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  1. The Piper Report

    Aegon III is my new favourite Targaryen character

    I have a feeling it will be out next year or early 2020. I posted why in a few different threads so I probably wont post them here; it will be kind of off topic too. But I do think we will see it in 2019 or early 2020. I'm hoping for 2019 though, of course
  2. The Piper Report

    Dany’s Shivers

    Eh, I went to that link and watched George's answer to that. It seemed to me that he was saying if Dany read FB she would have done things differently in Essos and not screwed things up the way she did (past tense.) I didn't really see any future foreshadowing there as to what lies in store for her, except for maybe losing a dragon or two.
  3. The Piper Report

    Aegon III is my new favourite Targaryen character

    Let's keep that last part on the hush hush. If GRRM hears people say that he may very well decide to write part 2 and put WoW away for another 5 years. Although he recently said that he will finish books 6 and 7, so maybe he said that because 6 is practically done and will be out soon. That's my my hope anyway. But yeah, it was a good read but nowhere near as important as ASOIAF. There are still way too many questions that need to be answered in the primary series. Even if WoW is a pretty bad book, as long as many questions get answered it will be well worth it
  4. The Piper Report

    Illyrio's fate foreshadowed

    Can you explain to me what this statue is that you two keep referring too? I can't remember anything about a statue in the books??
  5. Correct. But Brienne only could because Stannis lost the battle and his army
  6. So I read the OP and all of the subsequent comments. It was quite good and created Interesting dialogue. I agree that the purpose of the PL was to get Jon to leave the wall to attack Bolton. My gut tells me it's not Stannis who sent the letter, but if we look at it from a simple, superficial level, Stannis would be the most likely culprit. He has wanted Jon to join him in his war for weeks/months. He offered to legitimize him and make him Lord of Winterfell (maybe Warden of the north too, I forget?) He has intimate knowledge of everything in the letter, and if he wrote it after he captured Theon he would know of Reek as well. He would know the only way to get Jon to actually join him in his cause would be to threaten everything Jon holds dear: his sister (family), his home (Winterfell), his honor, and his brothers of the NW. That letter addresses all of those things. Jon was willing to leave the NW with a wildling army, and possibly members of the NW, to fight against the Boltons. Well if you are fighting against the Boltons you are tangentially fighting with Stannis. Once Jon is away from CB and fighting with Stannis it could very well create a possibility of Jon changing his mind and accepting the Lord of Winterfell/legitimization Stannis offered him. However, I have a feeling Stannis lost/will lose the Battle of Ice. Even though the show has veered off course GRRM has still told D&D the direction of the show. For example, season 6 episode of Hodor's "hold the door" was not something they made up. I'm sure you will see something very similar to that happen in the books as well. Moreover, one of Dany's vision in the HOTU appears to show her converging the Dothraki under one Khalasar where she's standing in front of a burning Vaes Dothrak; something we've seen in the show but not in the books but will most likely happen in the books. I think Stannis death by the Boltons in the show, though horribly done and made no sense, will be similar to what will happen in the books. Likewise, D&D said GRRM said Shireen will be sacrificed and I think we will see that happen in the book like we did in the show. I also think Jon Snow will become KitN like he does in the show and unite the north (although this could change now due to GRRM wanting to change things from the show and possibly being burnt out from writing the series) But yeah, I think the odds are more in favor of Stannis losing to the Boltons than winning. And although the PL appears to be from Ramsey, Stannis would have the most to gain from fooling Jon into leaving the NW and joining him in battle
  7. So I have to come back and re-read the OP (as well as all the subsequent comments) since I was at work when I read it and didn't have time. But the few issues I always had with people claiming it was Ramsay who wrote the letter was why wasn't there any skin in the letter? It is common for Ramsay to send the skin of those he flayed in the letters he sends. Moreover, why did he say he has people's heads hanging at Winterfell? Don't the Boltons hang the men they skinned and not their heads? Has there been any instances in the books where Ramsay impaled his victims heads? How would he know about Val? And why would he mention Reek, in essence, why would he think Reek was at the wall? There's a theory that Mance Rayder wrote the letter (forgive me if this is what the OP was discussing. Again, I have to read the OP). I can't remember all the details, but a lot of the adjectives in the letter are adjectives that Mance himself has used many times: calling Jon bastard, calling Melisandre the red witch, the wildling princess and the wilding babe. These are all things that would seem strange for Ramsay to know about. Also, somebody said why would Theon be at the wall as he Stannis's prisoner. I think Theon will end up at the wall next book. I think he will be the main POV for what is happening north. GRRM has stated a lot of things are happening at the wall, this means we need a POV there. He also stated there won't be any new POV characters. The only person at the wall that has a POV is Melisandre, and I think GRRM wants to keep her inner thoughts a mystery to us. It will either be Samwell or Theon who arrive at the wall and take over for the POV. I can see Theon going to the wall in a few ways. One, he escapes Stannis and goes there himself. Either to try to join the NW and clear his inner demons, or he may even think once he joins Stannis won't hurt him, even though Stannis has basically taken over the wall. Two, Stannis sends him with Jeyne Poole to the wall. Three, Stannis loses the Battle of Ice and Theon escapes from the Bolton's and ends up there looking for help or safety. Either way, I have a strong hunch Theon will be at the wall and we will see Jon's resurrection through his eyes.
  8. The Piper Report

