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  1. "He has to catch us first." The singer glanced up at poor Petyr. "And he can't hang us twice, now can he?" He drew a melancholy air from the strings of his woodharp. "Here now, don't soil yourself. All you need to do is answer me a question, and I'll tell them to let you go." Merrett would tell them anything if it meant his life. "What do you want to know? I'll tell you true, I swear it." The outlaw gave him an encouraging smile. [...] {Epilogue ASOS} This BWB scene using Petyr Frey's corpse to scare Merrett to talk reminds me of this scene from The Untouchables (1987) where Sean Connery shoots a corpse again to intimidate the outlaw into a confession. "Don't! Don't! I'm going to tell you whatever you want! What do you want to know?!?!?" RIP Sir Sean Connery. Thank you for this Golden Eunuch performance in this film, and in all the other works in the film industry that you have spiced up during your career.
  2. For anyone that cares about my two cent, I am 100% sure GRRM told D&D the truth, but a truth that can be easily misinterpreted. Remember GRRM asked D&D who Jon's mother was and they answered correctly? That was the truth, but a truth that was also misinterpreted. The line is misinterpreted. GRRM said who would be on the Iron Throne ... BUT WHEN? Is he implying the ending? Or a random period in TWOW or ADOS? GRRM saying this line as is DOES NOT CONFIRM "King Bran". "I told them who would be on the Iron Throne" According to the show, you know who was never on the Iron Throne? Bran. The Iron Throne was melted and Bran had a wheelchair the whole time. Also don't forget, TV-Bran is not Bran Stark anymore. TV-Bran has stripped his name completely and has become the Three-Eyed Raven (whatever that means). So what EXACTLY did GRRM say to D&D that made D&D think Bran would be king? I can imagine GRRM telling D&D: The three-eyed crow wants the Iron Throne. After Dany dies on the Iron Throne, Bran is the last one standing in the finale. For some idiots, this would mean Bran will be the king using these two points. For others, this means something else entirely. Hodor = "Hold the Door", but Hodor is also named Walder ... Wall-Door? "hold the door" is more like "hold this pass" Are we getting a "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" scene at a door at the Wall, where Bran is warging into Hodor and fighting zombies? Stannis burns Shireen ... but WHERE and WHY? If Stannis is alive in TWOW to burn Shireen, that means Stannis never died at Winterfell. Book-Stannis and Book-Shireen are far far away from each other, and there would be no time for that. TV-Stannis burns TV-Shireen prior to the Winterfell battle. Using this contradicting-logic, the TV scene cannot logistically happen in the books. Anyways, is it possible that the Pink Letter is false now? And Stannis wins the Battle of Winterfell (with the help of the spear-wives) and creates an alliance with the Wildlings and Northerners? (D&D can throw their Battle of the Bastards TV-Emmy Award in the trash!) To celebrate his Northern victory, he visits Shireen at the Nightfort ... only to realize the Long Night was beginning their invasion there. Having his daughter momentarily and then being separated .... Stannis sees from afar that Shireen and Patchface has been surrounded by resurrected-zombies. In a lost cause, Stannis orders Patchface to burn Shireen to save her from becoming a ice-zombie. After making this horrific decision to burn his own daughter alive to save her soul, Stannis's own soul "dies". End of TWOW Epilogue.
  3. I think a dozen eyes just rolled after reading this lol. Anyways it is because she is a secret-Targ. No one ever talks about it, but they stopped denying it either. Anyways she will be the most important character in ADOS. No not genetically. There will be a storyline with Brynden Tully & a pit in the beginning of TWOW, and there will be a storyline with Brynden Rivers & a pit in the end of TWOW. Its quite clever what GRRM is doing as the forums will invite Brynden/Brynden comparisons after reading the book, if the book ever comes out.
  4. I don't think there is a historical narrative reason why Brynden Tully was named after Brynden Rivers. But there will be a thematical comparison between them two in post-TWOW discussions: Brynden Tully vs. Brynden Rivers. Uncle vs. Uncle. When Meera Reed had asked him his true name, he made a ghastly sound that might have been a chuckle. "I wore many names when I was quick, but even I once had a mother, and the name she gave me at her breast was Brynden." "I have an uncle Brynden," Bran said. "He's my mother's uncle, really. Brynden Blackfish, he's called." "Your uncle may have been named for me. Some are, still. Not so many as before. Men forget. Only the trees remember." His voice was so soft that Bran had to strain to hear. {Bran III ADWD} This ADWD passage is setting up two BIG events in TWOW, one in the beginning and one in the end. Also this line, Your uncle may have been named for me. Some are, still. Not so many as before. Men forget. Only the trees remember. is a secret message about Uncle Benjen, how he has been renamed/reborn for Bloodraven. FYI ... Uncle Blackfish is Bran's great(?)-uncle. Uncle Bloodraven is Meera's something(?)-uncle. They are all distant-uncles that share some DNA. And Uncle Benjen shares 50% DNA with Bran and Meera.
