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  1. I don't think it will be exactly like deplomacy but I have a feeling that it will have some similarities with how Hao Asakura is "defeated" in Shaman King. If you have never read that Manga: I feel that Brand's arc will lead him into becoming this god-like nihillistic figure that sees humanity as a virus that needs to be erased (it's probably the response to the Children of The Forest Lovecraftian spell of earing humans). Jon is the SOIAF and so he will guide humans and prove that we can be redeemed. Through this devastation Westeros will pass to a total monarchy (which is what happened in real hsitory) and The Great Houses will probably lose their feudalistic power.
  2. I don't accuse you of attacking me. All I am saying is that you have tunneled on the idea of debating and have completely lost the essence of this debate which is about Quentin. I mean at this point I don't even know what was the argument, xD. Yes, people expect things but from a story perspective some things are kinda more obvious and The Brienne/Jaimie arc is nothing in nature to the Quentin arc, there is no point for Brienne to die there but there is a point for Quentin to die from narrative and a plot perspective. Anyway, it's ok to have reservations, it's not like I am a friend with Geroge and he gives me inside info but with the info we already have I don't think that what you are implying is the realistic approach. Occam's Razor definitely cuts you here.
  3. Yeah, you take this to a personal level but the points I am giving are considered by the big majority of people that have read the books. Everywhere you see the same point. The discussion is not about our subjective understanding of the books but about whaat the book plot guides the reader into believing (at this point). And noone says that these opinions can't or won't be wrong but they are still the perception of the majority, dont' try to make them just my personal belief and make a counterpoint based on that.
  4. Ok this is exaggeration at this point. You just contradict for the sake of the action bro.
  5. There are plot devices bro and also we get Quentin's death.
  6. Brienne was not hanged, she is facing the decision, she speaks before it happens. Jon got stabbed but it's obviosu from the story it's not the end of his character. Quentyn's death was surprising because yes, we all were hoping for him to succeed in some way.
  7. Yes of course. Most people (I've seen) that read the book without being spoiled were surprised by the outcome, including me tbh.
  8. When you follow the POV of the "frog" that struggles to become a prince and has so many expectations on his back you do expect him to follow the hero archetype of overcomign his struggles to rise above. It's not about suberting expectations in a gimmicky way, it's about how life works. Sometimes your life is more like a hero arc and sometimes it ends in dissapointment. Also your assumptions of him living ass a frog is wrong. Frog is used for his looks, not fo rwho he is as a person. WHat you expect is for a person like Quentin to succeed and be loved for more than what he looks. The looks mean nothing but like in real life we all imagine great people as beautiful. Castings in movies usualy contain more beautiful people than reality.
  9. The reasons that the Florents threaten the Tyrells in that part of the story is because they are married to Stannis Baratheon, the brother to the King and the same person they sieged to death at Storm's End. This is not a random marriage either, this marriage was orchestrated by Jon Arryn to keep The Tyrells in line because they stayed loyal to the Targaryens in the civil war. It's a clever way to say that if you dare to rebel or plot against the Iron Throne then The Baratheons will have big reasons to support and put the line of Stannis Bartheon on Highgarden.
  10. You don't antagonise me relax. I found the whole comment bitter towards the author and honestly there is no reason for that. There is no subvertion of the story there if a frog becomes a prince, you understand it very well. If you didn't want to say that in a negative way it's honestly my bad all the way but then I don't understand your comment at all tbh... *Also bro, don't change your avatar for me. I am not an authority in here and I never had a problem with it to begin with, xD.
  11. Cringe an insult? Ok, sorry. I didn't like your arrogance though, that's why it may have seemed a bit more aggresive. A frog can't be a hero since when?
  12. You are cringe if you think beauty is what makes a hero, no offence. A hero's arc is one of redemption, high stakes and overcoming your struggles to rise above.
  13. I don't really like Preston for the same reasons, I am glad you said that. I just thought it makes sense. I don't say it in a bad/negative manner. I personaly don't like the way some people treat the author.
  14. It's in Greek. The video of Preston above does a good research I feel. It makes a lot of sense.
  15. It is unserstood from what he has done ands said during the years. Wait, I will find you the video. Watch this, it's very interesting:
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