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  1. mactwist2

    Raymond E. Feist’s The Riftwar Saga

    I didnt particularly like all the gollum stuff but in general i loved em.
  2. mactwist2

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    I dont even count season 2 as true detective lol. I guess it doesn't count for the mini-series reason as well.
  3. mactwist2

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    Haven't seen the majority of those shows but you did list some good ones. I'm one of the few here i guess that rank GOT top ten so you're good there. I wouldnt really put comedies in my list but here are some that would be in my top ten in no particular order: Breaking bad Game of thrones True detective The sopranos The rest I'd have to think longer about. Those are clear though.
  4. mactwist2

    Most filmable adaptation

    Ya that alone tells me that guy needs to stay away from fantasy. Crap movie.
  5. mactwist2

    The Long Night Casts Two Leads

    I think they are doing this the right way. If you are going to make a prequel make it thousands of years before that way you have creative freedom. Everything they "know" is word of mouth or what someone wrote down which means it can actually be far different. There can be more dragons/magic/etc. They get to shape it. The weapons can be inferior and whole societies can basically be barbarians. As long as they put the effort into it I have faith in HBO making this good. Will it be as good? Nah but it can still be good.
  6. mactwist2

    Raymond E. Feist’s The Riftwar Saga

    I've read quite a bit of fantasy but haven't read ASOIAF or LOTR but Game of Thrones and The Lord of The Rings filmed are both better than anything I've ever read fantasy wise. I've read Wheel of Time, The Black Company (Not all the way), First Law Trilogy, started Malazan, and tried numerous others and while fantasy is my favorite thing to read if it's adapted well I like it more as a visual medium. Perhaps my imagination isn't as good as yours.
  7. mactwist2

    The Witcher on Netflix 2

    Yeah I mean if the show does well I reckon that's what's going to guarantee he'll stick around. I never really thought much of him but I never thought he was bad in what I saw either so good pick I suppose. Actors do shows and do movies and such in between anyways so I don't think it's really that big a threat. I've seen Emilia Clarke in a movie since GOT started and I know she's been in more. She was even in that Solo A Star Wars one. I know she's not the only one I'm just saying even if you are the main star you can still act in other stuff, you basically just can't really commit to another show unless it's like a mini series.
  8. mactwist2

    The Witcher on Netflix 2

    I think i heard season 1 will be eight episodes so that's what 3.2 mill? That's quite a bit forthe first season before they know if they have an audience. Kinda expected though as he's the name and star of the show.
  9. mactwist2

    The Staircase: Michael Peterson docu-series (spoilers?)

    Well the guy was basically paid to "prove" that he killed this chick with a blow poke even when it was clear that didn't happen. So yeah you can say he's a villain but so are most lawyers imo because they don't care who did what they just want to enforce their narrative. It's been a big since I've seen it but i was like 95% sure he did it and 100% sure it had nothing to do with a fucking blow poke lol.
  10. mactwist2

    Most filmable adaptation

    Sorry mate but i agree about first law and joss whedon does seem like a guy who could make it work. They'd have to keep it raw though. The reason a guy like Glotka is so interesting is how brutal he is. Love that series though and it's fairly short/doable.
  11. mactwist2

    Penny Dreadful : City of Angels

    I liked the idea of both but they kinda fell flat for me. Penny dreadful was dreadfully slow and dull unfortunatwly.
  12. mactwist2

    The Staircase: Michael Peterson docu-series (spoilers?)

    I think he did it but the prosecution was incompetent. Idk why they latched onto the blow poke idea and that blood splatter analyst was a straight up moron. That said overall i still think he did it based on the whole picture. How many close people have you known fell down the stairs to their deaths? He's known two.
  13. mactwist2

    Watership Down 2018

    I've never seen the previous ones but intend to try this. Idk if that's a good idea.
  14. mactwist2

    The Witcher on Netflix 2

    Possible that they want reactions to see how to change it.
  15. mactwist2

    Most filmable adaptation

    LOTR and GOT are the only fantasies I've seen on tv or movies that were good. I've yet to see excalibur and pans labryinth that are rated high but I've seen most everything else and it's mainly trash.