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  1. I think this scene is supposed to be before the war but after Rhaenyra and Laenor got married. On the wiki it says Aegon yada. bastard son by some girl on the street of silk, which adds up with the"his graces child?" we hear in the clip. And if they were talking about Daemon I doubt they'd refer to as "woman" but the Princess Rhaenyra, seems to me their talking about the maid servant of Alicent's who he got pregnant, also mentioned in the wiki. But this is all speculation so we'll find out next year but I think the prince is Aegon.
  2. copy and pasting from my reddit post : The refer to the prince as "Adrian" and the website says they used similar initials for their codename as the real characters. So I think they mean Aegon, also I think the guy on the right is Erryk, not Arryk since Erryk fought for the blacks and the guy doesn't like Aegon
  3. another audition tape : some extra thought that I that I posted on reddit : I am curious about he dialogue though, I know everyone said from the Criston Cole audtion that these aren't used in the shows but in F&B Mushroom told that story of Aegon being "serviced" by an orphan 12 year old. In the clip the guy on the right seems to be showing disgust for Aegon for having mistresses but that seems unlikely since kings and princes were expected to sleep around before marriage (and after that) I just cant imagine a Kingsguard disavowing the king's son because he went to a brothel unless the girl was terribly young
  4. Oh ok. Well this guy looks the part, I'm interested in seeing what else he brings to the table
  5. The first scene would add a bit of characterization to Criston that paints him more sympathetic. But I can't figure out why Alicent Hightower would have known Lord Dondarrion's heir "from childhood" or why someone would send a shadow baby after him.
  6. Makes sense. Based on the wiki these seems will have happened in 104-105 AC, because that's when the Tourney at Maidenpool where he defeats Daemon happens, and he mentions "taking the white" which happens in 105. Viserys and Alicent married in 106, so you're right that she wasn't queen at this point
  7. Would he cuckhold the king though? Interesting since that seen takes place directly after Alicent (or who I assume to be Alicent) accuses him of killing his Lord.
  8. Has anyone seen the Criston Cole audition tape? https://redanianintelligence.com/2021/01/20/house-of-the-dragon-audition-tape-for-ser-criston-cole-revealed-in-game-of-thrones-spinoff/
  9. https://redanianintelligence.com/2021/01/20/house-of-the-dragon-audition-tape-for-ser-criston-cole-revealed-in-game-of-thrones-spinoff/ Looks interesting! Any thoughts?
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