Night's Watch Vows as the key to opening that door. Since the vows didnt exist until after the completion of the wall, there was no nights watch before, and the children spoke the true tongue. That makes me think there is a different phrase to open the weirwood, and I see it leading you somewhere different, maybe in the places i mentioned above, or maybe deep into the "earth" in one of the tunnels.
  6. kleevedge

    The Mysteries of the Nights Watch and the Wall

    Ya I can see that happening, it sounds a lot like the great wall of China, "The human cost of the construction is unknown, but it has been estimated by some authors that hundreds of thousand, if not up to a million, workers died building the Qin wall." Most of the workers China had on the wall were slaves. While its speculation, there's stories of the slaves who died during the labor being built into the wall, to save time from burying them.
  7. kleevedge

    The Wars to Come...

    I was thinking it would have to be Victarion and Moqorro to deal with the warlocks Euron will have, but I completely forgot about Leyton and Malora Hightower, I don't know if the reader will have the ships to deal with Euron but Aurane Waters is out there with a decent size fleet as well as Manderly. I still think it possible for Victarion to join against Euron though. As for the battle of the dragons I agree that Dany will have to travel north first, if she even makes it to Westeros at all. I have a feeling the others are going to come from the Grey Waste and Dany will have to hold the five forts to deal with the threat from the East, just like in the last long night.
  8. kleevedge

    The Citadel

    Well not exactly, Craster had been sacrificing to the others for awhile, I'd say when the others appeared it was more inline with Summerhall, though not exact.
  9. kleevedge

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    I think the Red comet is of the same black stone that the Bloodstone Emperor worshipped. After the black stone fell from the sky it ushered in the long night. I think this red comet is doing the same and the long night will come again. I also think Euron went to the crash sight of the comet and currently has a piece of it. TWoW Spoiler
  10. I want to start off by discussing one of the most mysterious things about the wall, the Black Gate. The Black Gate is a weirwood growing through the wall at the Nightfort, that allows passage through the wall. At first I thought that is pretty badass, but the more I thought of it I realized it's just a glorified door. There's nothing special about passing through the wall, any gate will allow this, so making a weirwood one is just a fancy version. The Black Gate does seem a bit sentient but other than that it serves the same purpose as any other gate, or does it? The night's king ruled from the Nightfort so it was likely he was committing his sacrifices through the Black Gate, but if his goal was to get on the other side of the wall any gate would suffice. We know the weirwood lets you pass through the wall if you mutter the nights watch vows, but what if there's a second exit we haven't seen yet? This would make the Black Gate much more useful than a regular gate, possibly being used as a portal of some sorts. What if there was a different phrase, possibly in a different language for example; the true tongue of the CoTF, or even the Old Tongue, that will take you to somewhere else entirely. I'm not sure where but my thoughts are; the land of always winter, the isle of faces, or the shadow lands. When Symeon Star eyes went to the Nightfort, it's said he saw hellhounds fighting, now aside from the logistics of how a blind man saw anything, hellhounds don't seem to be something north of the wall. Hellhounds sounds more like something you could find in the shadowlands, or it could just be a metaphor for two Starks going at it. Regardless I think if the Black Gate were a portal, it would be of much more importance than just a gate.
  11. kleevedge

    The Wars to Come...

    Sounds entertaining but I don't see the Reach and Dorne working together unless the Tyrells are removed. And Jon heading south before dealing with the northern threat, doesn't seem like something he would do. Overall i do agree there will be a large scale battle, cool idea though
  12. kleevedge

    The Wars to Come...

    I wanted to start this thread on the possible wars to come, and discuss some battles that may be taking place soon. The one I'm most excited to see is the Victarion vs Euron battle, which is seemingly becoming more likely due to Euron's recent Actions. TWoW Spoiler I think it's possible that Melisandre and Asha join Victarion and Moqorro in this battle, due to their common causes, against Euron. Euron has the larger part of the fleet it seems, as well as his possible Valyrian steel armor, among other things mentioned in the spoiler above. I think it would make to be a very interesting battle, showing what Moqorro is capable of against Euron's weapons.
  13. kleevedge

    ASOIAF Jokes

    How did Bowen lose his knife?
  14. kleevedge

    ASOIAF Jokes

    Did you just reuse your joke from page 4?
  15. kleevedge

    ASOIAF Jokes

    What did Melisandre say to Jon, after Jon declined her offer to make a shadow baby because he said it would be to hard to look her in the face due to betraying Yggriite?