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  1. I was reading a dance with dragons when I came across this line on the Prince of Winterfell chapter. "Theon grew up with Arya. Theon would know an imposter. If he was seen to accept Boltons feigned girl as Arya no one would question her legitimacy." But this was actually an oppurtunity for Theon to screw the Boltons over. He could have revealed her to be Jeyne Poole. Personally I think Jeyne would have been killed. And Theon as well assuming he's lucky.
  2. Ironically the one man who would have been best suited to the kingship was the man the rebel leaders would have refused to elect to be king. Tywin Lannister.
  3. Robert's Rebellion was never intended to be a revolution though. They were rebelling against a tyrannical ruler not against the system. And yes they could have chosen a better succession but they chose not to. But can you really blame them? The westerosi have been doing the things the same way for so long they have little to no interest in changing the system. I mean really the most progressive law in westeros concerning succession is that males and female are equal in succession. And thats only limited to one region and one of the least populated ones at that. And they had no idea the kind of ruler Robert would be. Keep in mind Robert was a young man who had only just recently taken rule of the stormlands. He was untested in matters of rulership and when the rubber met the road he failed in governance. Come on this is a guy whose wife was sleeping around with his brother in law and was none the wiser. And virtually everyone in the modern world agrees that this is why succession in monarchy is flawed at best.
  4. I know thats why i said its usually clear cut with the exception of the great council. Especially the council of who should succeed King Maekar. But even then Princess vaella and Prince Maegor were only passed over because of age and undesirability. I suppose in the event of the baratheon line dying out its possible and even likely another great council would be called. Like Alyn said the Lannisters or whoever controls kings landing will seek to crown one of their own.
  5. Succession in westeros is usually clear cut. Outside of controversial situations like the Great Council it works like this. Sons>daughters>brothers>sisters>uncles>aunts and so on. Unless there is any evidence that in addition to the targaryens being ousted there is a legal basis for saying they were barred from the line of succeession. Daenerys can inherit the throne through natural means and not through conquest. Consider that roberts kids are all bastards therefore have no place in the line of succession. Lord Lyonels only living descendants that we are aware of Stannis and Roberts children. If his daughter found a spouse and brought forth children that would expand this line of succession by a bit. But there is no evidence of such in the story. Making Daenerys the closest relative of the baratheons. The succession would go like this: Tommen>Myrcella>Stannis>Shireen>Daenerys. Although assuming r plus l equals j and that young griff is indeed aegon they both go before
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