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  1. We know that Jon Arryn (and Stannis) had pretty much figured out the truth about Cersei and that none of her children were Robert's but we also know that Cersei didn't kill Jon Arryn, Lysa and Littlefinger did. So my question is, did Cersei have any clue that Stannis and Jon were so close to ruining her? If Littlefinger hadn't mettled what would have happened to Jon Aryyn? Would he have been able to tell Robert the truth? Was that the act that truly started the war of the five kings?
  2. gendrybranaryandjon

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    This is just a theory that I have personally sold myself on for no reason. I tweeted it, here is the sequence: Jon is Cold Hands and I'm sticking to this theory forever I'm sorry get out of here goodbye. When a Dream of Spring comes out in 2039 I'll be yelling at everyone "i told you so" The only other important character it could be is Benjen Stark and it was confirmed not to be Benjen Stark What we know about him: Coldhands was a Black Brother CH has the pale skin of the Others (wights) but not the blue eyes CH is dead A Child of the Forest told Bran that CH "died long ago" And ik what ur thinking, jon is alive when CH is introduced but if at the end of aDoS when Jon dies and becomes an Other (w/o the blue eyes) like CH and leads the army away I'll know Maybe just maybe when ur dead time and space work differently and you can go through moments in time in a magical forest at the behest of an old man who controls the world from a tree ?!??! And it would make sense that he has his face covered the entire time he interacts with both Sam and Bran because Jon really is the only person both boys would recognize and why would a dead man in the woods need to keep his face hidden unless he didnt want to be recognized? Im not saying *timetravel* im saying *magic* and we already know magic prevents coldhands from traveling past the wall so im just gonna say i feel confident about this and be done now Disclaimer: i know i sound pretty set on this theory but im mostly just being dramatic and its just something i think could be interesting so like dont be rude