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  1. FB used the word groupie. Again, the DA in Boulder, CO was 100% intent on going after Kobe. The accuser showed up for a rape examination with another mans DNA in her underwear. Her fellow employees and friends said nothing appeared wrong directly after the alleged incident. Is it possible she was money grabbing?
  2. I’d post my rebuttal, but it will just get deleted like last time.
  3. I can remember him during an all star game while he wasn’t in the game and he called a possession in Italian with the commentators.
  4. I believe the Duke Lacrosse team was also accused of rape. Way to jump all over a man when he’s dead.
  5. I live in Stratford,CT where Sikorsky is located. Best man at my wedding is a higher up of quality control on the blackhawks.
  6. If I were this player I wouldn’t want anything to do with the NFL. That Jean case is tragic, and every time I saw a picture of that lady cop I wanted to punch something.
  7. Agreed and it’s certainly going to add to his case. There are those who can never stay healthy. Look at a guy like Greg Oden from the NBA, a game nowhere close to as physical as the NFL. The guy would have been an all-star had he had the ability, and sure maybe a small fraction of luck, to be able to play. I’ve enjoyed this debate though, and I realize it would be hard for me we’re I in your shoes to give Eli my vote. I can honestly say I watched EVERY game in his career, and while he made me wanna set fires a lot of the time, his career is worthy of the hall.
  8. Now it’s some luck? What % of luck? Or does astrological sign play into this?
  9. No, if you saw some of the hits he took even you would agree that it wasn’t “luck” go watch the 11 NFC championship game than talk to me.
  10. Being available is not luck. I’d say it’s more genetic than anything. Peyton didn’t miss many games till his neck problems. I think it’s in your DNA, just like other abilities people have that others don’t. And no, there wasn’t any clamoring to bench Eli in 07, besides Craig Carton.
  11. When you win multiple rings you build up a certain amount of stock, or leeway as you said.
  12. Some people can’t handle facts. Of course he didn’t watch those games in 07 or 11, or if he did he’s just jaded by both times his team lost to Eli and co. People who know what they are talking about have already said he’s getting in.
  13. Your post referenced cheating. Read what you write. That was just a scumbag move by an owner. Not cheating.
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