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  1. Agreed, but that was before Jaime broke her heart. Maybe Tormund will play on her vulnerability and make his move while he can? Guess we'll have to wait and see. I just want her to be happy
  2. Gave it a 7, some good, some bad. Jon leaving Ghost didn't bother me as much as a lot of people, although like a lot of stuff it did seem a bit rushed, same as Tormund leaving and the way Jon said goodbye to Sam and Gilly. Sort of, "nice knowing you, don't forget to write, bye!" As others have said, and although I love the three characters, the scene with Jaime, Tyrion and Bronn was very odd. Again it felt rushed and something they thought they just had to put in. Having said that, if it means Bronn not eventually killing them, then that's OK in my book. Plus, it also leaves the possibility that Jaime and Bronn might well meet up on the King's Road, because that's definitely not the last we've seen of him. Enjoyed the opening, all the scenes with Arya, and of course Jaime and Brienne finally getting it on, even if it did end in tears. Odds on Brienne now going beyond the Wall with Tormund? I wasn't expecting the ambush at all, which I enjoyed, and certainly not that they'd kill off another Dragon so quickly. Wasn't bothered about Messi going one way or another. Bad move by Jon telling Sansa and Arya the truth and even worse that Sansa couldn't keep it a secret for longer than five minutes. Man, is the shit gonna hit the fan!
  3. Said this before, but IMO it's not been the same since they moved if from BBC1 to 2, and like a lot of shows that start off really well and then becomes popular with the masses, they aim more for how much money they can squeeze out of it at the expense of the quality of the show. I'll watch the last one next week but definitely won't bother after that. Shame! PS - Polly Walker was much better in Rome
  4. The Daily Mail have picked up some tweets where apparently people think Gill Bigelow might be H, because when Dot was "blinking" the letters to Kate on his deathbed she thought he meant H, when really it was G! Whatever next? Knowing this show though, we won't find out next week and they'll do it as a cliffhanger for the next series.
  5. Knew my Girl would come could in the end Agree about the battle scenes being far too dark and the poor picture quality, especially the Dragon scenes, although it started off well with the torched swords and fireballs. As for the rest, some good, some bad, some a bit silly, but as I always say, it's GOT, so it gets a lot of leeway in my book. I thought the best bit was when it all kicked off in the crypt, although I was expecting one of either Varys or Missandei to die. As always Arya's scenes saved the day, but I just hope that now she's saved the world it doesn't mean she's one of the main characters to die. Also, with Jaime and Tyrion both surviving it now means there's gonna be the whole Bronn scenario, which in one way I can't wait for but in another I'm dreading. 7/10
  6. He does indeed. I was reading on another board that it gets mentioned at length in Season 1, though like you I don't really remember it.
  7. Been listening to lots of different music recently and just can't get enough of these guys. Highly recommended.
  8. "And the public gets what the public wants, but I want nothing this society's got." Spot on, Paul! My favourite band of all time. Weller was and is an absolute fucking genius!
  9. The Virtues - A new drama written and directed by Shane Meadows, (Dead Man's Shoes, This is England), and starring the utterly brilliant Stephen Graham. If you like stuff that's dark, gritty and punches you in the gut, this will be right up your street. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2019-04-18/the-virtues-channel-4-air-date-cast-plot-trailer-stephen-graham-shane-meadows/
  10. Big fan. Just a bookmark to read through later
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