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  1. Dreadscythe95

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    Man you really know how a siege works? To storm a castle between 3 rivers like Riverrun you need a massive army and you will have massive loses. The Lannisters had already lost one of their two main armies, they were in enemy territory and the enemy had 3 armies after them. If Tywin wanted to take Riverrun he would need to split his army in either 2 or 3 parts and every time he did that the Starks and Tullys would trap them betwen their armies and the walls or Riverrun. There is NO WAY that Riverrun could fall at that point from Tywin. Tywin would struggle to even march on his own Land at that point and that's why he decided to go for the best option, King's Landing.
  2. Dreadscythe95

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    Riverrun cannot be taken by force. He would have to starve them out and that was impossible at that point. Retaking Riverrun was suicide. Tywin wanted to either march for King's Landign and secure The Iron Throne or march back The Westerlands and secure his lands but probably losing the throne, a lot of his House members and the war. This left him with one good choice and that was King's Landing and the Tyrell alliance made it even more obvious.
  3. Then you are reading the wrong story, xD.
  4. There would be no open rebelion if Targaryens had Dragons. Aerys would probably get assasinated but that's it.
  5. Littlefinger didn't want Catelyn, he wanted chaos and opportunities. He doesn't even have a complete plan, he has a concept of how he wants to make his moves when the opportunities arrive. So he tries to create the opportunities. The big idea was to start a conflict between Great Houses and he did by murdering Jon Arryn and blaming The Lannisters.
  6. Dreadscythe95

    Who killed Jon Arryn?

    Yeah I think it is well established at this point that Littlefinger doesn't have a plan about everything, His strategy is to create chaos and then he skillfully plays chess to climb into the ranks of power, wealth and influence...
  7. Dreadscythe95

    Who killed Jon Arryn?

    That also may be yes, a good theory that fits with House Arryn's decay during the events of ASOIAF. The thing is that it was not important for the story to add that much more detail so we will probably never know. The thing is that Littlefinger manipulated Lysa Tully to murder Jon Arryn and so she did, shifting the blame on The Lanninsters and starting the events that would eventually lead to The War of The Five Kings.
  8. Dreadscythe95

    Who killed Jon Arryn?

    I don't think that after you have read the ASoS exposition Martin wants you to approach it like this. The point is that Lysa poisoned him, either through Ser Hugh or by herself. It's probably the second though, that's why he became a knight and stayed at King's Landing while everyone else left.
  9. Dreadscythe95

    What is a "mummer's dragon"?

    It probably refers to Young Griff and imo it can either mean 2 things: 1. A fake Dragon, hinting on fAegon theories. 2. Vary's (mummer) puppet.
  10. Dreadscythe95

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Because it was easier pray. Still a wrong choice.
  11. Dreadscythe95

    This is Lapis Lazuli

    Yes, so you didn't know that Lapis Lazulis was real? It's quite precious as well. In ancient times it was used for blue pigment.
  12. Dreadscythe95

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    It was a clever political marriage. After The Tyrells laid siege to Stroms End it was obvious that the throne would have to contain their might. So Stannis, the man that The Tyrells laid siege to, and who is the second Heir to The Iron Throne married the House in the Reach with the biggest claim to Highgarden. This is a direct hit and insult to the Tyrells since their enemies and vassals have more influence than them on court. The fact that The Tyrells fough against him is the reason that Robert married into the Lannisters in the first place (since he needed either The Lannisters or The Tyrells to rule).
  13. Dreadscythe95

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    The fact that some people claim that Daenerys acted on character the previous seasons is wrong. Daenerys was never written on character. She is awfully written in the series in general tbh.
  14. Saying that The Starks, The Targaryens, The Lannisters and The Baratheons were mutilated the most when Houses Martell, Greyjoy, Tyrell and Tully exist is not right tbh.
  15. Dreadscythe95

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    Guys, Dorne probably has a fleet for naval defense. That's like 40 ships. That's not a marine power though for Westeros standarts. You can't remove your whole fleet from your Kingdom because your ports remain defenseless. Also probably Dorne will have a defensive naval pact with some of the Triarchy (Myr, Tyrosh, Lys), since Dorne is a very important trading market for them.