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  1. Lluewhyn

    George Martin and scale

    Interesting topic. When reading the Wildling Battle at the Wall sections I always roll my eyes at the crude Wildling bows sending arrows 700' up. Bows don't typically fire arrows 700' horizontally, and that's with the advantage of an arc. Firing them straight up kind of has gravity working against you. I can imagine you could probably easily catch any arrows out of the air that made it up that far. The Eyrie was also another interesting case. Yeah, it's pretty impenetrable, but what good are any units stationed there if they have to spend several days trying to get out of the castle structure, through precarious mountain passes? I can just imagine the Vale being invaded while their leaders are too busy holed up to protect their territory.
  2. Lluewhyn

    The Tyrion of Fevre Dream (spoiler)

    Never read Fevre Dream, but I read Dying of the Light. There's a fairly clear proto-Littlefinger in the story named Arkin Ruark, who is manipulating several groups against each other so he can try to get the woman he's in love with. The main protagonist Dirk t'Larien doesn't really have an ASOIAF equivalent, but he reminds me of Pate (not the Pig Boy), mostly because he's so pathetic. Maybe a much less violent Theon from ACOK who drives the narrative by screwing things up for those who were nice to him.
  3. Lluewhyn

    Who killed Jon Arryn?

    Yep. Persuading Lysa to 1. Kill her husband. 2. Pin it on the Lannisters, is pretty much responsible for the war. In fact, there's little benefit to Littlefinger killing Jon Arryn OTHER than the fact that he can blame it on the Lannisters to start conflict between them and the Starks.
  4. Lluewhyn

    Who killed Jon Arryn?

    " It is still possible that Gregor killed Hugh without being prompted to do so, but there could be much more to this whole thing. " I think this is one of the less "smooth" contrivances done in the series. It's meant to come across as deliberate in AGOT, but later events don't indicate that Cersei ordered Gregor to do this (it never comes up in conversation or her thoughts), and Sandor gives sufficient justification that Gregor saw an opportunity to kill the guy and win the match, and so that's what he did.
  5. Lluewhyn

    Tyrek Lannister's personality?

    Is the goal of this question to ponder whether Tyrek fled on his own rather than being kidnapped?
  6. Lluewhyn

    Could this be Tyrek? Or do you have another idea?

    Tyrek is one of those plotlines that makes me curious where GRRM was going. It would be easier to think he had an idea in ACOK but changed his mind later, but Tyrek gets brought up several times over the next few books. There's the theory that Varys will "use" Tyrek somehow to discredit the Lannisters, but I'm not sure how it's going to work in practice, especially since there's no need to additionally discredit the Lannisters in the event of a Targaryen restoration. GRRM killing Tyrek off this way to close the plotline seems very anti-climactic and unsatisfying though. I think it would be better to leave the disappearance unexplained in this case.
  7. Lluewhyn

    Will be Littlefinger get busted by Illyrio?

    Could he bust Littlefinger by reviewing the crown's accounts? Possibly. However, after the Battle of Fire it looks like Daenerys's armies are pointed towards Pentos, and if the Blackfyre theory is correct and Tyrion informs Daenerys, Illyrio may not be living long enough to do any forensic accounting.
  8. Lluewhyn

    Illyrio's Game

    His stake in this is simply that his son becomes King of Westeros by claiming to be Aegon VI, as Argonak has stated above. 1. Tyrion is given fine clothes to wear when staying at his mansion, although they are fitted for a child and haven't been worn in a few years. This is too odd and specific a point to be random. 2. When Tyrion and Illyrio go to visit Young Griff, Illyrio specifically asks about the boy, and brings up the fact that the boy always liked candied ginger. He is also very despondent when he doesn't get to see young "Aegon" himself. 3. When Tyrion asks him about his motivations, Illyrio gives off a glib explanation, which Tyrion sees through and immediately realizes that there's something more than simple money in this for Illyrio. 4. Illyrio pulls out a picture of his late wife, who has Targaryen features. 5. Tyrion points out that the Golden Company is a Blackfyre legacy and has a history of fighting with the Targaryens, Illyrio responds lamely that one dragon is as good as another, and specifically points out that the Blackfyres are dead through the male line, suggesting that it's a woman who had Blackfyre heritage, i.e. Serra. Illyrio scheming with Varys to plant an imposter in the Seven Kingdoms for his own family legacy seems more satisfying to me than simply doing stuff to screw with the Iron Bank, which is pretty far removed from most of the story.
  9. Lluewhyn