  5. Wow this blew my mind ... New York County of New York City of New York State https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/27/0-3-0-3/ Uh oh ... George is upset (and more Gase bashing.) 0-3 and 0-3. Just remember the better days of Jets & Giants 3-0 versus Tom Brady in the playoffs. Lets go Giants! "that was in the danger zone as he tried to get it into Jordan Reed" HAHAHA GEORGE I HOPE YOU CAUGHT THAT! I hope not, all my highlighting would be all for nothing. The apocalypse would happen before GRRM ever finishes his story at this rate. TV Spoilers Interview
  6. Even if a team doesn't win the Super Bowl, there are things we can appreciate in a losing season ... the great players and great plays ... things we don't mind watching over and over again ... like OBJ's one handed catch or Adams running over Saquon & mugging Jones. I understood letting OBJ go, but Adams was something fixable ... like not hiring Gase to begin with. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/20/more-losing/ LOL George Even if the intended receiver caught the ball in the original final play, I think he would have fell short of the touchdown. On that final play, there should have been a receiver deeper in the end zone where Dany Jones could of shoved that pass, overdriving the goal line. Or even set up a play where he lobs the ball the high way into the touchdown zone ... even in the face of danger ... for a player to have one last heroic jump-ball. I wonder if George made any comments about Bears-Lions NFL games in these SSM and Notablogs over the years. Just curious The Gmen and the Golden State 49ers are playing today lol He did a good job of convincing the world hes not from there New York, New York! A city so nice, they named it twice! Well not nice any more. Yes George I understand. At least the New York Jets and the New York Giants are 3-0 against Tom Brady in the playoffs. CAN'T WAIT!
  7. Tell your nuncle to stay put. TWOW will be awesome, starting with the Prologue ... a very masculine and family-oriented introduction. There will be several soundtracks that would accompany it, from Eminem to Elvis to Ella Fitzgerald, even some Jersey guy named Sinatra. The Winds of Winter will be great addition to A Song of Ice & Fire. Yes I am the real GRRM and I am standing up to tell you some good news and some bad news. Good News - Everything you saw on the TV show will not happen because D&D are idiots, and they didn't listen or follow my instructions correctly. Bad News - I won't release TWOW until the Jets or the Giants win another Super Bowl (preferably the Jets, Giants already won one recently in the 2011 Season) Be blessed Not sure what you mean. Perhaps about owning a calendar? Owning a calendar is not a big deal. You can pick up an autographed 2021 calendar here: https://jeancocteaucinema.com/product/a-song-of-ice-fire-2021-calendar/ https://starkmaiden.tumblr.com/post/625107541030010880/this-will-be-up-in-two-parts-because-pictures https://starkmaiden.tumblr.com/post/625107690716381184/yes-my-weird-desire-to-own-asoiaf-content Please enjoy my autographed 2021 calendar as consolation prize if the Jets or Giants don't win this year.
  8. Happy name day!!! I have an USA ASOIAF calendar hanging in my office. The listed holidays for September are "Labor Day", "Rosh Hashanah", "Autumn Begins", "Yom Kippur" and "George R. R. Martin's Birthday" lol The artwork for September 2020 is Nagga and the Grey King ... his sword unsheathed, the blade alive with sunlight.
  9. Wow o Wow. My post got banned. It took me over a hour to write as I tried to address everyone, while backing up it with data and real stories. I even hid TWOW Prologue Easter Eggs in it in case a certain someone was reading it. Sorry to anyone who had missed my reply before it got banned, but I won't be back-tracing everything all over again. Thanks for your time to the people who disagreed with me, but kept it civil. No thank-you's to the people who kept it uncivil. For anyone curious to why it was banned ... let me rephrase the controversial remark in a non-controversial way: WHO IS READY FOR THE DEBATES??? WHO IS READY FOR THE JAPE-OFF??? My champion against yours! Anyways gtg. I'll probably return back to this sub-forum during the debates.
