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    What is your theory on The Others?

    I think they are a weapon created by the CotF to use as a last ditch mutual destruction end to the war. The Bran quote about how men would be wroth, but the Children sing sad songs always made me suspicious of their magic. In the World of Ice and Fire, in the history of the Reach, there is a brief mention of Mern III The Madling, who showered gifts and honours upon a 'woods witch' (similar to Arya's, perhaps?) who claimed she could raise armies of the dead to fight the Andal invaders. The Children use nature magic, and the Others seem to embody that themselves. The fact that the Children are said to have helped Brandon build the wall associates them with ice-related magic, but that is legend and some or all aspects may be warped or false.
  2. Because he would have been a better Lord of Winterfell. Which is more important for a leader to do; to respect the people they rule over or ensure their prosperity? For example; Tywin Lannister didn't advance the interests of his house by honouring any respectable moral code. He did it with violence and ruthlessness. Perhaps Brandon would have more aggressively pursued the advancement of House Stark in a way that Ned simply was not willing to do.
  3. SerGordon

    Summer eating wights

    When discussing the books with people in my circle, a common comment made by people is the wordy detail of the different foods and feasts. I've always thought the Long Night would come and we'd get equal focus put on eating rats, leather, and the corpses of their peers but never even considered humans would eats wights. That is pretty interesting and creepy.