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    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Hiya, @Feather Crystal! I will be happy to, except that I’m sometimes not sure what the puzzle “rules” are, because they change from puzzle to puzzle ... sometimes, as I said, it’s a straight letter-for-letter anagram, sometimes letters are left over (or I’m not getting the puzzle right!), sometimes it seems you have to re-use a letter or two ... okay, bor-ing! Leave out the tech-y details & get to the good stuff! WINTER IS COMING I’m still working on it, and using it as a straight anagram, I get: COMET WIN RISING ... or, if you add a “D” (which I think might not be a “legal” solve, to add a letter that isn’t there), you might get COMET WIN(D) RISING. Moving it around a little, I can also get COMET SINGR WIN, but that doesn’t use all the letters — but “COMET SINGER”?!?! Earth singers, Moonsingers, Stormsingers ... well, why the hell not. And, further fooling with it, I can get COMET SWINGR, which I don’t think is right, but *could* be, in the sense of the theory that the comet was “steered” into (one of?) the moon(s?). So I’m still noodling with this one. **** The more interesting one to me is Mance Rayder. The name itself is an alternate spelling of “manse raider,” which is what wildlings do — raid the manses (mansions, castles, holdfasts, keeps) of the South-of-the-Wall Northerners. When I first read the name, I thought the alternate spelling of “raider” was weird, so off I went ... at first, all I could get from it was the last name “DAYNE,” but I couldn’t make anything of the rest of the letters, so I just shrugged it off as coincidence. When I came back to it by accident weeks later, I realized that I wasn’t using his “full” name: THE MANCE RAYDER, which gives you a bit more, albeit with an alternate spelling & 3 leftover letters: ARTHER DAYNE (leftover M, E, C), but the misspelling bothers me & it's not as if GRRM has never used a bit of red in these many herrings, carefully spilled! But then, a couple of days (Daynes, heh) ago, I went back & looked again, because of reading one of the essays on HOB&W or Last Hearth, where Mance is all raven on top & shaggy mountain goat below, & is referred to as a “divine predator.” And here is the eye-opener: going back to just MANCE RAYDER, I get the following!: AER MANCER, with leftover Y & D. AEROMANCER! Of course we knew he’s a Storm Lord! So, I have NO flippin’ idea whether Mance is Arthur Dayne, Rhaegar, “or Moonboy, for all I know,” but he is of the Storm. **** I am working on more, Feather, but while I have your attention, I need to ask you a question. I believe it was one of your essays (?) that said that the “North is upside down and under water,” and that everything had flipped places, and suggested imagining the Wall as a mirror reflecting all of Westeros backwards, etc. This, obviously, blew my “scatterbrain” into even *smaller* shards. So I took a mirror and my big map of Westeros from the LOIAF Map Set, and looked in reverse, then folded the map down the center longitudinally, so I could see what you (or another OP?) meant by a location in the West of Westoros having swapped places with another in the East of the continent ... my poor map, ha ha!! I was holding it up to the light, folding it, laying it down on the bed with the mirror across the Wall section, using push pins & string ... well, not that last part, but seriously thinking of buying some! But as I told you, I read a bunch of your stuff here, on HOB&W & LH, and I really admire the work. But I was reading it scattershot, not in any real order (I’m not really used to forums, & kept chasing links until I’d forgotten where I started & who had written what). However, you folks have shown some rare brilliance, & I wonder if you could re-direct me to where it might have started? I was so blown away by the deep work you & your group were doing that I had to read it, step away when it got so confusing I was trying to draw diagrams, then let it percolate for a while, then come back to have mind. Totally. Toasted. AGAIN! So, what I’m asking, do you have a link to that first essay, or is it better to hop on over to HOB&W and just re-read them (with map and mirror handy, of course!)? Is there a preferred order? I love your notion that the wildlings are the Others, which I saw here recently. I haven’t read much here on W *except* Heresy, but I did see that thread, which Fattest Leech had compiled from her Nymeria thread. Keep the analytical great stuff coming, & I will provide the entertaining little nuggets! Cheers to you, & thanks!
  2. Hot Water

