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  1. The Map Guy

    References and Homages

    In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, GRRM has said the books and the TV show shared "[...] major beats [...] but there is no way to get into all the details, all the minor characters, all the secondary characters." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjDentEr9c4 I know I am a minority for saying this and I don't know if this belongs in "References & Homages" or not, but I truly believe the Children of the Forest and Bloodraven are bad guys in ASOIAF. Children of the Forest = "Children of the Corn" ... a 1984 Hollywood film, with the original short-story written by Stephen King in the 1970s. The predecessor to the film "Children of the Corn" was the 1983 short-film "Disciple of the Crow." The 'Crow' = Brynden 'Bloodraven' Rivers The short-story, the short-film, and the Hollywood film have plots and character roles that sometimes DIFFER from each other. But one theme remains the same ... evil murderous cult children. I am not saying GRRM is plagiarizing Stephen King, but a lot of elements are taken from the films and the written story. Children of the Corn (1984) The Children of the Corn is an evil cult of children that has killed all the adults of a town, mostly as blood sacrifices. The Children of the Corn usually made their blood sacrifices in a cornfield near a dead white tree ... a weirwood tree? The Children of the Corn killed the adults by first poisoning their food. It was displayed in one scene in a diner, where a teenage employee rat-cook, poured poison in the pot of coffee, and all the guests of the diner drank it ... the Children of the Forest in ASOIAF oddly cook hefty meals for Bran, Meera, Jojen & Hodor ... ready for an unsuspecting twist for TWOW? The Children of the Corn are portrayed similarly to Amish children, who are one step behind modern technology ... which is what the Children of the Forest are, one step behind in the modern tech of the time. One of the favorite weapons of the Children of the Corn is the sickle ... in Bran's vision while he was in the cave with the Children of the Forest, he saw a man executed by a bronze sickle as a blood sacrifice. In the film, one little girl has minor visions of the future ... is this GRRM's greenseeing? The Children of the Corn worships a deity called "He Who Walks behind the Rows" ... is this GRRM's "the thing that comes in the night"? Is this the Others? There is a human body crucified in a corn field, and his skeleton is essentially used as a scare-crow The crucified skeleton (called the "blue man") was a police chief that died fighting the Children of the Corn & He Who Walks Behind the Rows Bloodraven was the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch before he disappeared. He re-appears in ADWD as the Three Eyed Crow, a half-skeleton-man stuck upright on a tree The adult male & female protagonists of the film was caught in the town's mess by accident. They are fleeing & fighting the Children of the Corn throughout the movie In the finale, the man sought the Children of the Corn in their cornfields, and makes a pact with them. Some of Children of the Corn abandoned their worship of "He Who Walks Behind the Rows", and they band together to fight it. The evil cult leader of the Children of the Corn was killed in an earlier betrayal. He is then resurrected by "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" as a zombie child out for revenge on his rival. He kills his rival, but disappears from the rest of story for some reason (a film plot hole). The man and a little boy sidekick defeated "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" in a literal field of fire ... they burnt down the cornfield. They are the last heroes of this story. Disciples of the Crow (1983) The evil cult leader has a small wine-stain birthmark on his lower right cheek ... Bloo-Draven? GRRM may borrow more film plot points for TWOW ... but who knows. I don't know what the background story & motive GRRM has written for the Others, Bloodraven and the Children of the Forest ... but I am 99% sure they are set up to be the bad guys in TWOW. The CotF may have been good guys in the distant past, but in ASOIAF they may be wights resurrected by the Others ... just my personal theory. I believe in ADWD, all three Bran chapters is written from the perspective of an innocent child being lured into a trap. This "Children of the Corn" reference/homage may be a reason why TWOW is delayed ... because GRRM's plans for Bloodraven and CotF will differ greatly than D&D. So GRRM is letting D&D finish their story before GRRM publish his. I guess GRRM doesn't want to be stealing each other's thunder. Children of the Corn -1984 Full Movie for free (92 mins) Disciple of the Crow - 1983 Full Short Film for free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbKgvnn-tNg(Part I - 9 mins) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcL0b23Q6L4 (Part II - 9 mins) Corn corn corn!
  2. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    I have changed my stance on the Pink Letter. What you quoted me was 2 months ago. I have changed from 'Team Mel - Mel was testing Jon's Azor Ahai-ness' to currently 'Team Mel - Mel played a prank on Jon that went terribly wrong because Jon was stupid' The whole point of Mel writing Jon the Pink Letter was to get Jon to talk to her again after Jon gives her the cold shoulder. "Tell his red whore" was Mel telling Jon to go talk to her. Too bad Jon didn't listen, made a public speech and got himself killed.
  3. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Well the commander of an army was notified by his front line troops AND from the spies hiding with the enemy, that a frontal assault will be executed at his fort, WITH GIANTS. The GIANTS will charge towards the two gates and can it take down in a couple of shots. If Roose is the type of commander that does not change his strategic plans after receiving new reconnaissance, so be it. But he only has one chance to make the right decision. If he makes a poor decision, its over for him.
