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  1. I do believe that Aegon will take King's Landing and be the reason that Daenerys starts cracking but I don't necessarily think that he will ride a dragon (he might but he also might not). As long as he holds the Iron Throne and he is a Targaryen (even if it's a lie) Dany still has to use her dragons to damage her own seat and userp the Throne from another Targaryen. If he gets a Dragon I believe that he will make it through an alliance with Euron Greyjoy.
  2. I feel that the weaness of the Reach is that it's not a cohesive region like The North for example. When it comes to army strnght they are definitely the strongest when you compare the fact that they are the most in number, have some of the best war technology of the time and that they also have massive resources in supplies and gold. As for Aegon, I do believe that he will win against The Reach but it will be because of betrayals and bad decisions. Dividing The Reach between Aegon and Dany is important for the story considering that having a united Reach under Highgarden makes The Tyrells too OP for the point that the story is right now and because dividing The Reach is a great reference to The Dance of The Dragons part 2 that is coming. The Reach is the backbone of a united Wersteros, a civil War between two Targaryens is expected to divide The Reach.
  3. If you use biology then yes, The Tyrells are probably the closest to the Gardeners because of their 10 marriages, with most of them happening in the latest years of their dynasty. In Westeros though they use the Age of Heroes to trace their linages and to sustain the power of the Houses and in that ragard The Tyrells will always have inferior blood to the older Houses of The Reach that are First Men and descent from Garth Greenhand's children. That's why the Tyrells had problems to consolidate their power in the early Targaryen Era (in F&B) and that's why the intermarried a lot in these years with Hightowers, Redwynes etc to strenghten their position in The Reach, something that they manages to do in the latest days of The Targs and during The Baratheon reign. This is somewhat contrasted to The Tullys that never managed to consolidate their power in The Riverlands because their Lands didn't give them the dominance needed to truly subjucate Harrenhal and The Freys.
  4. They don't have that much power to revolt though, Houses Velarion and Celtigar a shadow of their former strength. On the other hand the strength of Storm's End is very important in a War. The fact that he barely went is not what a King should think when creating a small council. I meant that even the Targaryens with Dragon power to back them up were not that naive. These are still 2 small council positions occupied by the King's brother. That's a bad political move. He could give him a "stewart" of trust to help him rule Dragonstone till Renly came of age, that was a common practise. Again, yes the narrow sea islands are strategic holdings but they don't pose a big threat after the decline of House Velaryon. I disagree. He was the second brother and Storm's End was much more suited for him. He could make far better use of the massive strength of the Stormlands rather than just the fleets of the crown. He would also be far more satisfied with it which would make him a better ally. Renly was a better political figure than Stannis anyway and Dragonstone needs more a good politician rather than a soldier since the Castle is gives a lot of prestige and a position close to the capital but not a big fighting force. A King that thinks about a dynasty should. If the Lannisters get overpowered a power vacuum is created and then war is inevitable. The Lannisters will not be the Queen's House in 20 years (as it did happen when the Tyrells challenged them) and then they suddenly are enemies. There should always be balance in the power of The Houses. It's politicaly obvious that Stannis was wed into a Florent as a means to keep Highgarden at bay. Martin has pointed out many time sthat The Florents try to claim Highgarden for themselves and they have the strongest claim of all the house sin The Reach. We also know that The FLorents are not that powerful when it comes to armies compared to other houses of the Reach. We also knwo that The Tyrells fought against Robert and sieged Stannis at Storm's End. It's obvious that this marriage was a threat. If the Tyrells did anything against the crown then the crown would back the Florents up into their Wardens of the South. This may sound good at first but it leaves Stannis with a weak marriage and The Tyrells with a strong reason to never allow Stannis to become King if Robert dies early. If they wanted to follow this policy (with which I disagree since the Tyrells would be far more valuable close allies at that point) I think that marrying Stannis with a Hightower or a Redwyne would be a FAR better option. If the Ironborn Lord gained from this position influence, power and wealth he would not rebel simplyt\ because a fleet alone can't win The Iron Islands a war against Westeros. The Ironborn have the storngest fleet in Westeros and they still lose because they don't have have the resources to have a prolonged war. This means that Robert could take the risk because he could gain a lot more if he actually managed to truly unite The Iron Islands with Westeros more in culture, economy and reliance. The Reader could be a great Mater of Ships (though this could create some problems with the Greyjoys so maybe not). Yes, this is my bad, I somehow had in mind that The Whents fell from power during Robert's rebelion (which is xD). Sorry for that.
  5. Also economy is far stronger when the kingdoms are united.
  6. Robert could have given Stannis Storm's End and Renly Dragonstone. They are Baratheons and not Targaryens, they don't need to follow Targaryen tradition. They should not all sit in the small counsil though. Three Baratheons in the small counsil it too much, not even the Targaryens did this frequently. He should give Stannis Storm's End and the Stormlands and Renly Dragonstone and a position in his small council.Robert shoud also use The Hightowers, The Redwynes and The Tyrells as a means to balance the might of The Lannisters. He should put one of these three houses in the small council and marry a daughter of the others one to Stannis and Renly. Marrying Stannis into a Florent was a very bad political move. He should also add a lord from The Iron Isles to the small council, to keep them divided and prevent rebellions. Rodrik Harlaw would be a great option as he would also be a great asset to the council. Robert should also divide Harrenhall castle and it's lands in two and give half of it to The Tullys and the other half to his secdond son, making a cadt brand of House Baratheon in The Riverlands. This way he would increase House Tully's power and influence over The Riverlands which is pretty weak for a Great House and also add some influence over there himsef. That's what I would do if I was Robert.
  7. Yeah thats true. Cleopatra is very underrated as well.
  8. Keep up the good work man, it's obvious you know a lot.
  9. Honestly, F&B book 1 could make at least 5-6 Seasons alone, xD. Also, it will need massive budget to work tbh. Many Castles that need to bee good this time, many dragons and many armies.
  10. Yeah it feels so Aegon Targaryen and Orys Baratheon. Are you a historian though? You seem to know so much in detail.
  11. No, the biggest theory os that he is the son of Arsinoe and a nobleman, not Philip. The Ptolemies later claimed that the father was Philip to create a bond between them and Alexander the Great, making them the rightful rulers of Egypt. At least thats what I know (fun fact I am Greek but I don't use it as an excuse because it's not an evidence that I know history better than you).
  12. the biggest theory is that he was not a son of Philip but yes there is that claim. Olympias, his mother, would probably have never let him live if he was a son of Philip though since he would be a danger for her son's reign but who knows. What makes this claim stronger is that he stole the body from Seleucus and took it to Alexandria. His son was the one that made the blood claims and burried them together. So it feels more like a clear political move. Anyway the point I made is the same, The House of Ptolemy used Alexander as mythical figure to secure their reign.
  13. I loved F&B so much... My favorite has to be Jahaerys and Alyssane but honestly I loved everything. The Dance of the Dragons is so well written that after I read the last part (where Rhaenyra gets devoured by Sunfire) I saw dragons and fighting in my sleep all night, it felt like a saw a very strong movie, xD.
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