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  1. I absolutely loved it. I would give it a 9 despite a few things I had issue with. A lot of the characters kept saying things that aren't consistent with the either the show's canon, or even makes sense when you think about book canon. I really wanted Arya to have another moment with Jon and many meet Dany and I wanted Dany to meet Ghost. It was a fan service episode for sure, but I loved it, and wanted a tad bit more. The music, the directing, the mood, the pacing, everything was so great. I cried my face off when Brienne was knighted and during Jenny's song.
  2. Well Jon already gave up his crown for the love of her, it's her turn to give up the crown for him. But either or, when characters chose love over duty, tragedy usually follows. I figure that the song doesn't have to mirror Jenny's life exactly because songs like this will change over time with hundreds of bards traveling all over and making their own additions. Plus, since we don't know exactly what happened at Summerhall, it may make more sense later. I do wish they had added something about flowers in her hair. I can't find exactly the lyrics that were in the book, but I remember that much.