  10. Just when I thought I was out, you guys pull me back in. Just this one time ... @Guy Kilmore Throw some statistics at me to prove your point. Let's see it. What statistics are you looking for? Rebutting the claim of that woman on how black people are modernly oppressed because of something that happened 150 years ago is a false narrative? My statistic is every immigrant that has arrived to America since and thrived. If you want to limit it the same skin color, I know a naturalized Bahamian neurologist and a naturalized Ghanaian airliner captain. Ask them how slavery affected their way of life in America today. Or are you looking for the statistics of BLM riots destroying black business? Here is one in Minnesota. https://abcnews.go.com/US/black-owned-restaurant-responded-burned-protests/story?id=71049195 An Ethiopian restaurant???? You BLM rioters can't read a map?? According to the article, the owners were neutral about it ... but all the waiters and cooks are out of jobs. Great job BLM rioters. If you want me to list more black businesses being burn down by BLM, I can ... but as I do, I will remind you the employees are jobless. It was sarcastic joke. If you didn't get the joke of inviting someone that advocates Stealing into your home for dinner, I suggest you don't actually invite her. @Martell Spy I'm back! And no, I always voted Democrat. I'm a urban New Yorker. When I reached voting age in college, I voted against Bush. I voted for Obama twice. I didn't vote in 2016 because I thought Trump would start WWIII, but Hilary was not someone I support either. After 3 years of Trump, I couldn't be more wrong about WWIII, it felt safer as nation from foreign attacks. In regards to the racial divide, well that was already happening during the Obama-era. I'm in the center now leaning right. I am Pro-Choice, I have no problems with homosexuals, but the concept of transsexuals confuses me. I believe God created science, but Man created the Bible (I believe the Bible has no direct link to God, but its the same God). I support the police and troops, and I hate hypocritical movements with BLM and Cancel Culture. I can go on about being center but I won't. I can list several reasons why I will vote Trump, but I wont. All I'm telling you Democrats is ... JOE BIDEN??? REALLY??? C'mon man! You guys can't find a better candidate?? You guys want those Obama votes huh? I might have voted back to Democrat if you got Michael Bloomberg as a candidate. I liked him a lot as NYC mayor (he was a Red Sox fan, which was hard to stomach ... but he did a decent job and I'll give him a pass). He seems like a well spoken guy, and an economist that can match Trump. But I want to educate you guys on something about Trump that you guys already know, but in a different light. Trump is an asshole. We all know he is an asshole. His voters know he is an asshole. BUT he wears it like armor ... and it can never be used to hurt him. So good luck trying to attack his character. Trump is like a Tywin Lannister. You may hate him and his alpha-maleness ... but you are asking me to replace him with Joe Biden, who is like a Walder Frey. C'mon man! Walder Frey is a rat. Joe Biden ... Nice guy? Really? Not racist? I can provide a few links. You know I can and they are nasty. Respects women? I can provide a few links. You know I can and they are nasty. If you guys want to vote for rat that has a track record of sitting around doing nothing ... go ahead ... free country. I rather have an asshole lead the country than a rat hiding in the basement. @Week That is nice Week, supporting an organization whose violent actions will get Trump re-elected. Do you hear the democrat mayors and CNN telling you guys to stop rioting because it will increase Trump support? ... because its true. @A Horse Named Stranger Eric Garner is a better poster boy than George Floyd, but Eric was Obama-era. Its a shame what happened to Eric, but at the same time ... when the police (especially a police sting) announce that you are arrested, you don't resist. Almost all the people who have died under the police are resisting arrest. If only people listened to Chris Rock. Oh nice, you are a comedian too? I use to be a stand up comedian, but I don't do that anymore. I usually like to sit down and tell my jokes. JK, I was never a stand up comedian. Also I understand you are European. I just want to inform you we can't use the "N" words to refer to black people here in America ... including "negros". I don't want you to get your ass whooped here. And that last sentence was totally not necessary since it sounds like personal attack. But its okay, I can take it. I didn't vote for Trump yet. And again, I agree that Police Officer Chauvin murdered Floyd, but it was personal and not racist. If you watched all 52 minutes of the video, nothing indicates racism. If the police used the "N" words, then we have a bingo. Even if they used "You people" ... maybe you can label that racist. BUT none of that occurred. If that occurred, give me that timestamp. The other officers treated the 2 black passengers of Floyd's car neutrally. No racism, just cooperation. There is also whole new level I didn't want to bring up because it will confuse you guys even more. There is a possible Jaime Lannister/Aerys murder parallel to Chauvin/Floyd murder that will never be confessed in court. Please Mr/Mrs European, educate yourself. CNN likes to hide data. 80% of murdered black people are committed by black people. In 2019, only 9 unarmed black men were killed by police. BLM is destroying cities over a single digit number while completely ignoring black on black crime. This is the fire in the kitchen and racist police are the leak. I found the link. I ask everyone to watch 4 minutes of this man