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  1. lavthelonewolf

    Sansa really is Alayne

    No just you. Seriously? Oh god
  2. lavthelonewolf

    New Theory for the Perfumed Seneschal

    Okay that was amusing. But the sooner WOW comes,the better. For all of us!
  3. lavthelonewolf

    most tragic character

    I agree. Theon is certainly my second most tragic character after cat. Its just that i was invested in catelyn’s story right from the beginning. But with theon only in the far end of DOD i was fully beginning to appreciate and sympathize with this unfortunate young man.
  4. lavthelonewolf

    most tragic character

    I have always liked Egg. Mainly because he was more inclined with the smalfolk than any targ we have ever seen. Liked that he squired for one of the best H.knights ser duncan. Loved his betrothal ideas for his sons and daughters. He was not narrow minded like the other targs,shunned the whole incestuous marriages,planned to branch out his family tree while including other great houses. Pity his children had other ideas. But having said that,if egg had succeeded there wouldnt be a song of ice and fire. What had to happen had to happen. i also love that maester Aemon targ of the wall thinks about egg during his final days. Tat shows how much they both loved and respected each other.
  5. lavthelonewolf

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Yes they were but i meant when she actually meets Arya.
  6. lavthelonewolf

    Jon being resurrected?

    Firstly i still think there is a chance (like 0.000001%) that jon might still be alive. And even if he is,he is pretty much going to be resurrected,i don’t think he will become a wight. Theres still a bigger role for him to play that requires him to stay sane and as much human like as possible. Having said that,i do think the resurrected jon in the books is going to be much different than the previous jon. I mean this is ASOIF. We saw what resurrection did to lord beric and catelyn. So im curious how that is going to pan out. Resur. peeps hardly remain the same as before. But i do think in jon’s case it is going to be different. Even if he is dead i think he has warged into ghost for the interim period. Cat and beric never had tat chance. So i would like to believe that is the reason they are not same anymore. Their soul is also damaged in tat interim period and when it comes back to their body it is different. Everything is different. But with jon it can be pretty intact and whole while in ghost and he can warg back again to his human self? And still his body is going to be mutilated with all the stab wounds.. um,its really hard to say. We can only guess
  7. lavthelonewolf

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    Why does this make soooo much sense to me? Its a simple reasoning but im finding myself drawn to it! Also the seasons of westeros is a bit off. I also think that will be resolved by the end of this book.
  8. lavthelonewolf

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    One thing that has been bugging me is that why the heck doesn’t theon say he never killed bran and rickon? Its frustrating everytime i see him think to himself about the miller’s boys but never says it out loud..
  9. lavthelonewolf


    i don’t think overrated is the word i would use to describe GRRM’s characters. He has created wonderfully full fledged realistic characters. They are what they are, made up by the environment they have grown in and experience they have had. So no complaints. Thou if i have to call any character less interesting i would have to say Brienne. Her POVs are bland and tedious to read. Well tats just me.
  10. lavthelonewolf

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    This is a very interesting topic.. and i am soo into all the theories and possibilities. Though this sentence nagged me a bit. I don’t know what passage in the book gave the impression that catelyn is indifferent to arya,but let me state that is not the case. AT ALL. Catelyn loves her kids. All her kids. Not because she has too,but much more than the obligatory love. She might have wished arya to be more lady like and arya was a trial for her most of the times but that doesn’t necessarily stop her from loving her child. I swear if arya had med with cat before the red wedding im pretty sure cat wouldnt have descended into madness. She broke down and went crazy only because she thought she had lost all her children. I read somewhere here about a theory that only arya can redeem LSH and i 100% believe in that. If LSH somehow recognizes and realizes arya is still alive,its going to be explosive.
  11. lavthelonewolf

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    he doesn't like it now but i do think bran's destiny lies there. 90% of his arc till now has revolved around him being a greenseer and i don't see him neglecting that.
  12. if tywin was alive and incharge things would never have come to that. if he was alive and cersie was incharge(thats a bigggg IF) he still would have resorted to any means to stop the WOS. this is the man who absolutely hates to be laughed at. he is bat shit crazy about maintaining the honor of the house. He would rather commit deicide and kill the septon and his cronies rather than let them shame his daughter.
  13. lavthelonewolf

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    bloodraven was absolutely sick of the rebellion and he wanted to put an end to it once and for all. indeed sacrifised his own honor in the process. and having said that i don't blame egg for for his actions too. he was indeed right in arresting BR. the word of the iron throne should never be seen as worthless was his thought and rightfully so.
  14. lavthelonewolf

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    he reminds me of varys too. varys is not necessarily evil. he does things for what he considers will be good for the realm. i kinda agree with what you said. i often keep forgetting this is a GRRM novel. there is no clear cut demarcation between good and evil
  15. lavthelonewolf

    TURNING POINT?? - A song of ice and fire

    I have read a lot of thriller novels. Mediocre and great ones. So i kinda pride myself on figuring out the riddles more often than not before the big revelation. So i had already zeroed upon the suspect(s) and the motives for jon arryn’s murder. Never did i once think about lisa arryn thou. So it took me by surprise. And it proved two things. I was not an expert in figuring out these things as i thot i was and GRRM is an absolute master storyteller in providing us with the unexpected.