    Favourite Voice from the ASOIAF Audiobooks

    I recommend checking out the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on audiobook. It's actually my favorite trilogy (I leave out books 4 and 5 since Stieg Larson, the original author, died and some random journalist guy picked up the story and completely butchered the characters I love) and it was the first time I heard Simon Vance's narration. He has trouble with American accents but he does a great job with characters in specific scenes. Some narrators I've heard have a lot of trouble in certain scenes. Like you hear some of them talk normal, in a quiet voice, when the scene in the book is full of action and suspense where the character is in a dire state, but Vance handled it quite well. I wasn't a fan of Roy Dotrice at first but he did grow on me and I'm going to be sad he won't be doing WoW. I've gotten so used to all his voices (except Arya's which he changed) that it's going to sound weird hearing them from somebody else, even if it is Simon Vance.
  9. The Piper Report

    Favourite Voice from the ASOIAF Audiobooks

    I agree. I work 12 hour shifts, night shifts every other month so I listen to lots of audiobooks. Got over 300 in my collection. And I agree, Harry Lloyd does a great job. Did you know that's the same guy that plays Viserys in the show?
  10. The Piper Report

    Favourite Voice from the ASOIAF Audiobooks

    Maester Aemon was perfect for his character. I wasn't a fan of Varys's voice at first but it did grow on me. Ned was pretty fitting as well. I didn't think how he changed Arya to an older woman started in Feast though. If Simon Vance does WoW I would be content with that. He did F&B. He's one of my favorite narrators. He narrated the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and was great in it.
  11. The Piper Report

    What Needs to Be Accomplished

    It's also possible that once Dany returns to Meeran (sp? I listen to audiobooks, don't read them) the city could basically be destroyed from the battle with nothing to rule over and fix. She could very well think that her attempt here was fruitless and all of her closest advisors (Selmy) are dead from her own failed desire to change things here, and she would then choose to go to Westeros. Although Coconut God has some good points, and it definitely opens the door for the story to end up in Essos, I think the beginning of the story and end of the story will be symbolically connected. The main point of the story was the Iron Throne. GRRM took it from the War of the Roses. The first book was called a Game of Thrones. Fire and Blood tells the Targaryen Dynasty on the Iron Throne. Westeros is the Iron Throne and the Iron Throne is Westeros. I can't see the Iron Throne not being used in some fashion for the end of the story. I do think it's possible that Westeros may be destroyed by the end the series, and all of the main character board ships to Essos to try and find a nice place to live. That could also be bitterweet. Dany has to head back to Essos due to Westeros being destroyed. She knows she has to try to end slavery once again but she knows she failed last time. She's hoping this time she will be successful but she doesn't know for sure and we the readers don't know. The book ends with all surviving main characters heading to a new continent, their futures unknown to them and us; with only the hope that they will find happiness and accomplish what they desire
  12. The Piper Report

