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  1. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    What if! Catelyn-Rickard Marriage.

    Not in the slightest, neither parties would agree to it either.
  2. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Ned Stark and Roose Bolton

    Soo, I know this seems random and frankly irrelevant but I was just curious and couldn’t find an answer. So did ned stark ever visit the dreadfort and roose bolton. Arya recalls Ned taking her to white harbour twice and Jon recalls Ned claiming that he never ate half so well as he did when he feasted with the mountain clansmen so it’s obvious that he travelled to different northmens keeps, but do you imagine he went to the dreadfort as that would be very awkward I’d imagine. Admittedly there’s barely any evidence in the text for my question so just looking for a decent answer, not a definite one, Thanks
  3. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Would you classify Joffery as a pscopath or sociopath?

    I’d classify him as a teenage boy with too much power and a poor upbringing. He was already born of incest but he was also brought up to believe kingship was his right, not his duty. Nurture, not nature in my opinion.
  4. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Did Robert forget to reward Hoster?

    Hoster got various marriages with the north and the vale securing the eastern and northern borders of his kingdoms as well gaining the gratefulness of Robert. Not sure if he got anything else but if I were him I would have asked for a new charter for fair market so it can grow into a larger town to bring further trade up the trident. However overall, he benefitted greatly imo.
  5. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Tywin and The Small Council.

    So in ASOIAF, I vaguely remember that Tyrion thinks that Kevan is Tywins vanguard in council, meaning that kevan will shape the council how Tywin wants the council to go, just as a vanguard would shape the battle in war. So does this mean that Tywin has already decided his plans prior to the council and all of the lords of the small council, That being Randall Tarly, mace Tyrell and patter redywne are powerless? Tyrion thinks as much during the council however I’d like to hear other people’s opinion, Thanks.
  6. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Could Joffrey be Controlled?

    Ah, ty
  7. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Could Joffrey be Controlled?

    Sorry if somebody has done this before. So could Joffrey be controlled or would he have eventually had tears of lys in his lunch or the strangler in his cereal?
  8. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    His beatings of Sansa were pure sadistic cruelty. Or maybe in his messed up mind he thought it was justice?
  9. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Reznak mo Reznak

    I like his name. Reznak mo Reznak
  10. There wasn’t many available brides at that moment, im not sure if mace Tyrell’s two sisters were married at that point either
  11. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    I was stating my opinion that from joffreys POV he was justified as I thought that everyone thought that Joffrey beheaded Ned cos he was sadistic. I wasn’t looking at it from everyone else’s POV, just his, hence why I’m not very active on this thread as I’ve realised that most people agree that from his and his only POV, he was justified, believing that Ned was committing high treason deliberately.
  12. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    High treason over a lollipop lol
  13. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    Different people different rules, but I’d still pardon his subordinates but not Ned. Up to you how you would deal with him but the wall is not sufficient punishment for high treason.
  14. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    And Joffrey pardoned dozens of men sworn to stannis but not stannis himself. Stannis and Ned committed high treason and could not be forgiven but the men under them could.
  15. •Brandon Ice Eyes

    How powerful were House Osgrey?

    The title says it all, how powerful were House osgrey when they were the marshalls of the northmarch.