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  1. I knew about Valyria fearing Lannister gold, but I didnt know that about Corlos, very interesting. And there is always a bit of truth in ancient legends. Thanks for the reply
  2. Is there evidence in the books that the crown is being paid? And yes, I forgot that Tywin tax his vassals. I guess I am worrying too much, Tywin is a smart man, he probably invested somewhere to never run out of gold. And I am glad my English is not rusty yet haha.
  3. Are the Lannister running out of gold? Did they sack the Riverlands and Riverrun to pay the warcosts? I know the crown has a 3 million debt and Tywin never bothered in asking the gold back (probably because his House was very close to the Iron Throne) but Tywin is dead, House Lannister in political decline and the Iron Bank not very happy with Cersei. What are your thoughts about House Lannister financial situation? also, apologies for the bad English, not my native language.
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