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  1. That's such an interesting concept (though it makes me sad because Garlan seemed quite fond of Tyrion). I guess when you play the Game Of Thrones...
  2. Dreadscythe95

    Aurane Waters in WoW

    I feel Daenerys is the answer. She will need that fleet soon in Mereen.
  3. They don't even need to rebel, they just change ruler to someone they have more to gain from in the long run. I do understand the lack of motive but there also so muany evidence... We shall see...
  4. The Lannisters were still in control of the crown, financially. As for the motive I think they have a lot to gain by backing up The Targaryens without needing to back up the crown directly. think of it, now that The Tyrells rule, they have to support the crown themselves, during a Targaryen reign, they keep growing on Highgarden like they did before the rebellion. Also don't worry, I don't think you were too harsh man, it's ok. I see your point anyway. The motive is indeed weak at this point but I think we will have more info next book. Maybe it's not such a full conspiracy but they are definitely up to something.
  5. Noooo, I didn't see that coming, xD Because The Old Gods don't work that way,delivering direwolves here and there. Do we even know what the old gods really are?
  6. I do believe that they have control over the reach, the whole betrayal seems a bit off to me as well. The Tyrells have worked hard to make strong bonds in the reach the last 300 years. The thing is that I do believe that Highgarden has a lot ot gain from a Targaryen alliance. Also I don't believe that The Tyrells want to marry Willas with Daenerys, they could be but they could also keep her safe and unmarried there tii Daenerys comes or they could still marry her to Willas andd gain even more influence.Still, I think that they just want the favor of the Iron Throne and not the burden it offers. Under Daenerys rule the Tyrells would definitely have the strongest place on court (with The Martells) and would keep Growing Strong, unlike with The Baratheons that were favoring The Lannisters and Stannis that hated them.
  7. The motive is that after Rober's rebellion the Tyrells have lost a lot of court influence and they also don't have the stability that Highgarden needs. Remember that they are still not loved by many of their bannermen. Under a united Targaryen rule the influence of Highgarden over the realm will be massive. I do believe that The Hightowers are also in the conspiracy but we don't know anything yet about them that implies that.
  8. After finishing ADWD for a second time I have the feeling that something greater than The Martell conspiracy that Martin exposes to us is happening in the South. Everyone that has read ADWD at this point already knows that The Martells are conspiring against the Lannisters to bring back the Targaryens to the Iron Throne. The thing is that after re-reading the books again I think that The Tyrells are also in the same conspiracy. What are the clues? 1. They were both Targaryen loyalists back in the day. This is the weakest point but it's true that both houses supported The Dragons for different reasons back then at Robert's Rebellion even though none of the two really appreciated The Mad King. 2. They are blatantly shown as having a deep hatred for each other (by Martin) on the purple wedding. And they expressed it on the Lannisters and their court many times. If that is not suspicious if you are familar with Martin's writing style then I don't know what is. 3. The whole "Willas Tyrell and Oberyn Martell corresponding via raven messages after the Tourney accident" arc. First of all the incident happened on a period that Oberyn Martell left Dorn frequently and around the time he traveled to Braavos, where Viserys and Daenerys were living with Ser Willem Darry and they signed the marriage pact, promising Viserys the hand of Princess Arianne in marriage. I feel that the whole Martel/Tyrell feud restarted back then just to make the realm believe that they hate each other and not suspect them (considering that both houses are considered traitors for Iron Throne). 4. The fact that WIllas Tyrell, The Golden Rose of Highgarden is still unmarried and he also has a good "excuse" of it. This is mostly explained by the above. We know that Doran tried to keep Arianne unmarried by finding her old husbands etc, probably something similar is happening to Willas Tyrell. Garlan is married even though he is younger and Loras won't marry anytime soon, while Margaery has already married thrice (we will talk about her later). So why is Willas still unmarrried and has also never left Highgarden for King's Landing? 5. The "blaming" of Tyrion Lannister. In ASOS we learn that The Tyrells (Garlan actually) have a strong appreciation for Tyrion Lannister, even acknowledging his part on The Blackwater. So The Tyrells knew that Tyrion was a dangerous enemy when aligned with the Lannisters and a strong ally if he somehow ended up on their side. So what if when Olenna Tyrell conspired with Varys to murdered Joffrey part of the plan was also to blame Tyrion so that then Varys would smuggle him away to Aegon or Daenerys? (which one is still unclear). Tyrion hates The Lannisters now and wants to destroy his own family, that's very convinient for The Targaryen lobby. 6. Margaery's marriages and failures of pregnancy by 3 (almost 4) Baratheon husbands. It seems suspicious that the Tyrells worked that hard to have Margaery end up with an 8-year-old King who can't give her an heir, that is a big problem because it denies House Tyrell permanent power over the Iron throne, except if they don't intend to stay in that position for too long. Which leads to my next point. 7. The routes that House Tyrell has planted on King's Landing in the end of ADWD. By the end of Dragons House Tyrell has almost complete control of the small council, a Queen that can control her young King, an heir as a King's guard member and they almost had strong influence over The North (with Sansa). This means that The Tyrells practically control the crown, they have a strong influence over the Stormlands (once Stannis gets out of the way) through Tommen and they would also have control over the North through Sansa if it wasn't of Littlefinger, yet noone would accept them as kings and they have a lot of enemies everywhere. Still, if someone allied with them, they could practically give them The Iron Throne without even a single fight needed (*cough cough* Daenerys). And if the Tyrells manage to eliminate their Lanniser rivals they also give Daenerys control of Casterly Rock through Tyrion. Also it needs to be noted that Varysplays a big part when it comes to making The Tyrells achieve that levels of power as we saw in the end of ADWD and we all know that Varys is a Targaryen loyalist. 8. The death of Tywin. Tywin dying by Tyrion was most probably a part of noones plan BUT we all know that for some reason Tywin's body was stinking as hell in his funeral which puts suspicions of poisoning. Both The Tyrells and The Martells had a lot of reasons to poison Tywin but whoever did it we know that The Tyrells kind of mocked his funeral, like they expected it. Also the Gardener coin Varys leaves behind makes Cersei even more suspicious and kind of enhances her downfall, which in the end of the day strengthens the position of The Tyrells. 9. Ths suspiciously deadly injuries of Loras Tyrell on Dragonstone. The letter describing Loras injuries is quite suspicious to all the readers. Could Loran have left Westeros to join his Targaryen allies on Mereen (or maybe even Storm's End)? Idk how do you guys feel about this theory and maybe I am exaggerating because of my love of House Tyrell in the books but they seem to me like they do have a deeper plan than just making Margaery queen of westeros and the fact that we get on POVs even though Martis has mentioned before the importance of Willas and Garlan in the story in definitely no coinsidence. What is not clear for my theory though is if Aegon and Daenerys are in the same lobby for the The Tyrells and The Martells and if the two houses are actually fully on the same side or if they are having a race to put a Targaryen first on The Iron Throne. What are your thoughts though?
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    Does Roose love Ramsay ?