  4. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Sorry, didn't realize you were talking about two different things. I guess the drum beating is not necessary for CV. But Stannis does know the Freys know where his CV position is from Tybald's map. Stannis can anticipate the route of the Freys and turn that to his advantage.
  5. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    May the best Trojan Horse and non-Team-Ramsay=PL-author win! I love three-eyed monkey! Didn't forget him for accidentally helping me solve the ADOS ending! This is why I made Tybald send a false message saying that most of the Freys were defeated by the Wildlings AND giants reinforcement. Second, the Manderlys and some Freys foot-soldiers (in disguise), retreated to Winterfell, and RE-CONFIRMS the Wildling AND giants reinforcement from their eye-witness accounts. Roose falls for this deception after getting TWO confirmations. Roose now panics. Not only Stannis increased his numbers, but he has giants that can take out the gates, using full-sized trees as clubs. Luckily for Roose, he knows from Tybald that the Main Gate and the West Gate are the point of assault. His secret agents, the Karstarks, are coming in for a minor flank at the East Gate, but he knows the Karstarks/Tybald on his sides. Tybald would also mention that the Freys managed to take out one giant after shooting it with 100 arrows. This gives a false confidence to Roose that the giants could be taken care of, if the right strategy was used. Roose OVERLOADS his forces at the Main Gate and the West Gate, with ALL his bowmen. The East Gate will be lightly defended, and is instructed to open the gates for the Karstarks when the guards see them. But after the East Gates open, the Karstarks slaughter the lightly defend gate, and Stannis' Main forces can charge in, with minimal resistance. In the alternate scenario where this Trojan Horse fails and the Bolton guards do not open the gate for the Karstarks, this gate will STILL be the weakest gate. If Stannis had any chance to take Winterfell with closed gates, this lightly guarded entrance is his last chance. Roose and Ramsay will still be at the West Gate and the Main Gate with the majority of their forces, hearing the decoy war horns and drums, expecting giants to charge at their doors. But then Stannis attacks them from the inside Winterfell. The Manderlys and disguised Freys starts backstabbing the bowmen, while the Boltons are engaging Stannis. The Umbers do the math in the heads, and starts backstabbing the Boltons too. The Boltons and Freys got to where they are with their deceptions at the Red Wedding. How fitting would it be that the Boltons and Freys lose everything by the Northerner's deception. The Freys killed the Starks & Northerners in their home, the Twins. The Starks & Northerners get revenge by killing Freys in their home in Winterfell. And Jon Snow would be extremely happy that his message to Stannis about the Karstark plan, actually helped retake Winterfell from the Boltons ... too bad Jon died.
  6. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Let me take a stab at the potential Trojan Horse tactic in TWOW: Hosteen's Freys may take precaution and abandon the ride on horseback. Everyone would march on foot. With Aenys dead, Hosteen would be blind with fury, and blind in the snow storm ... perfect for another trap. Freys know that they need to go to CV to confront Stannis, and their position was mapped out by Tybald earlier. Stannis can keep a decoy at CV, with the war drums banging. Hosteen keeps marching towards the decoy drums at CV. Finally Stannis can attack the unsuspecting & blinded Freys from his hidden position, with the help of the snow storm. Any Frey messenger running back to Winterfell BUMPS into the Manderlys army and funny stuff happens. The Manderlys send a scout/messenger holding a white flag to anyone in Stannis' army, and inform them about Davos and taking Stannis' side. Now, the Trojan Horse can commence. Stannis makes Tybald send a raven to Winterfell with a false message, telling Roose most of the Freys were defeated after Stannis was reinforced by thousands & thousands of wildlings from the North, including a couple of giants. They intend to attack the main and west gate. The Karstarks are unwilling to secretly attack Stannis after this reinforcement. Still pretending to be Stannis' ally, Arnolf Karstark was able to convince Stannis to allow the Karstarks to attack the east gate as a smaller diversionary force. Arnolf expects Roose to open the east gate for his forces so he can join in on the siege. Meanwhile, the Manderlys and few of Stannis' men disguised as Freys arrive outside of Winterfell and notifies Roose about the defeat and how thousands and thousands of Wildlings (and giants) are descending towards Winterfell. Roose, a cautious man, has no choice after receiving Tybald's raven and the Manderlys first hand account. Roose would be suspicious of just the Manderlys arriving by themselves, but having a few Freys convinced him to trust them for now. Roose allows the Manderlys and the disguised Freys inside Winterfell. In the snow storm, loud war drums and horn act as decoy just outside the main gate. Roose sends most of his own Bolton forces inside Winterfell to the main gate and some to the west gate. Crossbowmen will be ready for the giants. Roose leaves only a few at the east gate. Upon the arrival of the Karstarks, Roose would allow them inside the east gate. Roose either expects the Karstarks to defend that position, or tell them to reinforce the main or west gate. BUT this is where Stannis and his main force comes inside Winterfell ... at the opened east gate with the Karstarks as double agents, after Roose over-flooded his forces at other gates. Stannis' main movements were covered up by the snow storm. The Boltons forces at the east gate are defeated with this deception. They send messengers to Roose, but then Mance & the spearwives cut them off. Now inside Winterfell: (west) Manderlys + disguised Freys >>> Boltons <<< Stannis' main forces (east) And throw in an Umber reunion somewhere in the middle, where Hother (west) gives a hug to Mors (east) after the Boltons are defeated. This Trojan Horse thing is a plausible idea. We see versions of it at the Red Wedding, Moat Cailin with Theon, even Tywin at King's Landing during Robert's Rebellion.