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    So to bring this back to Theon, I think Theon is going to end up at the wall in WoW. GRRM has stated that a lot of things are happening at the wall in this book, and as we know from his original trilogy WoW was supposed to be the book of the great war. The name of the book is also representative of what is to come. So GRRM has stated a lot of things are happening at the wall. I don't think he is going to have those things happen without anyone there to witness them. GRRM has stated there will be no new POVs. There is Melisandre, so it is possible we could see things through her eyes, but I think she isn't a major character and I can't see GRRM spending a lot of time with her POV. He'd want to leave the mystery of her to the readers to speculate on. This means someone else has to be at the wall, someone who has had lots of POV's and who is an important character in the story. I think Theon is going to either be sent to the wall by Stannis, or he will somehow escape and go there himself for some reason or another. I think we will see Jon's resurrection through his eyes, as well as the movements and plans of the Others.
  13. So I know I'm a new here but are people really falling for this? The OP appears to be grandstanding trying to garner attention and make himself appear as a grand-old ASOIAF theorist. A theory that will break the internet and ruin GRRM? Have you heard of Pizzagate? The internet is full of crazy theories, theories more insane than Pizzagate and the internet has yet to be broken; lives have yet to be ruined. There are many crazy ASOIAF theories as well. For starters, as the OP said, it is a theory, not a fact. Many people theorize about other people, it's called rumors and gossip. The theory will be speculation based on context in the books. It may be creative, it may have some interesting tidbits, but at the end of the day it is a theory. This thread, on the other hand, is similar to elementary school tactics kids used to tease each other and build up their own self-importance. Kid 1: "I know a huge secret about X" kid 2: "Really? What is it?" Kid 1: "Sorry, not telling. It's my secret. Hey everyone, I have a secret about X but I'm not telling you. Be sure to beg me for the secret and give me your full attention for days and weeks on end, and then maybe I will tell you. Or maybe I won't. But trust me, it's huge!." I don't know, kind of immature, especially doing it on a public forum by creating your thread with the sole purpose of getting people to beg you to release the theory or to join you and then maybe (or maybe not) relay the grandest ASOIAF theory of all time. It would have been more appropriate to PM trusted members on the board yourself and discuss it with them, then if you decided to post it then make your own thread and post the theory as a spoiler. You could have even told everyone the steps you went through to post it. This way you aren't leading people on and raising people's curiosity over a theory you may not even release. You should have kept everyone ignorant until you and those you contacted agreed to release it. Very immature behavior, OP
  14. The Piper Report

    most tragic character

    Bump I really like this theory. Arya needs to come back to Westeros prematurely, and there aren't many reasons why she would do that. We know GRRM intended her to train at the FM for 5 years, but since he didn't go that route Arya needs to leave the FM sooner, but with enough training that she could use her new skills. We know that Jon is Arya's closest sibling and she may even love him the most. She connects with him the most. If Jeyne would inform her that her brother Jon was murdered by his own brothers of the Night's Watch she may go there to extract her revenge. I don't think discovering the Bolton's have Winterfell would be reason enough to leave. I think she may already know about it, but even if she didn't I still think it won't be reason enough. But her favorite and closest brother dying, who she believes is also her only remaining sibling still alive (excluding Sansa) and the manner of his death, may be the very push she needs to leave Braavos. Very good theory. As for the OP - I think Catelyn may be the most tragic figure mainly because what she experienced. She believes all of her kids are dead, minus Sansa, she lost Ned, her family has been betrayed and uprooted, her father had passed, her brother taken captive. A lot of bad things happened to her. Theon's is pretty bad too, but he brought a lot of it on himself.
  15. The Piper Report

    What Needs to Be Accomplished

    Where? When? Cersei says it is Ashara Dayne. Cat thinks its Ashara Dayne. There are many obvious clues that point to Ashara Dayne, but clues also pointing to Jon being R + L. Now it's more than likely he is the son of R + L, but we haven't "literally" been told that. Unless you are referring to the show, but this thread isn't about the show.