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  1. Well it’s very hard for me to enjoy much of the ST when much from the OT (which I hope we agree should be the map both trilogies follow) is basically discarded. Say what you want about the PT, besides small things like Obi having Gin as his master ect it didn’t deviate from the what we knew.
  2. Your faith in the ST is disturbing. I think both trilogies had their strong and weak points. The PT, IMO, had superior lightsaber fights and also had the benefit of following a script already written more or less. The ST may be better for the average fan, but for those of us who are invested in the history they just made way to many mistakes that cannot be overlooked.
  3. I’ll have to stick with Stratego, you damn kids and your rock music.
  4. Did anyone say Wolf Hall season 2? Because I need me some Damien Lewis as Henry VIII RN!
  5. your right about 3 and 4 for sure. i would say finish the series. i think 5 rivals #1 as the best in the series. finished the book today. found out a new trilogy is planned taking place after Dark Age. im sure we will see the trilogy completed before Winds is released.
  6. dont know if it was mentioned but Dark Age by Pierce Brown (book 5/5 of Red Rising) just came out and has me so far. about 1/4 through and i have to say it might be the best in the séries, a lot to go though.
  7. I liken DnD to Brian Cashman of the Yankees. DnD had the biggest TV network/budget behind them and could have truly done something amazing with this season. Atleast they included a Dornish Lord on the council, because Dorne matters.
  8. If GRRM writes Stannis the way DnD killed him my mental state will take a nosedive.
  9. Dont forget Xharo, he starved to death.
  10. The snow we thought we saw in Danys vision was rlly ash. Pretty sweet
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