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    Only Targaryens die young.

    Sorry my bad that was someone else
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    Is the Reach that powerfull?

    Being the second largest kingdom, only to the north, the most populous with around 12 million, and by far the most fertile, they are given many advantages. So I would say even during a war in the south or with an idiot ruler *cough*cough*macetyrell*cough*cough, the reach would still be a top 3 most powerful kingdom in almost every situation (except for maybe a mass famine)
  3. Feeling like this would be fun. Maybe through a flashback of Euron Greyjoy. Or perhaps giving more detail on Ulthos....
  4. nicgolightly

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    The dragon has 3 heads
  5. nicgolightly

    Only Targaryens die young.

    Maegor at 35 years in 48AC, having died a fortnight before his name day
  6. With the anticipation of "The Winds of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring", It would be interesting to see one ore two POV chapters from a past characters point of view, such as soldier who died during or before Robert's Rebellion (Though not one of the major characters to the story, such as Aerys or Rhaegar, but rather minor characters often spoken about by others, like maybe Arthur Dayne at the tower of joy, which also could give more closure on Lyanna Stark). It would Probably have to be one of the earlier chapters of the book though.