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    Sam Tarly Appreciation Thread

    IMO he ranks in top tier of characters, alongside the AGOT POV kids.
  2. Falconer

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Anyone else notice that Dolorous Edd is called horsefaced?
  3. Falconer

    How powerful are the Royces?

    Sure… I mean, more!
  4. Falconer

    How powerful are the Royces?

    It’s very interesting to me that the Royces (First Men) ruled in the Vale before the Arryns (Andals) came. I’m re-reading AGOT right now, and I’m noticing the prominent mentions of the Royces throughout. Of course there’s Ser Waymar, and there’s Lord Yohn’s famous armor. There’s the Blackfish’s statement, “Nestor Royce has been high steward these past fourteen years, while Lord Jon served in King’s Landing, and many whisper that he should rule until the boy comes of age” (Catelyn VI). I think they will gain importance in later books.
  5. Falconer

    Fire and Blood - SubPress

    I’ve learned they won’t redesign the interior (typeset). I’m kind of bummed by this. AKOTSK is super readable in the trade edition, but I do not find F&B so. Anyone agree?
  6. Falconer


    What do you like better, the Subterranean Press single-volume edition (entitled GRRM) or the Bantam two-volume edition (entitled Dreamsongs)? Which has better art? Do you like it better as one or two volumes? What other considerations am I missing?
  7. “Should we stop using term graphic novel…?” — We never started!
  8. Falconer

    Favorite books/series about elves?

    J.R.R. Tolkien, esp. The Book of Lost Tales. Also, Smith of Wootton Major. The Broken Sword, by Poul Anderson. Dragonlance, well, I have a certain nostalgia for it. Not sure I would recommend it to an adult. And Dragonlance’s take on Elves is rather weak, to me. I think the most interesting portrayal of elves can be found in Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Dragons of Winter Night, plus maybe Firstborn. Michael Moorcock’s Elric is a famous alternate/anti take on elves. I suggest trying the original sequence: the first two stories, “The Dreaming City” and “While the Gods Laugh” from The Weird of the White Wolf, followed by the next four stories which are collected in Bane of the Black Sword. If you like those, read the prequel novel Elric of Melniboné.
  9. Luke Skywalker from Timothy Zahn’s novels from the 1990s (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command, Specter of the Past, Vision of the Future).
  10. Falconer

    Raymond E. Feist’s The Riftwar Saga

    There’s a publisher called Grim Oak Press which is doing limited editions of the Riftwar Saga and the Empire Trilogy, FYI.
  11. Falconer

    Fire and Blood - SubPress

    Open ordering is now open.
  12. Falconer

    Is It Sewn

    I stopped by at B&N today, and unfortunately the US ed. of Fire & Blood is glued. I don’t have confirmation of this, but based on pictures I’ve seen on eBay, the UK edition is also glued, as I would expect. The World of Ice & Fire (US) is in shrinkwrap, so, I couldn’t tell for certain, and I’d be happy to learn otherwise, but, usually if a book is sewn, it is fairly easy to be certain. So I’m going to note it as glued. Luckily, the UK edition definitely appears to be sewn, per YouTube:
  13. Falconer

    Is It Sewn

    Hi, there! I own a hodgepodge of editions, and would like to begin to be more intentional in my collecting. Here’s a thread dedicated to question #1 for a collector: Is it sewn or glued only? I have only begun to investigate this question, and have many assumptions and gaps in my knowledge. Please help! A Song of Ice and Fire US Standard Editions - AGoT ACoK ASoS are sewn; AFfC ADwD are glued US “Amazon” Boxed Set (AGoT ACoK ASoS AFfC) - all sewn UK Standard Editions - glued AFfC UK Red Slipcase Edition (2005) - glued AGoT US “Barnes & Noble” Blue Deluxe Edition (2011) - sewn UK Blue Slipcase Editions (2011) - glued UK Red Slipcase Editions (2016) - sewn AGoT US/UK Illustrated Edition (2016) - glued The World of Ice & Fire US Edition - glued UK Edition - sewn A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms US Edition - sewn UK Edition - glued Fire & Blood US Edition - glued UK Edition - glued
  14. Falconer

    Is It Sewn

    Thanks, Becca. I was hoping you could fill in the gaps!
  15. It seems to me I have seen them listed for a hefty buck but not sold for a hefty buck. My sense is AGoT is worth £125, and the others (i.e., the ones you have), are worth £50, maybe £75 for being first impressions and in great condition.