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    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    Yeah, they wouldn't necessary be descended from Hubert. Perhaps an uncle or cousin of his. The Gulltown Arryns were mentioned to have intermarried with merchants in A Feast for Crows, so I assume they only maintained their connection to nobility from the founder of the cadet branch, but are otherwise simply wealthy commoners with surnames.
  2. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    I wish we found out which house Sharra Arryn comes from, or who Ronnel's father was even. As for the Gulltown Arryns, I believe in ASOIAF, a cadet branch of a house is officially defined when a member of the parent house takes a new seat and sigil, departing from the parent house. So while Joffrey would have been from a lesser branch of House Arryn, he still could have been from the mainline, just distantly related. The Gulltown Arryns would have been established by a son or grandson of Hubert Arryn moving to Gulltown and forming an official cadet branch.
  3. One thing I kinda wish we had was more clarification on who was in the Kingsguard for each era here and there. For example, after Aegon I's Kingsguard is appointed, we don't find out the next full Kingsguard lineup until after Maegor's death. We have several Kingsguard members that we don't know which era they belong to, such as the Demon of Darry, Long Tom Costayne, and Ser Jeffory Norcross the Neveryield. At what point did Ser Addison Hill replace Ser Corlys Velaryon as the Lord Commander? Ser Raymont Baratheon wasn't even mentioned in Fire & Blood. Which two members of Aegon's Kingsguard died defending him? Which members where slain by Lord Rupert Falwell? We still don't know if Ser Gyles Greycloak and Ser Gyles Belgrave are the same person. Obviously this isn't a major issue, it would have just been cool to know. I would have loved if Fire & Blood included an appendix containing the small council and Kingsguard for every king, with the years they served (though I was also hoping for a complete family tree for the great houses and the Velaryons and Hightowers).
  4. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    Septon Mattheus is noted to claim descent from the Gardener kings. I place money on him being a Florent. Speaking of the Florents, I found it odd that we don't meet any Florents despite them being a major house from the Reach. In fact, they are only off-handedly mentioned a grand total of two times in the book. And as it stands, House Florent is the only major house from the Reach that we don't know who's side they took during the Dance of the Dragons.
  5. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Aenys I knights Bernarr Brune after he slew Harren the Red, despite Aenys not being a knight.
  6. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    That would make sense. In that context, we can also assume that Alan was the "son of Lord Tarly" that courted Princess Rhaenyra.
  7. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    Another interesting note, we have Lord Alan Tarly who was captured during the Battle of the Honeywine in 130 AC. In 131 AC, we have a mention of Lord Donald Tarly being the father of Samantha and Sansara Tarly. So Lord Alan must have died later in the Dance of the Dragons. For what it's worth, Ser Alan Beesbury, captured alongside Alan Tarly, is noted to have died in captivity in MUSH.
  8. LordSeaSnake

    [spoiler] The Artwork

    I also noticed an error for the artwork of one of my favorite scenes, where Lord Alyn "flamboyantly" reveals Prince Viserys and Larra to Aegon III and Daenaera. As a Velaryon, Oakenfist is described as having the traditional Valyrian looks, specifically "silver of hair and purple of eye". However, in the artwork, Alyn has dark hair while his cousins and Larra in the scene all have light hair. As for my personal favorite, I really liked the artwork of Jaehaerys arriving at the Red Keep with Vermithor, and the Lords Staunton, Darklyn, and Towers kneeling before them.
  9. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    For House Lannister, I suspect Lyman Lannister is a grandson of Loren the Last and perhaps the third Lord of Casterly Rock. We know that Loren's eldest son and heir was married to a Redwyne, while Lyman was married to Jocasta Tarbeck. Given the several decades between Loren's last mention and Lyman's first mention, it wouldn't be surprising if there was another Lord of Casterly Rock (Loren's heir) between them. Lyman is mentioned having several sons himself, with a younger son once attempting to court Jeyne Westerling. He also had his comely bastard son, Ser Tyler Hill. While Lyman and his wife died in 59 AC to the Shivers, Ser Tymond Lannister was born in 60 AC. In 80 AC, he was the heir to Casterly Rock and by 101 AC, he was the Lord of Casterly Rock. Tymond is likely a grandson, or even great-grandson, of Lyman Lannister. In 112 AC, Ser Jason and Tyland Lannister were vying for the favor of Princess Rhaenyra. I suspect that both twins are the sons of Tymond Lannister and Jason succeeded him as Lord of Casterly Rock at some point between 112 and 129 AC. While Tyland was childless, Jason had five daughters (including Cerelle and Tyshara), several natural daughters, and a son-Loreon Lannister, born in 127 AC. When Jason died at the Battle at the Red Fork, Loreon succeeded him as Lord of Casterly Rock. Finally, we have Ser Erwin Lannister, who attempted to recapture Fair Isle from the Red Kraken. His relation is unknown, though I suspect he is an uncle or first cousin to Jason and Tyland.
  10. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    It would make sense. I forgot how only two decades passed between Rhea's death and Gunthor being referred to as "old". Perhaps this nephew perished during the Dance of the Dragons. I'd be curious about Ser Willam Royce's relation as well. Perhaps a son of Lord Gunthor?
  11. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    We can also deduce that Rhea Royce succeeded Yorbert Royce as head of House Royce, as she was the heir to House Royce while Yorbert was Lord of Runestone. It is also likely that Gunthor Royce was the nephew of Lady Rhea that succeeded her, given the timeframe and his age. Though I'm still unsure of how a nephew comes before a daughter, unless the nephew was maternal?
  12. Really enjoyed Alyn Oakenfist destroying the Sealord of Braavos' pride of his fleet. So badass, with artwork to top it off.
  13. LordSeaSnake

    [Spoilers] Fire and Blood Errata

    Another minor difference, House Myatt is removed from the pious houses that Maegor burned the seats of in the westerlands.
  14. LordSeaSnake

    House Broome

    It should be noted that the appendix for A Game of Thrones describes House Broom as one of the principal houses sworn to House Lannister. We also see a few characters mentioned that have the same house name as houses that are regarded as long extinct, such as Brownhill and Long, indicating that there isn't any strict laws on surname selection that prevents recently the ennobled from reusing surnames, or picking surnames similar to those already existing. And we also are introduced to House Crayne of the Vale, in contrast of House Crane of the Reach. It is possible that House Broom and Broome are two different houses, but seems unlikely to me. The chief indicator being that House Broome is of the westerlands as well.
  15. LordSeaSnake

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    I've done a count of named characters, including bastards, from the major noble families who lived from 0 BC-136 AC: House Arryn: 15 House Baratheon: 15 House Greyjoy: 6 House Hightower: 22 House Lannister: 10 House Martell: 9 House Stark: 16 House Tully: 6 House Tyrell: 6 House Velaryon: 26 House Greyjoy, Tully, and Tyrell were definitely given lesser roles in the book, unfortunately. We can make a near-complete family tree for the Hightowers, Velaryons, and Baratheons, though the others are lacking in major spots. Other interesting notes: House Darry is interesting as at least three Lords of Darry are killed during the Dance of the Dragons, with the latter two likely being quite young (Derrick and Roland). Lord Darklyns are referred to often enough that we could probably map out a near-complete family tree, though unfortunately only a handful are given first names (usually distinguished by Old or Young/New Lord Darklyn). Houses Qoherys, Towers, and Strong also have a near-complete family tree. Curiously, while mentioned twice, House Florent is the only major house of the Reach to never receive a named member. The Kennings and Risleys are both referred to as landed knights, indicating that both houses have since rose to lordly houses, while House Swyft seems to have been demoted to landed knights since the Dance of the Dragons.