from my timestamp. He has a very very funny joke about Trump that both Dem or Rep can laugh about. He then makes the comment about the fire and the leak. Give this man 4 minutes. He is currently in the hospital with kidney issues. I wish this man well. Nope, I am pretty serious on my stand. If you want me to turn up my troll-level, I can. I can start talking about Biden now, but it may offend some of you guys, it is a touchy subject. @Varysblackfyre321 Rookie cops working with a superior Officer who has a vendetta against Floyd. The other cops asked if they should stop and Chauvin said No. At one point, the other cops just backed off of Floyd anyways while Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd. Watch the video if you are not afraid of graphic content. And don't forget about the drugs in his system. Anyways that will be up to the jury to decide. So how do with fix racism? Its not by burning Ethiopian restaurants. Racism may never be fixed. But there is one thing that may be close ... it is stop committing crimes against each other: Black on Black, Black on White, Cop on Black, White on Black, and all the other races too Tell that to the criminals that hurt law abiding citizens, denying their freedom to a safe life. Criminals hurt the population more than the police. Since Floyd was unarmed, I agree. Convict Chauvin for murdering his co-worker. @The Great Unwashed I'm not Caucasian Anyways, see you guys. I'm going back to the ASOIAF forum. If you need anything from me, just holla.
  11. I think 2 of 3 officers assisting Chauvin were rookies. One was only on his third patrol. At the 25:00 minute mark, one of the officers suggested to switch positions on Floyd, but Chauvin, the ranking officer of the scene, said No. Isn't it the responsibility of the police to investigate the phone calls, regardless of race? For every Starbuck 911 incident called in, there are many many more legitimate cases of crime, regardless of race. I don't deny racism in America or in the police force. But as a law-abiding citizen, racist police are the bottom of my list of concerns. And I don't want Minnesota's problems or Wisconsin's problems or Missouri's problems ripple their effects here in New York. I don't want the beef between two Minnesota co-workers ruining people's lives here in New York. If you guys like sharing problems between states, please take more of our NYC first-wave COVID. Please accept some of the San Fran homeless people into your neighborhoods. As a family man, I care about safety ... but BLM wants to defund the police. As a working man, I care about job safety ... but BLM are destroying businesses. As an American with 1st Amendment rights ... Cancel Culture wants to fire people from their jobs if they have different opinions. I agree, that kid should have been shot on site. This is a fresh one, I would love to hear the full story before I make a judgment. But from what I see in the only video available so far is a teenager trying to defend himself as he was being chased down. He was running towards the police. He tripped, and one guy kicked him in the head, another tried to whack him with a skateboard (seriously ... don't bring a skateboard to this type of fight). The last guy did bring a gun to a gunfight, but was slow to the draw and was shot in the arm. One second slower, this teenager with the AR-15 would have been shot dead. But I refuse to make a judgment until I find out what happened prior to him fleeing ... but it is important to state that he only shot at his assaulters and no innocent bystanders. If you guys want to rush to judgment, go ahead. I learned my lessons from Jussie Smollett, Nick Sandmann and now George Floyd. I know the kid is 17 and he shouldn't have been there ... but then again you can make the same case for all BLM rioters. Totally fine to just murder people for "not acting normal". The fact that you even think this acceptable or is a justification for anything speaks volumes. It is obvious George Floyd was on drugs. The officer took precaution to remove him from the car. The officer explained it at the 9:44 mark. There was no attempt to hurt/murder Floyd, until Chauvin arrived to the scene later. In regards to the bold, have anyone here ever had a friend or family member killed by a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol? So if Chauvin is found guilty of murder of Floyd because they had a fallout at their other job (Floyd with-held Chauvin's paycheck is the story I heard from their other co-workers) ... AND jury finds that there was NO RACISM involved ... would this still be a BLM victory? How about David Dorn? My intention is letting BLM supporters know that they are using a false martyr in George Floyd, as a champion of racist police brutality, as an excuse to divide COVID America at its lowest point. I have voted Democrat my entire life, and people like me around NYC and America are voting Trump because we don't want BLM's false narrative shoved down our throats as an excuse to destroy our jobs and safety. Racist cops are not the priority-concern of law abiding citizens. Criminals are. I found a great quote online, I forgot where and I am paraphrasing for this black MAGA supporter: There is a leak in the bathroom and a fire in the kitchen. Don't yell and scream at me to fix the leak while completely ignoring the fire. Don't worry, I won't be coming back to this part of the forum now. You guys can enjoy your party here. I 100% disagree with this woman. Ironically enough in modern times, it is BLM burning down the black-owned businesses. It would be even more ironic if it was a white BLM rioter that throws the Molotov. But if you agree on her justification of rioting and stealing, please feel free to invite her to your home for dinner.
