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  1. Lord_Tarly

    How to put an image in a character's bio?

    Ok, but what do you do if you don't have any image on the Wiki and you need to create one page to store images there and to pick them there if you need to use them in a character bio, because there aren't any?
  2. Hey guys, I would like to know how we put an image in any page on the wiki. I've tried to do so, but I've never managed to success. Can anyone help me? thank you
  3. Lord_Tarly


    Hey guys, How do you you create the sigils for the houses? What software or website do you use? Thank you
  4. Lord_Tarly

    Sansa-Harrold Hardying

    Hi everyone! I was wondering, will Littlefinger's plan really work? Let's say Sansa marries Ser Harrold Hardying as Alayne Stone, which I think is already unlikely because how a knight could accept the hand of a bastard girl, how will Sansa reveal her true identity without causing protestations by the great noble families (Royce, Redfort, Hunter, Corbray, etc.)? Maybe it's because I didn't read the plan more carefully, but I'm interested to see how it'll end up. What do you guys think about it?
  5. Lord_Tarly


    Hi everyone, don't you think things are unrealistic regarding this episode? How can the Lannisters attack and take Highgarden without any siege towers, catapults or any other military structure?
  6. Hi, I would like to know if someone could explain to me what is Blood of Dragons? It interests me!
  7. Lord_Tarly

    Edmure Tully

    Thinking about that character.... I love house Tully, and I wonder how it'll go for the future of this house. Lord Edmure being currently held as a hostage in Casterly Rock, and his wife Roslin Frey pregnant of his heir, what do you think will happen to this house? Will it go extinct, become landed knight house or a bannerman of house Frey, or simply take back Riverrun and restore it's control over the Riverlands? Let me know!
  8. Lord_Tarly

    Missing pictures

    Hi everyone, while I was surfing on the wiki, I looked for some characters or castle, and I think some pictures are missing in the general information square in the right top of the screen. i looked for various images of these characters and location and found some pictures that I think should be added to their page. For example: Ser Quentyn Ball, Thorren's Square and Lord Godric Borell don't have any pictures to represent them.
  9. Lord_Tarly

    How to exactly use this forum?

    Hey guys, I've just started to use the forum, but I'm not sure on how it works and how we use it. Can anyone help me?