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  1. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    Plot, never made sense for Robb to keep him in the dark otherwise
  2. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Tywin knew nothing of the others, but the Red wedding, had it worked out as expected, to bring peace to The Riverlands and for House Bolton to bring peace to the north, which he Roose is perfectly capable of doing imo, then, when the others do breach the wall, House Bolton could put up more of a fight and if the others made it all the way to the Riverlands, Tywin is more likely to aid the Bolton’s than Robb Stark. So it was justified as it was a ruthless way to bring peace and that peace would have lead to a better defence of the realm. Ultimately, Joffrey was poisoned which lead to Tywins death but that would have happened irrespective of The Red Wedding as Joffrey and Maegary were to marry either way to forge the Alliance.
  3. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Robb/margaery pairing?

    Never would happen, Tyrell did not want her to be queen of the North, he wanted her to be queen of Westeros. Besides:
  4. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Denys and Elbert Arryn survive to war of five kings

    Jon still marries Lysa as it was necessary for a war alliance as Hoster Tully wanted one of his grandson' as the Lord of Vale and The Eyrie, and thus, Sweetrobin still happens. Maybe Denys and Elbert can rally the Vale to without the support of Lysa.
  5. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    In the long term The Others are coming south in which case The North will rally to fight them as a common enemy. The South will fight too if proof is provided and if the others do reach the trident, then they definitely will have enough proof, long term, i.e, after the War for the Dawn is over, The Frey's will be fucked, but my point is that the Red Wedding was necessary to bring the north under heel quickly so that if house Bolton has hostages, then the Northern Lords will obey them and when the others come south, they can be dealt with by a stronger North, because lets be honest, will Tywin Lannister ever come North for Robb Stark.
  6. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Will ADOS Be Entirely Dedicated To The Others?

    Ah, I’d forgotten all about what comes after The Others, definitely gonna be interesting to see what happens once all is said and done in the mess that the others inevitably leave.
  7. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Exactly my point more or less, The Red Wedding was a necessary evil, I agree with you.
  8. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    This is my point. Most people like House Stark, Personally, I do myself specifically their history, but every time people try and criticise House Stark, it’s like criticising the Bible to a devout priest. Some people disagree with me as they believe that the Red wedding was disgusting and against the morals of Westeros which is fair enough and if you read above to the replies I’ve made to some, I’ve made my opinion known.
  9. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    1: 9/11 or Mass shootings have no relevance to this, not sure what parallel you’re trying to make there. 2: Had Tywin Lannister stayed alive, it would have restored peace in The North and The Riverlands. Daenerys and Euron and (f?)Aegons invasions would have gone ahead regardless of The Red Wedding and Stannis had already begun his war. War in The North was inevitable either way due to The Others coming south. 3: And Catelyn should not have kidnapped Tyrion. 4: I Agree. 5: If The North could be brang under Bolton heel for a few years, which House Bolton are perfectly capable of doing, or well Roose more specifically, then that would be enough time for the others to come south and when they do, The North will unite against a common enemy, The Others, and hopefully the rest of Westeros too. After that, perhaps Roose and Ramsay can conveniently die and pave the way for Rickon or Jon to rule The North. 6: The Brotherhood of Banners were rebelling in the Riverlands prior to The Red Wedding, I did not expect them to stop but bringing all The Riverlords to heel would allow Royal troops to enter the Riverlands and Deal with The BwB. Hostages from the Riverlords would ensure that there would be no co-operation between the BwB and them. 7: He might have, Wyman Manderly was a smart man and Cersei is Utterly stupid, Tywin would be his equal however and it would be interesting to see who would win between the two.
  10. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    House Stark is my favourite house, it’s Simply my opinion that he had lost and had to die.
  11. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Baelish's plan to the Throne

    It would be impossible for Baelish to become king as people would never accept him as the legitimate monarch and I believe he knows this. He simply want a puppet on the throne and himself as hand of the king and regent with his cronies on the small council and his gold as a way to buy swords and people. And controlling the food to feed people and become popular maybe? Not sure on the food part but doesn’t he also have lords who are in debt to him, that could also be a way to control them and with him as lord of Harrenhal, which is a powerful and respected lordship ,albeit, feared due to rumours of it being cursed, he can legitimately become powerful on the council without people claiming that he was simply some minor lord from the fingers that had risen above himself. He required war to rise up through the chaos. I doubt he planned all that happened throughout the WOTFK however as he strikes me as an opportunist who simply created chaos, then attempted to see which king he should back to benefit himself the most and go from there.
  12. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Maybe, But Catelyn was his own Mother so he could hardly execute her whereas Rickard was his own vassal and making an example of him would have been unfortunately necessary. Besides, hadn’t Rickard already began to make his men leave camp in search of Jaimie, thus abandoning the war cause against the orders of his king. That in itself warrants execution for me.
  13. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Davos Seaworth as Admiral of a war fleet

    He probably wouldn’t have been brilliant nor would he have been terrible but he was under the command and watchful eye of Stannis who was an experienced and Talented Naval commander.
  14. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    The Red Wedding Was Justified. Right, so call me absurd and ridiculous but hear me out. The Red wedding, whilst cruel was justified. The thing is, Robb had lost, and was going back North where he intended to rout the Ironborn from his land and after that, I doubt he’d leave the riverlands on there own in the south. Frankly, it would have been more needless war. Yet, if Robb had passed by Moat Cailin, then it would have been impossible to catch him and for that reason his death was necessary no matter how ruthless. It is my opinion that people only have a problem with his death because House Stark are well like by ASOIAF fans, including myself (As shown my Username), yet because of this popularity, we refuse to accept that he was one person and his death was necessary to ensure that no else died and peace could return. Ultimately, it didn’t restore peace, HOWEVER, this was not because of the Red wedding but because of Joffery’s poisoning and Tywins subsequent death which meant that the realm slipped into Cersei’s hands, but this had nothing to do with the Red wedding, which in itself was a well thought out plan to dispatch of Robb Stark who had no intentions of restoring peace. I know I’m going to rattle a lot of people with this, so please leave your thoughts below as to wether you agree with me or not.
  15. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    There’s probably been a million of these before and if GRRM has already answered this then a link to his answer would be great, but as the title says, do you think we’ll see the doom in WOW or ADOS, and do you want to see it or would you rather it was kept a mystery?