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  1. Trying to make my tentative plan for Ireland... my brother-in-law is getting married the same weekend as WorldCon, so I'll miss that one, but really want to at least make it to TitanCon (especially as I'll already be almost halfway there, flying time)... I'd like to get any ideas or feedback on my tentative plan, so I can meet up with you guys and participate in stuff as much as possible. So here: Arrive in Dublin Tuesday morning, Aug 20, stay there for two nights, take either the train or bus to Belfast on Thursday morning, Aug 22, then return to Dublin either Monday the 26th for 1 night, or on Tuesday morning, to catch my flight home on Tuesday. After reading your posts, I'm second guessing staying in Dublin before heading to Belfast. Two other things I wanted to note - I thought I saw something somewhere about a "con" on the train from Dublin to Belfast on Wednesday - anyone know anything? And, I always have great luck with flying Aer Lingus from the US, which doesn't show up on the bulk travel sites-you have to book directly on their website.