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  1. I don't really understand your question. You mean the scene where Wex throws a dagger on Wyman's map, revealing the location of Rickon?
  2. I always thought Leng was inspired by Taiwan. Especially considering its geography and culture. It's an island southeast of the mainland. It has some indigenous population, but the larger part of the population is descended from Yi Ti, they look very much the same, follow the same traditions, pray to the same gods, and speak a dialect of the YiTish language, You are right, however, that its flora and fauna, as well as the ancient, ruined cities in the depths of the jungle, resemble Indochina much more.
  3. I absolutely love the idea that he's Balerion, the late little Rhaenys's pet cat. But I don't want him turning out to be anything or anyone else, namely another skinchanger for example.
  4. Clearly Jaime. The main reasons are: - Cersei expects Tyrion. She's so blind, she doesn't even consider anyone else. She has made many mistakes already by trusting the wrong people and chasing away the ones whom could have been trusted. This will probably be one of her last mistakes. - Tyrion would be the obvious choice for anyone at first read. But prophecies don't work that way, they always contain a twist. You can argue, that after many years Jaime too became an obvious choice, as it is discussed a million times, and people constantly try to come up with new theories. But that's just because of the long delay between publishing of the books. - It would totally fit into Jaime's character arc. In the first book he's the one who looks like the bad guy: arrogant, violent, throwing Bran down from the tower, attacking Ned and his men, cuckolding his king just for fun. Then we slowly learn that Cersei is a power-hungry, manipulating, cruel bitch, who doesn't care for anybody else, and that she uses even him. Meanwhile Jaime starts his so-called redemption by showing genuine care for others, trying to avoid bloodshed whenever possible, and finally breaking the connection with his mad sister. Also, I totally agree with this:
  5. I wouldn't call this a GoT reference. It's just the impact of GoT on Western thinking and also the lack of interest in understanding Eastern cultures.
  6. Also, the Horn of Winter fits perfectly into this theory. I think the Horn was crafted during the same magical ritual, which created the wall. Then the Horn was given to the Others as an assurance measure: if humans did not abide by the treaty, they would blow the Horn, and the Wall would come down. According to the popular legend, Joramun, King-beyond-the-Wall aligned himself with Brandon the Breaker when they rised against the Night's King's rule. Even the Horn got its nickname form Joramun, as it is now called Joramun's Horn. I think Joramun stole the Horn from the Others and hid it well, thereby preventing the Others from using it against humanity and avenging the fall of their ally, the Night's King.
  7. My favourite theory about the creation of the Wall is that the Long Night ended with a peace treaty between mankind and the Others (and/or possibly the Children). This was something like Craster's pact. The Others (and/or the Children) helped building the Wall which is obviously magical in nature, and pulled back behind it. Meanwhile humans agreed to leave them be, AND provide them regular supplies and offerings through the many secret tunnels of the Wall, like the Black Gate. So while one of the original tasks of the Night's Watch was indeed to keep watch and defend humanity from another possible invasion from the north, they also kept close ties and traded with the Others. The first few Lord Commanders adhered to this pact, then the rulers of the North, the Starks rebelled against it, deposed the 13th Lord Commander, reorganised the Watch, and severed any tie with the Others. In this version, the so called Night's King, i.e. the 13th Lord Commander, is not a sinister person, but someone true to the pact and his original vows. Of course, the Starks later erased any non-convenient part of this story, and painted a much more gruesome picture of the Night's King, who according to them sacrificed his own kin to the Others for purely selfish reasons. I never really considered the Night's King to be the man executed in Bran's last vision, or that he could be Coldhands, but one or two of these might actually fit into the theory above. For example, while he tried maintaining good relations with the Others in his life, it is natural that now he helps Bran and humanity at the dawn of another invasion.
  8. A dinner with Wyman Manderly would be awesome. Well, at least if we're on the same side, cause I don't want another one of my homies to be served as dessert.
  9. What, I never even considered him as a potential candidate for the throne until this topic.
  10. Come on, even D&D wouldn't come up with such nonsense. Oh, wait...
  11. King: Jon Snow Hand: Kevan Lannister Master of Coin: TBD Master of Law: Ned Stark Master of Ships: Quentyn Martell Master of Whispers: TBD Grand Maester: Cressen Commander of the Kingsguard: Arys Oakheart Commander of the City Watch: Merrett Frey
  12. King: me (obviously, I'd like to have some fun) Queen: Margaery Tyrell (a bad omen for anyone to have her as a wife so far, but she's young, fair, intelligent, caring, and still a virgin) Hand: Wyman Manderly (one of my favourite characters, not taken seriously by many, but wise, shrewd, has a good sense of humour, and loyal to the core) Master of Coin: Tyrion Lannister (not because of his popularity as a character, but because he already proved that he can help running a kingdom) Master of Laws: Samwell Tarly (pretty obvious choice, I think) Master of Ships: Asha Greyjoy (a proven and talented sailor, always well respected by her crew) Master of Whispers: Tyene Sand (OK, that's a risky one, but I'm curious if this could work out) Grand Maester: Marwyn (the most interesting and useful of all the archmaesters) Commander of the Kingsguard: Brienne of Tarth (as a one-time exception to remind knights of the kingdom of true chivalric qualities) Commander of the City Watch: Brynden Tully (a seasoned warrior, a loyal and honest man, has good leadership abilities)
  13. Actually, it's quite interesting how the mad king managed to build such a professional and all-star Kingsguard, while we can see that he appointed young Jaime Lannister because of personal reasons only, that is to piss off his father.
  14. That sounds very plausible, but then again, what is the purpose of Rhaego here? He was a newborn (or unborn) baby without true will or consciousness. How does his soul affect the behaviour of the dragon it was transferred to? How will this dragon differ from any ordinary dragon, e. g. from a wild one born in nature? And even if this soul transfer is some kind of second lifing ritual, we are told by Varamyr that during a second life the human consciusness always fades away slowly.
  15. Now, that's an interesting addition...
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