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  1. Bronn_of_the_Blackwater

    Ready to Give Up on Series

    Thanks. I'm tired and wasn't paying attention. I'll ask a mod to move this. (Y)
  2. Bronn_of_the_Blackwater

    Ready to Give Up on Series

    I am halfway through Dance With Dragons, and two episodes into Season 4. I focused on trying to get my own novel finished before Semester started (never happened, but close) and therefore shelved off some time from the GOT storyline. Through a bizarre chance, I recently decided to make GOT my first tarot deck and reading the Guidebook gave me what I believe to be every single major spoiler for the series to be seen by me. Quite discouraged, but having felt the need to progress through the entire guidebook for the sake of my deck, I am thinking there is nothing left for me in the series and that I should abandon it altogether. Anyone familiar with the Tarot who can tell me if I'm right? Or just anyone based on what all I can remember? The spoilers are listed below. (Best to memory...)
  3. Bronn_of_the_Blackwater

    Stone men appreciation thread

    More than just a version, per se; many of the symptoms of the Stone men are directly from the book of Leprosy, IIRC--including the shutting down of the internal organs in the last stages of the disease. (It's been awhile, though, so I have to look these up to see if I'm right.) I also recall lack of sensation and a greyish tint to the skin...again, only if IRC.
  4. Bronn_of_the_Blackwater

    Seeking advice on timeline ripples

    True that; but while Tyrion loved Jamie dearly, even when he had the power, he was powerless to expedite Jamie's return. I can't see him making overt, or even subversive, sweeping plays to secure his release any more quickly than Cersi would. And perhaps he figures it's no good just because of that; because Cersi would do anything (in Tyrion's eyes, anyway) to have her twin back, and yet even she lacks for the means to accomplish this. Baelish is far more likely to front such a play, and by far has the resources and cunning to manipulate the pieces; but what remains is his motive. Baelish was a great Master of Coin for one reason; he never factored a negative balance. All net-incomes served some purpose in one fashion or another, and if the ledger ever ran red, he quickly amended the debt to his favor, thereby ensuring a positive net gain. So what it behoove him to steal one Stark to return a Lannister to the Landing? Ah, but one Stark for another, as they say... OFC, he would have to manipulate the events so that all purposes seemed benign to the other pawns , um, brokers, in the transaction, LOL He might even play the Frey situation to a positive net as well, in this regard. 8D
  5. Bronn_of_the_Blackwater

    Seeking advice on timeline ripples

    This seems very un-Tyrion like, though; he's not known for overt displays of aggression, and if he uses his cunning to complete this, his reasons need to be sound and ground in necessity. I'm not seeing what reasons he would have, ATM, to do so. :/
  6. Bronn_of_the_Blackwater

    Seeking advice on timeline ripples

    I hope you haven't played the next Round in your Campaign yet. I signed up to join Westeros Forums in part to discuss this with you. I had to get approved first, though, LOL Anywho; I want to throw some counter-balance to opposing arguments. This is primarily from the vantage point of the books, as I have only gotten partway through the T.V. series. Addressing your initial post and requoting here (without actually using the quote function for purposes of clarity) I will put in bold my replies to each situation. My advice is not issued just from simply being a RPG enthusiast myself; I have been writing stories and crafting worlds for over twenty years now, and despite not being published yet, my stories and writing techniques have received praise, including the professionally published Western author John D. Nesbitt, who taught my English and Creative Writing courses in college. I hope this accounts for something. I should also add that while considering another creator's world, we can never truly know what each character might do in a given situation; that is for the author--and the author alone--to know with 100% complete certainty. What I am applying to my analysis is based on the characters' descriptions, feelings, and actions as contained within the novel. That's all I can offer by way of aid in this matter. Furthermore, I have tagged events that should have been revealed by now but may not have been (book vs. show and all) into SPOILER tags; though I am certain you know all of this already, or most as like. - A PC has married Robb Stark and JUST produced an heir Ths just cracked me up. I would have LOVED to have been part of such a campaign. - Another PC is one of the many bastard children of King Robert Baratheon, he has recently become aware of this, but he has sworn his sword in service of House Stark (mostly the PC who married Robb). Without seeing how the character has been played thus far, I can't offer any definitive advice here, except to note the following; depending on the character, the news may not even be relevant to his life. . If the character is a sellsword--a popular profession in these games, I imagine--he might try to milk that fame for what it's worth. And in Westeros at present, it is worth very little. "I'm a son of Robert Barathon!" "In truth? So am I!" **Hugs** "Brother!" - The Stark girls are safely at Riverrun, and Robb has just returned from his Westerlands rampage (no Westerling seduction, or at least none that has been revealed) This seems simple enough to handle...at present. Just remember that it will affect character development, as Arrya will be nowhere like she is now, based on all she's gone through--and Sansa may still be the vapid, dreamy character we knew from the beginning; except now she would hate her father and sister for taking her from her Beloved Joffery. - With Robb being unavailable at the time, the Freys bargained for marriages to Sansa, Bran, and Rickon. Sansa gets her pick, but with Bran and Rickon supposedly dead at this point and Sansa "flowering" Walder is demanding a wedding happen sooner rather than later This might be more difficult. Sansa's mindset would be much different now about being linked to an 'unworthy' suitor; In addition, heavy thought must be given to how the Lord of the Crossing would consider such proposals (though it sounds like a done deal at present, it might be kept in mind for other campaigns); while we know Frey is eager to get rid of excess baggage, we also know the true situation with the original pact. Frey was open to such a pact for only two reasons in chief; he saw Robb growing in power--becoming a genuine threat to House Lannister--and he had no great affection for the pretentious Lord Tywin. With Robb being already taken, the pact loses the thrust of both its prestige and purpose; Walder Frey was hedging his bets in case the brash young Wolf-King actually secured his claim. He has no such need to stake such claims with Sansa, Bran, and Rickon - A secret betrothal of Arya and Trystane has been brokered (not even Arya knows), but with the lapse in time between the deal being made and Arya's delivery to the Water Gardens (as agreed), news has spread that there has been a betrothal of Myrcella and Trystane. The players and Starks have been assured by the Martells that this is a deception meant to secure a Lannister hostage, but that remains to be seen I'm curious about this. Remember; Tyrion brokered the deal with the Martell's when things were getting desperate at King's Landing. Since it's not at this point yet, it would be a cold day in hell before Cersi lets him pawn of her dear daughter. (I'm assuming, ofc, without knowing just how much has changed. I know you mentioned that events have played out 'mostly' as in the novels, but with so much of substance being modified, ripples should be occurring in all of Westeros from these changes. - Jamie Lannister has remained a prisoner of the Starks. With the girls safely in hand, there was no motive for Catelyn to let him loose. The critical issue to remember here is that Jamie's development is severely affected by this; Other than the facts above, you should assume that everything else has happened, more or less, as relayed in the books (unless, of course, I remember something else that was changed and point it out). With the time for the Red and Purple Weddings approaching, but with rather crucial pieces missing or changed, the question of how things play out has become quite hairy. So please, fellow forum-goers and ASoIaF fans, help me figure out the best way to pull off this convoluted mess. Regarding the Purple Wedding, we have much to consider. Sansa wasn't just 'a patsy,' she was THE Patsy. She was a high-profile hostage, and that made for convenient ends regarding the upcoming wedding. In addition, we must remember that Dontos was NOT the perpetrator of the planned death of Joffery Baratheon-Lannister;