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  1. Liquid Raven

    Architects in westeros

    I have always wondered if there are well known architects over-seeing the massive structures spanning all over westeros. There is a sincere and legible design ethic for every place in westeros, masterbuilders aren't just building an object it feels like there a sense of design and incooperating different living and battle stations for every city. Take a look at the massive Architectural differences between highgarden and castlery rock, too very different beasts.
  2. Liquid Raven

    Leisure Games In Westeros

    Yes, that's the game I haven't read ADwD yet. I must be dreaming about reading it in the books it must in an interview. Thank you.
  3. Liquid Raven

    Leisure Games In Westeros

    I heard long ago in a book or interview that there was a game in westeros similar to chess and risk. Does anybody know the name and style of the game ?
  4. Liquid Raven

    Deleting topic

    How can I delete a topic?