  12. Yes. If you know me from the book forum, you know I pay attention to a lot of details and look at ASOIAF as a bigger picture: pass the pages on the books and onto real life & real current events of the time. I apologize if I offended anyone by asking them to watch all 52 minutes of that video. It was wrong of me to ask people to watch someone's death. But I invite you to watch up to the 21 minute timestamp before the kneeling and tell me where the incident became "racist." I am a working-class New Yorker, I am struggling to understand how an incident in Minnesota where a co-worker killed another co-worker at another job sparked anti-racism protests around the country and destroyed businesses. I speak on behalf of workers in NYC, who were unemployed during the first wave of COVID, ready to go back to their stores to work ... only to be unemployed again because the stores were destroyed. Crime is going up in my neighborhood, it didn't help with the NY no-bail policy. It has gotten worse the with defund-the-police movement and our stupid mayor actually gave in. I don't know if anyone else here in this forum can feel the crime wave around the country, or if they have the privilege of a safe suburban neighborhood. I know there are a lot of bad cops out there, but there are a lot of good ones too. Years ago, I had a legitimate hate crime in my area ... where a couple of black men fatally assaulted an Asian man, stole his car, and threw his body in the backyard of my building. I praise the NYPD for catching these men while driving in the victim's car a day later. One is serving the maximum sentence after he confessed he targeted the man because he thought Asians were soft targets. I am totally against hate crimes, but to paint a situation "racist" where no racism occurred ... seems ... racist. If anyone has that timestamp I am looking for, please let me know. Don't get me wrong, I want justice for George Floyd. What his co-worker did was despicable and I hope he gets many many years in jail for murder. But BLM want us to think this is a random white officer attacking a random black man to his death, but that is far from the truth. They were co-workers that did not get along at their job. Even at the 13:55 minute mark, Officer Chauvin shows up to the scene and said "You're not working with me". This suggests that at their other job, they are treated as equal ... but not out on the streets where Chauvin is on duty as a police officer. Believe it or not, Chauvin probably wants the BLM narrative so his charges are downgraded to manslaughter. If people knew they worked together, it may be upgraded to murder. In regards to the year 1619 timestamp ... thanks for the history lesson, but that is not going to work at Chauvin's trial. In regards to an overreaction to using a fake bill ... if Floyd left the scene, the first responding officers probably would have left it alone. The fact that Floyd stayed in his car when the officer arrived at the store, it is the job of the officer to detain Floyd for questioning before he can speed off. The officer might have even let Floyd go if he acted normal and cooperated. He didn't, which is shown on the 0:00 to 3:00 time mark. I have been arrested before. I have made mistakes. One thing I always did was respect the officer and if he/she told me that I am to be arrested, I won't resist. I'll have my day in court. One time in another city I announced that there was a firearm in my trunk. The officer told me to put my hands on the wheels, I did. He told me to exit the car, I did. He explained that I need to be handcuffed while he looked into my trunk, I let him. He did his search and let me leave (my friend went to jail at that time, but that part is irrelevant) In regards to the statistics where America is 63% white and 13% black and the act of police brutality is not proportional ... well police respond to 911 calls (Calls, not Criminals). That percentage becomes irrelevant. And each situation are handle independently ... whether the person has a weapon or not, whether if they cooperate or not. When the calls come in, the police must respond without racial prejudice. Imagine if a 911 operator had to follow a racial quota? Operator: 911 Operator ... how may I assist you? Caller: A man just punched me and stole my yellow car. My dog is in the backseat. He is driving west on the boulevard. Operator: Maam, what was the color of that man? Caller: He was latino. Operator: Sorry maam, we can't help you. According to our racial equality policy, we must have 1 white person commit a crime before we address a latino criminal. We already had 1 latino criminal this morning, so we need to wait for a white one before we respond to yours. Don't get me wrong. There are racist cops ... but using modified narratives to burn the country down doesn't solve the problem. In fact, it pisses people off to vote for Trump.
