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  1. HamSandLich

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Because most Maesters make a point of trying to keep their histories as mundane and bowdlerized as possible. Giants aren't magical, but they are fantastical, while the Children are innately supernatural, they don't fit into the orthodox Citadel's worldview in the current era of the books. In-Universe, TWOIAF was "written" by Maester Yandel shortly before 300AL and his writing style and research reflects the Citadel's views at that time, while F&B was written by archmaester Gyldayn during the reign of Aegon V.
  2. Daemon appears to have mellowed with age(or at least become more focused in his ambitions), but he always was vicious, ruthless, and cruel. Its a bit of black humor, but his time with the Gold Cloaks makes him look like a Lawful Evil version Sam Vimes from Discworld. His interactions with Nettles are weird, like really weird, given his previous behavior. Makes me wonder if Nettles was actually his daughter instead of his lover, though its unlikely(and I wouldn't put it past Daemon to try and sleep with her regardless)
  3. HamSandLich

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    Fittingly, the Ancient Egyptians are infamous among archaeological circles for constantly revising their own history. Taking credit for or destroying their predecessors tombs and monuments, Pharaohs scratching out their predecessors names on tablets and writing their own. It makes dating things a bit difficult at times. Even Ramses' victory at Kadesh is disputed, because he never actually took the city of Kadesh, and Hittite documents from the time record it as a Hittite victory over the Egyptians.
  4. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    They came from Valyria, squicking people out is what Old Valyria does
  5. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    Well, there are accounts of wild dragons living apart from Valyria (as far north as Ib and as far south as Sothoryos), as well as the legends of Asshai stating that the Valyrians learned dragonlore from another race and that dragons originated in the Shadowlands.
  6. HamSandLich

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    I never disputed that. But there were theories that I came across saying that the Farwynd's rumors of being skinchangers spring from the possibility that they're related to the Starks via Brandon the Shipwright. I never considered the Farwynds to be actual skinchangers though, the rumors come from from the Ironborn, and most of what comes out of the mouths of the Ironborn is BS.
  7. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    I'm not saying you're wrong here(because you aren't), but from a strictly biological perspective, Aerea would have died of starvation long before her body could burn enough calories to actually create smoke. I believe the worms were inducing a response from her inherent dragonlord nature, ramping up her internal magic to the point where she couldn't handle it (lots of RL diseases take advantage of the direct immune response). They drive her magic out of whack, they feed off the heat that she creates. Its possible that the Dragonlords created these things as symbiotes in an attempt to acclimatize themselves to greater levels of heat or augment their pyromancy, but the experiments themselves were incomplete when the doom occured. Alternatively, the worms could have been conceived as a method of torture given their pyromaniac tendencies.
  8. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    For the Stone men thing, its a bit of a stretch. Its a condition with supernatural connotations that induces physiological change, the similarities begin and end there. You could say the same about lycanthropy(though it doesn't exist in ASOIAF) and the Stonemen are were-rocks. Sure, you can make the comparison, but its not a narrow comparison. Aerea's flesh wasn't transmuting into fire, her insides were being set on fire. As for the Others, i'm of the opinion they're their own people, as the Giants and the CoTF and whatever the hell built the Seastone Chair.
  9. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    Euron claims to have been, as dubious as those claims are. But Euron is a monster in human skin, perhaps the abominations in Valyria sensed in him a kindred spirit, or a predator more even more twisted than them. Euron's been steeped in magic for years though, ever since his flying dream, perhaps he picked up ways of protecting himself in Qarth or Asshai
  10. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    Silverwing won't cross the Wall, Jon's Warg bond with ghost is disrupted when they're on opposite sides, the Others' necromancy doesn't raise those who die south of the Wall(though if Crows bring over wights on their own, they still function, but they gradually lose function the further they are from the Wall), Coldhands can't cross. Tangentially, Brandon the Builder apocryphally was the architect for Storms End, which explicitly won't let Melisandre's shadowbinding cross its walls.
  11. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    That's a given. Westeros, which, up until Jaehaerys came along, lacked anything resembling centralized law. Even the "First Man and Andal Tradition" of male primogeniture was likely ignored countless time throughout the years. As for uncles coming before daughters or vice versa, Westeros seems to flip-flop a lot on that. There are records of even the Starks marrying uncles to daughters, but we don't know how said pairings were received by the majority of the population
  12. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    Visenya was Aegon's elder, but her younger brother was Lord of Dragonstone and was given the bulk of the (official) political power
  13. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Rank the rulers

    Jaehaerys and Alysanne may not, but other feudal lords certainly would. Its what Tywin thought of Cersei, its what Brienne's father thought of her, and even if they were more than just marriage prospects, countless lords have still used their children as political capital. The Lords of Westeros are not going to risk their lives in a war with Lys to "save" Saera, not if the justification is, "Alysanne wants her daughter back". Many of them won't want to marry their sons off to her (because the paternity of her children would be in question), many of them won't enjoy seeing her pit their sons against each other in honor duels for her "favor." Politically, Saera is bad news. Whether they marry her off or keep her at court, she's going to cause an incident one way or another, and its going to reflect poorly on the dynasty. In Lys, she's outside of Westeros' political and social scene and can cause minimal harm.
  14. HamSandLich

    [spoilers] Aerea

    Given that...unwholesome experiments involving human reproduction are referenced occurring in both Valyria and Gogossos, I think they're attempts by the dragonlords to fuse men and fireworms, for what purpose I don't know (given what we know of them, they could have done it for the lulz). Hell, the concentrated bad juju in Valyria could have warped previously mundane creatures into monstrosities.
  15. HamSandLich

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    Well, it weakens the theory (which I never subscribed to) that the Farwynds are descendants of Brandon the Shipwright.