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  1. Sor Peter, the Tall

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    in Lands of Ice and Fire, there is a map only for Braavos. In the map, all the watch towers are enhanced just as the aqueduct. All land around the aqueduct is hard to get an army close to it. Also, I imagine it is almost impossible to circle around the main opening (The Titan), leaving few options. Cut the enemy’s water supply is great, but make it happen is not that easy
  2. Sor Peter, the Tall

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    This is a good sentence “The more inconvenient a place is to siege, the more inconvenient it will be for its allies to provide it with supplies.” The Eyrie is a great example
  3. Sor Peter, the Tall

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    I forgot about the Aqueduct. But I imagine they also have lots of defenses there. I also like your idea about the Iron Bank been a double edge sword, never thought of that before
  4. Sor Peter, the Tall

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    That makes sense. Dragons are vital for any invasion, but even with dragons it would be a pain in the butt to conquest Braavos
  5. Sor Peter, the Tall

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    As far as we know about Braavos, it seems impossible, or at least very hard to invade: - Extremely large navy - Few entrance points (all heavy guarded, mainly the major entrance with the Titan) - the land surrounding it is very harsh and difficult to make an anfibious assault - And many other things I forgot. Do you guys, have any thoughts about that?
  6. Sor Peter, the Tall

    Is the Reach that powerfull?

    The Reach is an interesting region. It’s the most fertile and populous of all the Seven Kingdoms, the second richest (only losing to the Westerlands) and the home of Chivalry. As we see in “A Clash of Kings”, they can field 80.000 men (without House Florent, one of the most powerful House in the Reach) and probably have no problem in maintaining this large army. It represents almost the double of most of the regions of Westeros can field and the Reach also has the highest number of knights. So… where are the disadvantages? 1- They lack natural defenses 2- They are surrounded by several hostile regions (Kingdoms, depending on the era) 3- I read somewhere that the vassals of the Tyrell are not so loyal and don’t gather their hole strength for their liege lord (except for Renly, because he was charismatic), but I don’t know if this affirmation is true. But, for me, that is not enough reason to justify how overpowered the Reach is. Any Thoughts? It is my first post. I apologize if I wrote something wrong or forgot any important detail. I am also foreign and it’s not my mother language, then since now I apologize any huge mistake.