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  1. Firstly i still think there is a chance (like 0.000001%) that jon might still be alive. And even if he is,he is pretty much going to be resurrected,i don’t think he will become a wight. Theres still a bigger role for him to play that requires him to stay sane and as much human like as possible. Having said that,i do think the resurrected jon in the books is going to be much different than the previous jon. I mean this is ASOIF. We saw what resurrection did to lord beric and catelyn. So im curious how that is going to pan out. Resur. peeps hardly remain the same as before. But i do think in jon’s case it is going to be different. Even if he is dead i think he has warged into ghost for the interim period. Cat and beric never had tat chance. So i would like to believe that is the reason they are not same anymore. Their soul is also damaged in tat interim period and when it comes back to their body it is different. Everything is different. But with jon it can be pretty intact and whole while in ghost and he can warg back again to his human self? And still his body is going to be mutilated with all the stab wounds.. um,its really hard to say. We can only guess
  2. One thing that has been bugging me is that why the heck doesn’t theon say he never killed bran and rickon? Its frustrating everytime i see him think to himself about the miller’s boys but never says it out loud..
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