  7. Using the artwork of TWOIAF and putting it into motion would be beautiful ... but drawing it frame by frame of that would be tedious work. I think the average is 12 new pictures for every second in your typical cartoon. 12 simple pictures per second is possible. But 12 masterpiece artworks per second? lol. There is a reason why cartoons/anime would never look like the artwork of TWOIAF. At that point, CGI or live action would be cheaper.
  8. Well yes, Anime is Japanese cartoons and they do emphasize large eyes ... but it depends on which cartoon and the style of the artists. Most American cartoons, either for kids or adults, are usually limited to one story per episode. The next episode doesn't have to connect to the last one. Most Japanese anime, either for kids or adults, usually have ONE story spread out over multiple episodes ... even a season or seasons. IMO this is style of cartoon is more fitting for ASOIAF ... its more like a comic book that connects each issue after issue. This is why GRRM choose HBO, a TV show with multiple episodes and multiple seasons. GRRM didn't want to make ASOIAF into a movie or a movie trilogy. His story is too long and he established a pace for his story ... and his pace can't be rushed. Also the story-telling style of Anime is flashy, sometimes over-emphasizing and over-dramatizing the smallest little thing. Example: Anyone remember from the 1990s American cartoon X-Men: The Animated Series? Da-nah nah nah, Da-nah nah nah, nah NAH! Look at what the Japanese did to their intro when they got their hands on it: THIS HYBRID JAPANESE ANIME INTRO of an AMERICAN CARTOON IS AWESOME!!! Even with this awesome intro, people who have seen the American cartoon knows the show is nothing like that lol. If Fire and Blood, the story of the Targaryens, was an American cartoon ... they would look something like these guys: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/29/be/a6/29bea67459e5ae7731dbc074559aeae6.jpg Aegon the Conqueror and his warrior sister Visenya! Blackfyre and Dark Sister! lol Now add that Japanese-anime flare to Aegon's Conquest & some dragons ... we would have a SICK cartoon/anime hybrid.
  9. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    If this was a map: The Boltons think: Karstarks >>> Stannis at CV <<< Freys + Manderlys What may potentially happen in TWOW: Stannis >>> Freys outside of CV <<< Manderlys After Freys are defeated, Stannis has: The Manderlys that the Boltons still think are their allies Frey equipment Karstarks being used as a double agent Tybald's ravens The insideman Mance Rayder and the remaining spearwives Who doesn't like a clever underdog story? Get hyped! And the story that the PL suggested was ... boring.
  10. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    The simplest answer: If Stannis does indeed do a Trojan horse maneuver, it would not take "seven days of battle." He would either win in one day or lose in one day ... either inside WInterfell or outside just short of the gate. But I think he will win. His sneaky positions and secret allies is setting up a GRRM-esque story with the elements of the Trojan Horse and Ocean's Eleven. And with Stannis' story arc, I prefer him dying in the fight against the Others, instead of the Freys/Boltons. With his history at the Siege at Storm's End, perhaps GRRM would reproduce this narrative with Stannis holding Winterfell, with a siege against the Others. Anyways, that is my personal preference.
  11. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Me too. My mind is running through so many tactical scenarios, and I think I have a good one. But it is missing one link: communication between Stannis and the secret allies before any actual fighting. I guess we just gotta wait for TWOW.
  12. Cartoons and anime can create colorful imagination that live-action cannot, at least not cheaply. To create a three-way dragon battle in anime is cheaper and quicker than CGI/live-action. With books, the imagination can run wild. With cartoons/anime, the imagination can run wild visually.
  13. The Map Guy

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Don't forget that Stannis is aware that Boltons know their last positions on a map, thanks to Maester Tybald. Also, Stannis discovered the Karstark betrayal, and the Boltons don't know that yet. Bit by bit, Stannis has a little advantage here and there ... but will it be enough to take Winterfell? Perhaps a complex Trojan horse maneuver. We'll see. Of course this requires the Pink Letter to be false.
  14. It would be pretty cool if ASOIAF was presented like a japanese anime. All the dragon battles would be awesome.