  13. Hi guys, I hope you don't mind me participating in your discussion. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I have always voted Democrat. I didn't vote in 2016 as I shifted center. And this year I shifted center-right. I live in a highly densely populated area and highly diversely area. My neighborhood has quite a lot of BLM graffiti and I am trying to understand the "racism" that BLM is complaining about to the point where businesses and cities are destroyed. Has anyone seen the 52 minute body-cam video of George Floyd's death? I won't link it since it may get this post banned. You guys can look it up on Youtube "*FULL* George Floyd Body Camera (2) Released" by "Video Leak Police." Its hard to find, Youtube didn't want to make it publicly available ... but it is there. If anyone had time to watch all 52 minutes (its gets graphic when one of the police officer tried to revive him in the ambulance), can someone point out the timestamp where this "racism" occurred? I'm kind of confused about all this BLM stuff. Don't get me wrong, I believe the Officer Chauvin murdered Floyd with police brutality ... all I am asking is when this confrontation became a "racial" incident. Can someone provide me with a timestamp so I can understand? Thanks.
  14. Most magic requires sacrifice, not all of them. But I believe with magic, there are rules. We just don't know them. And some times what we don't know ... is dangerous. D&D doesn't listen to rules. Dragons can't fly over the Wall.
  15. A collection of random notes I have taken for theories I already published, and for other theories I haven't published yet. I am 50% into ASOIAF in my current re-read and I take notes & highlight things that may mean something in the future. My note-taking is sloppy though. One example in my Excel sheet says: Tyrion and Nicholas Cage ... but I kinda forgot what that meant. Another Excel example is: "Deepwood Motte, House Glover" = Jaime killing Bloodraven This complicated one I automatically understand ... but for you guys, I will have to explain. Motte = Tobho Mott ~ Tribecca Soho Mott Street ~ Street of Steel "Deepwood Steel of Jaime" = Jaime slashing at Bloodraventree, ruining his sword, and is in need of a new sword after. Jaime accidentally avenges his ancestor by killing Bloodraven. Here is the HBO TV-only scene Easter Egg parallelism for this: Map Theory: What kind of sword does Jaime acquire later? Well if you look at a map, Bear Island is not too far from Deepwood Motte. This a not classified theory since I already published this. There are changes to the original theory that I should have made: Jojen was already eaten, Hodor at the Nightfort, Bran is held hostage at Winterfell instead of Bloodraven's cave, Jaime is the one to kill Bloodraventree, not Brienne. I also wanted to add Theon Greyjoy to the Jaime/Brienne's rescue attempt of Bran after watching HBO GoT Season 8. At thing point in ADOS, I believe there is a hopeless apocalypse. Jaime/Brienne/Theon have nothing left besides restoring their honor in what seems to be dangerous and pointless rescue of Catelyn's child. For honor and the conflict of heart, they do it anyway. These are their redemption arcs. Theon will die trying to save Bran, but Jaime/Brienne successfully escape with him. It will feel like a minor victory saving Bran, since they realized the apocalypse is still happening and cities/towns are being destroyed. The emotions are still gloomy here. But then something cools happen. Anyways the most important notes right now are ones GRRM gave to D&D. They are canon, but I believe they were cryptic. D&D failed to interpret them. I believe I can interpret them better, since I published my theory before Season 8 came out ... and I believe I got a lot of things right. I had a female Stark ending the Long Night halfway into the final book/TV-season, I had female Targaryen destroying King's Landing in the end, I had the three-eyed crow wanting the Iron Throne, I had Daenerys dying at the Iron Throne ... and plenty of other things. A lot of things didn't make sense in D&D's fan-fic, but it made sense in mine ... as my theory accounts for logic, magic that follows rules, organic story-telling, tying loose ends and redemption arcs. And also ... epic awesomeness. But I do want to thank D&D for making an emphasis on "The Bells", as I used it to upgrade my climatic line in my ASOIAF fan-fic: Along with the music of the bells ringing for mankind's extinction, the three heads of the dragons sang & danced to the melodies & rhythms of the song of ice & fire ... but there must be one more ... and it is the song of ____________ as the beat. BOOM BOOM DOOM-DOOM! Did anyone else read that line in Roy Dotrice voice?
