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  1. Mammoths and Elephants aren’t able to be domesticated however elephants can be tamed and I’d imagine mammoths could too. They could be somewhat useful for hard labour in carrying resources on large construction projects but there main use would most likely be for war. In our own world war elephants, and in planetos as we’re seeing with fAegon and Jon Con, were very dangerous if used properly and I think it would have been a nice touch to have The North use War Mammoths. They’d be fairly useless like war elephants in the wrong hands but when put in the right hands they could disrupt entire legions and decimate cavalry. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_elephant
  2. Littlefingers grandfather is another example of this aswell
  3. Great essay, I think a lot of people underestimate how important symbolism is in ASOIAF.
  4. I like the part about Sybell Spicer being the POV and The Horn of Joramun point.
  5. Westeros will probably be a very different place once all the wars including the war against the others are finished. I still believe that despite how bad the ending to the show was, Bran being king was one of the things GRRM told D&D. Wether or not he changes Bran being king due to the reaction to it is up for debate.
  6. I’d agree or at least understand where you’re coming from about how from Lord Walder’s perspective he had no other choice, if Walder Frey wasn’t an opportunist and let’s face it, a man who GRRM said would’ve betrayed Robb regardless of if he’d have broken his marriage pact once the war started going against him.
  7. He seems like he’d be a good king tbf and I’m not too fussed about him kicking over a cyvasse board as we know what Tyrion can be like as he showed when he annoyed Jon enough that Ghost attacked him. That being said I’ve always felt that he’s only here to be an antagonist to Dany. She’ll end up winning but will be hated for it, maybe burning Kings Landing and the Iron Throne with it - but only by accident as I don’t agree with the Mad Queen theory. One way or another she’ll have to go North to deal with The Others as she’ll be hated in the south and she’ll play a pivotal role in stopping The Others and making peace and even have to sacrifice herself for peace and like Jon, who I also think will have to make a great sacrifice to make peace with The Others, I doubt her or Jon will get the credit they deserve for it. I feel like her story is one of sacrifice and saving people and stopping Euron and the Others fits in with that. Aegon seems like a good kid but ultimately he’s only here to stand in Dany’s way so I don’t really root for him as there’s no point. Also, I’m pretty sure Bran is gonna be King by the end as correct me if I’m wrong but D&D did say that that was one of the big things George told them.
  8. I'm assuming he means skinchanging humans which we've seen to be brutal for the person being skinchanged
  9. A siege of white harbour by Roose would be a disaster. White harbour still has men to man the walls so storming it would cost thousands of lives, a prolonged siege in winter is out of the question and he can’t starve the city because Wyman has the northern fleet to keep supplies coming into the city.
  10. I thought it was spelled out pretty clearly in TwoIaF that the Starks n the first men both practised blood sacrifice by executing criminals before a Weirwood n then hanging the entrails on the branches instead of just beheading them on an ironwood chopping block somewhere random like Ned did. The Starks were said to have been very harsh and done ‘terrible things’ in Brans PoV so they probably practised sacrifice of the criminals as did all the first men probably as shown by the earliest tales of Garth the Green demanding sacrifice which I think is probably true. I’d imagine the practise probably faded after the Andals arrived as it would’ve been looked down upon, however the World book does state that human sacrifice was still being practised in White Harbour 500 Years ago, which is only 200 years before Aegon I, meaning that it would’ve faded away probably not long before Torrhen Stark as Fire & Blood makes no mention of Alaric partaking in the practise. Ultimately, we don’t really know all that much yet until we get more Bran POV’s in TWOW so until then a lot of it is a lot of guesswork as TwoIaF didn’t give us nearly as much info as I thought we were gonna get when it first came out.
  11. So pretty much as the title says: Although I consider it personally unlikely, do you think we will get a POV from an Other? Stephen King did a POV from the perspective of ‘It’ and whilst re-reading his book it got me wondering wether George would ever do something similar? Obviously there are other factors that come into play. Do The Others even have thought or are they hive-minded? Is there thought beyond Human comprehension etc. These are all factors that come into play but those are debates for other posts, so assuming that they are revealed to have independent thoughts, would you like to see a POV from The Others and do you think George will do it?
  12. Interesting part of the extract - why do you think Joffrey was actually pointing at Tyrion?
  13. Because Ned liked the name, i don't see why you have such an issue with it?
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