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  1. Deadliestviper7

    What are you least looking forward to?

    By making a friggin huge book with words so small u need a microscope lol. in all honesty he probably has a ton of manuscripts or rough stories, but it could just be hell to get it all together in one+ flowing, cohesive storie(s) (just idle speculation at this point btw).
  2. Deadliestviper7

    Good news? Bad news?

    They probably spent the last few years deciding what the cover should look like lol
  3. Deadliestviper7

    What are you least looking forward to?

    Agreed, I feel they are the soul of the story and really help give hope and direction to the story
  4. Deadliestviper7

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Children

    What's left for theon but redemption and wrath? Not like he's got a great sex life ahead of him ! I think he'll interact or perhaps join the starks (honestly I don't think the ironborn ways come as a love to him). Asha is harder to judge, she's kind of a wild card, I think she'll throw in with anyone who offers her 1. Kindness and respect and 2: the blood price (battle and conflict)
  5. Deadliestviper7

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    Exactly, to seeit as it was meant to be seen we need to try to think as they thought
  6. Deadliestviper7

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    Not often is someone accused of having to much balls (lol) heh! on a more serious note, think of each of the series characters as a fractal (albeit an imperfect one ) as the storyline progresses you get more and more splits, each needing to be manipulated properly so that it can be made into a nice sturdy rope. in effect he needs to weave, and not split so much to make an effective storyline, no more gardening, now he needs to cull the less desirable plants and let the rest live.
  7. Deadliestviper7

    What are you least looking forward to?

    That last one is going on my hope list lol. one thing I AM looking forward to is Ramsay snow's and Roose Boltons fate, both have tons of enemies who wish them dead
  8. Deadliestviper7

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    Makes sense, but his death happened off script so he'd be easy to resurrect
  9. Deadliestviper7

    What are you least looking forward to?

    Sansa chapters, because she never does anything good or interesting
  10. Deadliestviper7

    What should we expect from the Vale?

    Something's going to happen with littlefinger , as he's obviously one of varys little birds, personally I think varys is trying to start a new empire, a reformed empire with no magic, and that certain chosen people will be a part of it once he waits for the downfall of cersei,stannis, and various others in his way
  11. Deadliestviper7

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    Don't much watch the show, but it would be very disappointing if others don't invade.
  12. Deadliestviper7

    GRRM WoW Twist

    See Ilyn (the former headsman) perhaps? Honestly we don't have much idea what he's thinking,who he's really loyal to etc. heck maybe his tongue was really taken out because he might say something
  13. Deadliestviper7

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    I think they are simply providing her refuge,as it is likely a braavosi tradition, the iron coin likely symbolizes many things, but given to any bravosi its payment for refugees, braavosi is a place for refugees after all. the house of black and white took her in, but I don't think they expect her to be a faceless man.
  14. Deadliestviper7

    TWoW - Arya Stark

    Does anyone remember the "bad cat" that cersei and Tommen mention? as Arya's ability to warg things continues see may be able see what's happening thru that cats eyes, remember this cat sounds similar to one she used to chase. this may influence her actions.
  15. Deadliestviper7

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    There is a unnaturally cold and sudden winter throughout the world, others and wrights start popping up everywhere, lot of nice character deaths streamlining the plot lines , POVs must start coming together to fight against ice (others) with fire (life).