  16. Well I believe GRRM had a lot problems after ASOS 2000 that burned his soul with conflict. For example ... what does the twin stack of paper look like? And remember what GRRM cryptically told D&D about the ending of ASOIAF? Where there was an aerial attack on ____________ and innocent people were ____________. (D&D got it wrong btw, like every cryptic message that was given to them. TWOW-Prologue will clear one up, one of the HBO Season 8 plot-line that randomly came out of nowhere. D&D randomly put it in to fulfill GRRM's checklist) Anyways GRRM should be freed of that soul burning conflict by now, especially since he had nothing to do with the real-time event. Most people have moved on. I forget sometimes too when I look outside my window. Oh okay. I guess I should stop talking now.
  17. No no, he probably had TWOW-Prologue written years ago. From my research, he had the TWOW-Prologue storyline first, and then he wrote the ASOS Red Wedding after. This chapter is designed for a purpose. If you had to introduce a friend to read ONE solo chapter from ASOIAF to get him/her hooked into the series, this Prologue-chapter is it. It can even be a standalone movie. But GRRM probably made many many changes and additions to the TWOW-Prologue over the years since ASOS 2000 ... probably a jape similar to HBO's GoT "Born amidst salt and smoke? Is he a ham?" Anyways I know the POV character 100% and even minor things like the meaning behind the type of hat George always wears. I don't know about the Esso's Meereenese Knot. But I am sure George got his confidence back in Westeros' Meeranese Knot. Just look at the NOTaBLOG's profile picture and the secret message that GRRM is hiding in plain sight ... the cartoon writer has a twin stack of paper. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/08/15/back-in-westeros/ I wonder if his new NOTaBLOG about Fire & Blood has any secret messages. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/08/17/fire-blood-comes-to-paperback/ Anyways, I still prefer my profile picture of Fire & Blood ... the one where the Targaryen lady is posing with a "hold" hand signal, standing on top of a pile of dead knights, with the city burning in the background ... probably holding out for one last heroic knight.
  18. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/08/15/back-in-westeros/ Awww this is sad. I hope you know you are doing good work George. Not everyone knows, but I know: its not easy writing ASOIAF and you can't ask for writing-assistance from your minions without spilling secrets. So of course its tougher when you don't have real help. But it will be worth it in the end and for your legacy. And if you are reading this and if they were intentional, I got your secret messages in this post and the other ones. And yes, I already knew, thanks for trying to help. I hope one day the TWOW Prologue will get the standalone movie deal it deserves. And Eminem is a great choice for a song of the chapter. I hope that won't offend Cancel Culture by picking a white rapper ... but I know you got MC Hammer with fAegon later! Mel - Yes, we can finally get a quick resolution to the Pink Letter mystery! Sam - Alright, Sam the Savior chapters! Not sure what you are going to do with Vic and Ty ... guess I gotta wait. "And that girl with no name, over there in Braavos" ... Arya? Or a new character?
