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  1. Brazenburn

    Predicting the Future of Characters

    Hizdahr is murdered by Victarion. He reveals the identity of the Harpy in his dying moments. Victarion arrives just in time to save Barristan's forces from being crushed in the Battle of Fire. He kills Hizdahr and then is assassinated by the Sons of the Harpy. Xaro will die in the Battle of Fire, probably killed by ironborn. Jorah never gets back to Danaerys. He rides out to search for her and is eaten by Drogon. Brown Ben escapes and buys a palace in Tyrosh. He dies a very rich man. Belwas recovers from the poison and leads the main counterattack against the Qartheen armies at the Battle of Fire. The House of Black and White follows the same path as Pyat Pree's warlocks: destroyed by Danaerys. Penny hangs around with Tyrion, but there is no romantic attachment. The Green Grace is revealed to by the Harpy and is killed by Grey Worm. Grey Worm kills the Harpy and starts a sellsword company with his Unsullied. Barristan is killed in the Battle of Fire. The Shavepate becomes the king of Meereen after Barristan and the Green Grace die. He throws all of Danaerys' supporters out of the city, but is killed himself by Qartheen warlocks.
  2. Brazenburn

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Victarion isn't that bad. By modern standards, he's screwed up, but as somebody hailing from the Iron Islands, he's only slightly more psychotic than the average warrior. Euron? No question. He'd pretend to have some sort of social disease until he got bored and cut the therapist's throat. The Martells don't really have any problems. Unless you count the Sand Snakes, but they're beyond help.
  3. Brazenburn

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Tysha is in Lys, maybe? Where whores come from could also be where they go. 2. Not sure. 3. The Harpy is obviously the Green Grace. 4. Jon's mother is some tavern wench, probably. I never believed the Targaryen theories. 5. Aegon is Connington's bastard son. 6. Big Walder killed his brother, IMO. 7. Not sure. 8. Coldhands is Benjen Stark 9. Not sure. 10. Azor Ahai is likely a demon from Fallen Valyria.
  4. Brazenburn

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    I'll disagree slightly here. Catelyn? Yes, the blame for the war is clearly unjustified. Cersei? No, no, no. Although probably not the entire cause of war, she certainly escalated it by orchestrating Robert's death. Sexism of course exists in the fandom (where doesn't it?) I think it sidesteps the issues to claim the the Sansa-hate is completely motivated by sexism. Sansa simply isn't a very good character, at least at first. Later on, she's definitely getting better, but I absolutely could not stand to read her chapters in AGoT. So boring and childish, and nauseatingly saccharine. Even when it was obvious that Cersei was a raving psychopath, Joffrey a sadistic and whiny little shit, and the other people in King's Landing (excepting Littlefinger and Varys, of course) are absolutely clueless, she still basically trusted them better than her own father, who is basically the most trustworthy character in the series. Same goes for Catelyn: I don't like her because she is absolutely horrible to Jon ("It should have been you") and also seems incapable of trusting anybody after Ned dies. People were shocked when they see what she becomes in Lady Stoneheart, but I honestly just saw it as the final manifestation of paranoia and bitterness that she'd been expressing since ACoK. Not that I have anything against female characters; I love Danaerys' story arc more than most other characters (yes, including Meereen) and Arya always gets me excited. Plus all the minor characters: Gilly earns honorable mention for Most Interesting Minor Character (after Belwas, of course) in my book. I just get pissed when people throw around "sexism" as a rebuttal for a sub-par character being denounced as such.
  5. I think it is kind of interesting... sort of... I really enjoy the Barristan chapters, less so the Danaerys ones. IMO the Shavepate is one of the most interesting characters in the series, and I really want to know more about those Pit Fighters!
  6. Brazenburn

    Mapping ASOIF characters by D&D alignment

    I meant Dungeons and Dragons, an RPG from the late eighties that is still popular today. It popularized the alignment system used as a thought experiment here. I never knew it referred to something in GoT, my apologies for the confusion. I've never even watched the show.
  7. Brazenburn

    Mapping ASOIF characters by D&D alignment

    I think Jon is LG, but he thinks in the long term rather than being detail-oriented. Most of his early oathbreaking (Ygritte, killing Qhorin Halfhand, marching with the wildlings) was in order to preserve the Watch and the ideals it stands for. And he was actually following orders to do so. That said, I'll concede the point about preparing to fight Ramsay. That also proved his downfall, and I'm praying GGRM doesn't succumb to the temptation to resurrect him.
  8. For those who aren't familiar with the system, it essentially breaks a person's "alignment", or personal moral and ethical code, onto two axes: Law/Chaos and Good/Evil, with neutral measures in between those extremes. I was wondering how people would align characters in such a morally ambiguous setting according to the alignment system. Here's some to start with: Ned, Jon, Brienne: Lawful Good Varys, Tyrion, Bronn: Neutral The Mountain, Joffrey, Ramsay: Chaotic Evil
  9. Brazenburn

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    I'm going to throw in House Baratheon. Stannis is pretty obviously bitter about Robert giving Storm's End to Renly, Robert doesn't quite understand or care that Stannis is angry at him, and Renly just doesn't give a ****. None of them are psychos like Euron, Cersei, or Ramsay, though, so there's probably hope of working it out. And just imagine what could have happened if Robert had been surrounded by trustworthy allies instead of Littlefinger and the Lannisters. Could the entire War of Five Kings have been averted?