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

    Plus the fact that Karstark ordered his entire army (except for basically the wounded) to abandon Robb's cause and go hunting after Jaime (I believe to bring him back dead, no longer useful to Robb). He's really sabotaging Robb's war effort at that point, and that's even before we find out that the Karstark men are going around committing war crimes in the Riverlands, which adds to the sabotaging of Robb's efforts, to put it mildly. If anything, I think Martin whiffed a bit here on presenting the "To kill Karstark or not to kill Karstark" moral argument. There are no consequences to Robb for killing him since the Karstarks had already abandoned the cause at that point. The main point of discussion at that point is whether they could keep the deaths quiet from the Lannisters or not, and Brynden points out that "It is too late for such games". Pardoning Karstark at that point would be even worse. "I'm sorry my bannerman went behind my back and killed your family members who were my hostages. I totally wasn't cool with him doing this, although I did pardon him." IIRC, the only consequence that comes from killing Karstark is the sequence of events down the line that causes Alys Karstark to flee to the Wall, which is a little beyond Robb's concern at that point.
  10. Lluewhyn

    Will ADOS Be Entirely Dedicated To The Others?

    I think it's certainly possible that we're going to see a lot less White Walkers and Wights than people are expecting, but not sure. I could see the possibility that we might get something like double the amount in ASOS (which has the most), but that still only provides a backdrop for what's happening with the political and personal. Much like many zombie films/stories, the supernatural frames the conflict, it doesn't always dominate it.
  11. Lluewhyn

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    And that is the great irony, is that the Starks believe that the Lannisters are on the verge of starting a war and/or coup, thanks to Littlefinger. Since Tywin doesn't know about this, in his mind the Starks are the ones starting a war and/or coup, and it escalates from there. I think this adds to the richness of the story, that the war's somewhat of a misunderstanding caused by a schemer. That being said, I think it's awfully convenient how ready Tywin was to start the war and aid in the Lannister's efforts despite not being part of Cersei's conspiracies (because she can't tell him the important details).
  12. Lluewhyn

    Size and travel times of Westeros

    Well, I thought of that topic when it comes to Amory Lorch attacking the Night's Watch recruits. Yeah, he pillaged and murdered, but lost a number of men doing it. That goes for every other raid that he or Gregor does in the Riverlands with people who fight back (presumably better than a bunch of unskilled peasants defending an easily climbed 10' or so high wall). At some point, attrition should kick in and there are no reinforcements, so this army is getting smaller and smaller.
  13. Lluewhyn

    Size and travel times of Westeros

    How much time passed between Lord Tywin's "retreat" from the Red Fork and the "Battle of the Blackwater"? At what point between these events did Catelyn's last chapter occur? This is actually one of the things that bothers me in the story, although it's more than just the nitty-gritty details like distance and time. Tywin Lannister's army has been sitting out in the field for months, and while initially successful, has suffered significant losses including one of their generals and his army, AND the loss of the army back home meant to reinforce them. They march to return to their homeland, and suffer another devastating series of losses after a week of battle trying to cross a river. Then they find out that right after they left their one stronghold in the region, it was recaptured by enemy forces. So, you have an army who's spent months in enemy territory, has suffered catastrophic loss after loss, has no remaining base of operations or known ability to return home.......and then they force march several hundred miles in the opposite direction to make it to the Battle of the Blackwater (after a detour in Bitterbridge).
  14. How dare you theorize something that thematically makes sense as opposed to just being an obscure easter egg? I'm going with Illyrio for my #1 pick, with Varys as a #2, although Illyrio has more direct connection with Daenerys for her to even be in a position to trust him. The "Stinky Steward" is just GRRM being deliberately comical with a red herring.
  15. Lluewhyn

    Timett will steal Alayne

    Yep to the waste of time. George is already having trouble trying to get everything on page that he needs to do to wrap up most of the plot threads he's created. Sansa's story has also been criticized for not allowing her enough agency (although not as bad as the show), and she's finally starting to gain some again. A plot where she gets kidnapped and taken to the wilderness adds nothing to Sansa's story or character development, wastes precious time (book pages), and turns her back into Plot McGuffin for other characters to deal with. No thanks.