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Hello again, Heresy. When I posted for my first couple of times yesterday, I said that I had discovered that many of the nobles’ House Words seemed to be word puzzles — straight-up anagrams, encodings (where a word(s) or name(s) are hidden in a larger word or phrase, with letters left over), puns, or some other form of puzzle. I discovered the first one in the “Andal” Arryns’ House words: AS HIGH AS HONOR ”Asshai” — taking first “AS” from first phrase word “as”; second “S” from third phrase word “as”; “H” from second phrase word “high”; second “A” from third phrase word “as”; and final “I” from second phrase word “high.” “Ghis” may also be found from “GHI” in second phrase word “high”; “S” in first phrase word “as.” Starting again from complete phrase AS HIGH AS HONOR, There are two variant spellings of “Azor Ahai”: Using the technique above (pulling letters from different words in phrase), you can find: ASOR AHI or ASOR AHHI. [N.B.: One can do these puzzles with pencil and MANY sheets of paper, but I finally broke out the Scrabble letters & pushed them around on a tabletop — much faster!] That was the first one. The next one, which I’ll go into below, is the one that made me sit up suddenly with astonishment, and engendered only another million questions. If you would kindly go to the wiki and look up the shield and words for House Flint of Widow’s Watch: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Flint_of_Widow's_Watch , you will note the blue eyes on a yellow field, over whitecapped waves. Their House words are “EVER VIGILANT.” After a while, I got a phrase with only one leftover letter (so not a true anagram, but close). The phrase is “VEELA VIRGIN.” er ... WHA-AA-AT?!?! Harry Potter-heads will remember the word “veela” from HP4 — The Goblet of Fire. They were the gorgeous, faerie-like female students of Beauxbatons, another Wizarding school. But the name, usually spelled “Vila,” is a type of Slavic Sidhe — whee! (I love this because I’ve been following all the Celtic mythology in ASOIAF with great fondness, as on my Dad’s side I’m all British/Scots/Welsh/French, so I was recognizing a lot of GRRM’s inspiration. But on my Mom’s side, I’m Polish/Lithuanian, so the discovery of an homage to Slavic mythology was double fun!) However. The “Veela Virgin” monicker is making me think of Brave Danny Flint and the “social integration reward” she received at the Wall for passing male. I had thought Danny Flint was from one of the mountain-clan Flints, but they are all from the same original House. And I’m wondering now if, like so many other mysteries in this infernally wonderful series, the Danny Flint story is connected to the 13th LC Night’s King story. Old Nan says, “Mayhaps [the Night’s King’s] name was Brandon,” but I wonder ... specifically, I wonder about Ygritte’s flinching and her comment, “An evil name,” when she learns that the name of the cute crow flapping around her is Jon Snow. Look at that — Jon Snow and Danny Flint may have appeared together at The Wall for a limited one-generation show! Don’t they just make the cutest FrostFest King and Queen?! Until the jealous Brandon the *Breaker* split up the happy couple ... This is kinda disturbing, given all the references to eugenics, DNA manipulation, and making “terrible half-human children” who are both “godlike, or demonic” (like the description of the Five Forts in Essos). ~shudder~ (Lyanna’s blue rose-crowned statue, eyes weeping blood — you definitely DON’T want to be “The Mother of GOd” [intentional double capitals in “GOd”] in THIS universe! “Divine predators,” indeed!) Anyway, here are some links describing the charms and dangers of the Vila: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernatural_beings_in_Slavic_religion ; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samodiva_(folklore) ; and And one more, for fun: The Hightowers, whose shield shows their lighted beacon tower, and whose House words are: WE LIGHT THE WAY. This one is a perfect anagram (all letters used), and it’s hilarious: THE WIGHT WAYLE. Yes, really. Not only an homonym for Moby Dick’s “White Whale,” but also a sort of confirmation of the location where a certain horn will be blown to, er ... “stir up some shyt.” The WIGHT WAIL. Euron-pocalypse Now. Well! This was long — but fun (for you as well, I hope!). There are many more like this, and not just in House words. Some are in false-identity names, like Arstan Whitebeard. Mance Rayder is also an interesting one. And now I shall return to my Scrabble letters, because the Starks seem to have a very alarming encoding! Cheers, all.
  3. Hot Water