    I agree on that. I also prefer a villain with more depth like Roose rather than a bloodthirsty psychopath with no brain like Ramsey so I do hope Roose comes on top...
  10. Dreadscythe95

    Does Roose love Ramsay ?

    I think that he despises him but he still needs him. Roose doesn't seem like a peerson that loves anyone but he still feels like he appreciates intelligence and he probably believes that Ramsay can end their line. It feels to be like there will be a race between Ramsay and Roose for dominion over House Bolton. They just use each other for now but when the time is right, they will try to backstab each other.
  11. Dreadscythe95

    Why do people love Dany?

    Because she is a flawed yet likeable character. People love human charatcers because they make them feel similar and also read from their perspetive, we are all flawed after all. Also it's very difficult to bring something new to the table and actually do the world a better place, so the whole Slavor's Bay reform plot is an interesting enigma for me (and for Daenerys as well). She is awfully written and executed in the show but who even expects much from that series in 2018 anyway?
  12. Dreadscythe95

    Favorite POV Character

    Probably Arianne, Jaimie, Tyrion and interestingly enough Daenerys (who I dislike in the series). I also loved Catelyn because her POVS made me sad and emotional and Sansa/Cersei for the KL exposition (since I love The Tyrells in the books). My least favorite one has to be Arya though, her story is th only one that drags a lot for me, especially in ACOK and ASOS.