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  1. Dreadscythe95

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I love both, they are my favorite actually. Imo all the books have their highs and lows in POV's but for me the worst were Arya's POVs in ACOK. The thing with the books is that it depends on what part of his story arc each character is. Rare;y all the characters are in a very inteteresting point of their story so it's kind of expected for some chapters to be less exciting than others in every book.
  2. Dreadscythe95

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    What bold part? xD
  3. Dreadscythe95

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    I always had a feeling that everything is connected with R'llhor and The Great Other. I believe that the Three Eyed Raven, Coldhands, Patchface and Euron are all servants of the Great Other (whoever or whatever that is) and since Oldtown is the source of all knowledge in Westeros he wants to burn the library and all the knowledge the living have for the The Long Night. Brand will become the Night King and Euron is like a puppet-prophet who is reading his coming. The story will change from a game between Houses to a fight between characters from all sides (Sansa, Tyrion, John Snow, Daenerys, Arya, Garlan, Blackfish, Willas, Arianne, Asha, Theon, Jaime, Davos etc) who will all try as heroes to defeat The Night King and his allies but also play the game after he has fallen. Dany will have her Dance with Young Griff and will end up mad and John Snow will kill her to fulfil the prophecy and slay the Night King (a Stark).
  4. It has winter town and there are probably more towns closeby that we don't know yet. The same thing happens with Highgarden, Storm's End, Riverrun and Eyrie/Gates of The Moon. Especially Highgarden should have either a big city or many smaller towns around it, it is the richiest Seat in Westeros with food, crossroads to practically every major port of Westeros and The Reach is the most populated region. So yeah...
  5. Dreadscythe95


    For the lovers of the book material like us it is probably kind of hated. I personaly dislike it since season 5 and hated it the last 2 seasons. I have no hype for the prequel as well because I feel that they chose the worst potential story. For the casual lovers of the series it's just another good series that degraded through the final seasons.
  6. Worldender Bloodthrister It also depends on the house that holds it. For example, I would expect something with Talon for house Aryn, something with Fang for House Martel and something with Thorn for House Tyrell.
  7. Yes but evidense aren't always enough. Look how many people calim that they have seen aliens and they also have "evidence".
  8. Dreadscythe95

    Who got the most screwed over

    Ros played the game and had ambitions. Sansa begins as an innocent little girl that believes to princes with white horses.
  9. You need to realise that the Night's Watch is extremely ancient. The realm uses it mostly to ban criminals and enemies of the state (and defend the North from wildling raids). Considering that, the whole White Walkers/dead coming to life story seems like a fairytale. It's like someone today tries to convince us that Ragnarok is coming. We wouldn't care as well.
  10. Dreadscythe95

    Who got the most screwed over

    I expect them to be will written, like Martin did. Ros was actually a good character. She was the girl that wanted to escape from her small life and become rich but she couldn't handle the corruption, the violence and the game.
  11. Dreadscythe95

    Armies of Westeros and Essos

    The both did this because they needed speed on the cavalry unit and because cavalry is strong fpr ambush. Unsullied are a unit, not an army. Westeros Armies are pretty similar to medieval Europe though so i don't get yout point. As for Byzantines, at the height of their power they had a very strong army with extremely heavy cavalry and liquid fire so yeah they were OP for their time. Dothraki are practically Mongols and they are deadly in open field. The have light cavalry because they rely on skirmish. They have horse archers and light cavalry so that they can harrass heavy infantry, break them and then when they are out of order give the final blow and slay them like sheep.
  12. Dreadscythe95

    Who got the most screwed over

    But he isn't written in an interesting way. He is just there as "the gay person". Ask anyomne the first thing that will come to ther mind about Loras Tyrell in the series and see what they will tell you: the gay character with the clever sister and the badass grandmother.
  13. Dreadscythe95

    Who got the most screwed over

    This was not Homophobia though. He was just completelty dump and showed to that stranger that he was homosexual. That is completely dump to do for someone like Loras. And let's be honest, he was completely cliche. In the purple wedding he and Oberyn martel were exchanging dirty faces just because Loras is gay and Oberyn is bi. His whole gay character is written "in your face" for no reason at all. In the books Martin has handled it 100 times better and made him a very interesting character eventhough Loras homosexuality is just implied in the books.
  14. Dreadscythe95

    Who got the most screwed over

    Loras was ridiculous and a completely different chatacter from the books. And he was a homosexual full of cliches. Do you forget that he was arrested because of him sleeping with that man of Littlefinger? He was also shaving Renly's armpits (lol). He was both cliche and stereotypical. They made his whole presonality revolve around that. Edmiure Tully was AWFUL. They made him stupid. The changes may not affect the series but they ruin the characters we love. In the last episode of the series Sansa told him to shut up for god's sake and he is the Lord of Riverrun. Elaria Sand was a very bad character. Everything she does is completely wrong, like the whole Dorne storyline and she is completely different in the books. Not to mention that she was cringey as fuck.
  15. Dreadscythe95

    An entire royal line wiped out in one battle?

    That's very true. I am from Epirus, Greece. Pyrrhus impact, xD. People say that The two Kings were foolish but the truth is that it was just old against the new, it was very difficult for them to predict all the parameters of the battle.