  19. That is cool. This entire forum is about people agreeing and disagreeing with each other. As long as we can attack the ideas and not the person, it is all civil. This is a classic case of entitlement. Thinking you deserve something from someone, even though you publicly criticize that person is what is wrong with people nowadays. ASOIAF is not a public service and GRRM is not your bitch. The series is a private collection of work owned by a single author. If you don't like the author, don't buy his books. When TWOW comes out, and you still have a grudge against his comments, then don't buy his books. If GRRM feels like he doesn't want to ever release TWOW and ADOS, that is his right. If you felt you received some bullshit from someone, you have two options ... call them out immediately, or swallow your pride & move on (future vendetta optional). Just think about the consequences of each first. Agreed. But Cancel Culture does not represent everyone's views. They only represent their own views. I don't know how you guys are doing out there in Scotland, but Cancel Culture is a virus here in an America. People lost jobs over the tiniest things, sometimes not even by political views, but by an overreaction over a misunderstanding. Some poor Hispanic man was driving by a protest and cracked his knuckles. It looked like the shape of a racist hand-gesture ... he was fired from his job after Cancel Culture posted a single screenshot frame of a video online. So back to GRRM. What did he do? mispronounced names of the nominees, at his home without any staff talked about authors he grew up with calling the Oscar trophy a "golden eunuch" Cancel Culture's response: "In conclusion, let us shoot George R.R. Martin and Bob Silverberg into the sun where they shall bother us no longer." Its not like GRRM intentionally had a malicious agenda and carried a sign that said "I hate transsexuals!" And now guess what ... this "golden eunuch" was to be a homage to the Hugo Awards Ceremony in TWOW. As readers read the TWOW Prologue and laugh at the joke ... anyone who attended the Hugo Ceremony in 2020 should of been "Ohhhhhhhh!! That is a shout out to us!!! That is awesome!!" But now GRRM's "golden eunuch" transforms into a transphobic symbol. Will GRRM re-write it? Or keep it? We'll see. How does it come across? Good. They can have a taste of their own medicine. I'm offended by Cancel Culture's message. Am I not allowed my freedom of speech to criticize Cancel Culture and the naturally angry people in the group? Because that is the ironically what they are trying to do BUT WITH getting people fired from their jobs. Changing people's lives by getting them fired from their jobs gives these naturally angry people a high. Haha. Cancel Culture is pathetic. Just because people apologize publicly and swear fealty, doesn't mean they have to mean it and conform to it. GRRM is the creator of Wyman Manderly after all. Seriously! GRRM took his time from writing TWOW or ADOS to entertain a crowd at the award ceremony. Being an emcee is not easy. Being an emcee without a staff is much much harder. And this is the thanks he gets?
  20. Cancel Culture ... just some naturally angry people looking for something to be angry about, venting out by bullying famous people to conform to their own standards, as a form of dopamine and attention seeking. For example: https://www.pretty-terrible.com/george-r-r-martin-2020-hugo-awards/ You can thank people like her (or him ... whatever it prefers) if GRRM is too pissed off to release TWOW to the type of world we live in today, since it would offend certain people that may harass him. Here is another article: https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/books/a33532809/george-rr-martin-hugo-awards-2020-controversy-explained/ But we want GRRM's books, we want his stories and his ideas as a form of entertainment, not a source of social justice. Who cares about 2020 Earth, we want Westeros and Essos 300 AC and 301 AC. LET THE MAN WRITE HIS BOOK IN PEACE! Potential TWOW Prologue Spoilers
  21. I did a quick look over what the other people problems were with GRRM. Apparently if you mispronounce ethnic names ... you are labeled a racist. Apparently if you talk about authors you grew up reading, and those authors happened to be racist ... you are labeled a racist too. Apparently if you call the Oscar award trophy a "golden eunuch" ... you are accused of harboring transgender hate. I don't know. But GRRM has things we want ... TWOW and ADOS. And to go smash him for all these petty things seems ... petty. Its like a grand-son/daughter accusing their grandfather/mother that they grew up in a racist era and they are racist themselves. They think they are great grandsons/daughters for calling out their grandparents ... until they realized they were intentionally left out of their wealthy will. Well great job, you sure showed them! GRRM doesn't need other people's ideas shoved down his throat. ASOIAF is his story and no one else. If you piss him off, he has the rights to delay TWOW if he wants, and he'll get the last laugh. Great job Cancel Culture, you sure showed him! Some potential TWOW Prologue spoilers ... careful ... it may offend people:
  22. I wonder if this categorizes Thoros' company as "rogue" R'hllor followers ... different than Mel's group. Haha ... no I really had no part of that divine plan .... wait a minute ... are you asking me if I am a god??? Then YES! FEEL OUR WRATH AS WE DESTROY THINGS WITH OUR FURY!!! Haha jk. I still feel a little guilty though. Off-topic: Not going to lie, this androgynous high-cheek bone David Bowie lady creature petrified my heart when I was a kid ... her croaking voice, her eyes as two red pits burning in the shadows. And somehow she transformed into a gigantic marshmallow man ... which was still creepy. "Choose! Choose! Choose the form of the destructer!" ... geez terrible options Hmmmmm you got me thinking ... marshmallow fire ... I wonder if Bowen Marsh is going to be sacrificed to R'hllor by fire. Lol ... toasted marshmallows ... kinda reminds me of:
  23. I guess if you put it that way, its R'hllor with the Old Gods infiltrated inside their bodies. I wonder if any other gods have infiltrated Beric the Lightning Lord and THORos' R'hllor. Hmmmmmmmmm .. gods hiding in other gods There are reasons to believe Moqorro is R'hllor with the Drown God infiltrated as well.
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