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    I love me some Zena! My nieces learned how to reproduce that sound (I was so jealous) ... and: Zena’s ululating, just like Mirri Maz Duur did at Drogo’s pyre! (The word “ululate,” “ululating,” etc., however, is really unpleasant and sinister-sounding. Scares moi. ) Completely off-topic. But <3 Zena.
  4. Hot Water

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    I would be in favor of Heresy 214, “The Search for the Last Hero — er, Last Heretic!“ @BlackCrow was the reason I kept lurking the Heresy boards for three months, because I learned more from this thread than any other. I think it should be opened by a guest host, but using one of BC’s intro posts ... ... followed by a plea to pleeeeze come back, Sir! I haz cookie for you!
  5. Hot Water

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Hello, Feather Crystal! You won’t know it, but I’m already a fan! I’ve read your work on inversions & echoes, across 3 forum sites, along with some of the Unraveling the Wheel and Bran the Timelord material you’ve done in conjunction with LynnS and PrettyPig (couple of others, but I get your usernamesconfused between different forums. I actually have worked out a LOT more of the House Words puzzles, but I totally feel that it’s not fair to go, “Look what I found out!” before giving the other person the fun of figuring it out themselves. Also, it’s not really Heresy, although the puzzles do give off more than a pleasing aroma to the story. So when I get my confusedness tamped down some, & learn threading & spoiler-tagging, perchance I’ll start a new one (or maybe contact @Seams &/or @RavenousReader?; they’re the wordplay folks). Thanks for your reply and welcoming words, @FeatherCrystal! <3
  6. Hot Water

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Oh, please don’t tell me Heresy is dying a slow death, not when I’ve been reading all the threads since I discovered its very first iteration, “The Wall, the Watch — and a Heresy”! I’m now up to Heresy Spirit of ‘76. I tried skipping from about H50 to H150, but you guys were way ahead of me, so I humbly went back to H76. But every now & again I peek ahead to a random thread, then jump back to follow along the thread’s (impressively long!) timeline. So I finally signed up the other day, because in my reading through the books & the almost 76 Heresy threads, I have seen the innumerable (well, lots) references to “a thousand years ago” and Bryn Rivers’ “thousand eyes and one.” And it occurred to me: 1000 binary = 8 decimal The number of sides on the domed “kitchen” at the Nightfort. The number of members of the Fiery Hand guard at the Temple of R’hllor in Volantis — never more, never fewer. The number of planets that existed (assuming Qarthine two moons theory to be true) before the original “breaking of the world.” Other examples, but this is my first post & I’m typing on phone. 1001 binary = 9 decimal Odin’s (and by extension, TreeBryn’s) number, traversing Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds, riding his eight-legged Ice Spid—, er, sorry ... Steed, Sleipnir. And probably other examples. But I don’t think these two binary-to-decimal equivalences are coincidental. I don’t know what it means, unless something to do with the timeline? And here is a second thing I noticed, also maybe timeline-related. This may have come up before, & if so I apologize. Why is it that the supposedly “pure Andal nobility” Arryns have House words (“As High as Honor”) that bake in both the place-name “Asshai” and two variant spellings of the descriptive name Azor Ahai, “Asor Ahi” or “Asor Ahhi”? (Actually, this may be an incomplete anagram. I’ll have to fiddle with it some more.) And may I just finish this first post off by saying that I’m glad I did finally make the leap & ask my damned questions! And I have discovered SO many puzzles — I don’t just mean GRRM’s puns like green sea/see and Patchface’s “under the sea” being an anagram for “undeath seer” — I mean, check out the different Houses’ words. I can’t do theories & complicated analyses. I’m left handed, have ADD and (mostly cured) dyslexia, so I literally CAN’T see the forest — I’m too busy memorizing every single tree ... scatterbrained! I applaud those who can, with many bowdown emojis. I just discovered the House Words puzzles. Not gonna hijack Heresy any more than that (although there might be one relevant House to Heresy and the Morrigen cookie / Others’ Sidhe inspirations). Thank you for reading. Cheers, all! ETA: Oh, dear, I did not realize that @BlackCrow hadn’t been on-scene lately! I hope he is okay — his Morrigen cookie and the Sidhe-like Others are what began my own journey of discovery! Come back, Lord Commie!