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  1. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Why so serious?

    I suppose the NK/WW/wights could make/find ladders and siege towers seeing as they fashioned/unearthed convenient dragon-dredging chains, but surely the defenders should start off inside the castle? From there, just dragon glass the shit out of whatever tries to climb the walls, and have one Dragon on perimeter and the other one bringing the pain.
  2. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Battlefield Commands/Assignments

    Apologies if it's been said already, but why the fuck are they fighting outside the castle?
  3. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Athletic Debate: Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    Batman. Batman is generally the best at most things.
  4. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The essay is cogent and well written, but the writer seems to think that executing what I'd call the bare minimum requirements of story (character context, conflict and development) are somehow Oscar worthy feats. Of course, they have written a book on screenwriting and are friends with celebrated auteur Rian Johnson, so perhaps they're right. Also, does everyone think a clear character arc for Rose has been established in this treatise? And if so, would you agree this plays out in the film? To state categorically: I have nothing against the actor (I think all the actors in TFA and the TLJ are good, with the exception of Carrie Fisher's daughter in the first scene of TLJ - CRINGE!) more that the role still seems to me to be an appendage POV. To labour a point here, this in no way justifies any abuse of the actor - of any kind - and the people who did that really do need some love and some peace to help them out of the holes they're in. I would also vehemently deny the character, or the casting of the actor, are symptomatic of a (yawn) 'sjw conspiracy', which is similarly deranged.
  5. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Please don't apologize dude. I have an inkling, or a version, of how you feel. I know it must not seem like it, but a lot of folks do. Somehow it all seems a bit too much, far too much of the time. But you can do it man. Your personality traits sound like they hinder you a fair bit, but I suspect that in some ways they will be your strengths too. Take it easy man, and keep on trucking.
  6. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    @Toth glad you felt somewhat better, and didn't mean to cause any offence, or pretend anything I said could have helped. Often in my experience, very little does. It was just shooting the shit and trying to let someone know they're not 100% alone. With the online teaching stuff - you wouldn't be a good practitioner if you didn't adapt and tailor for your style and your kids, but are there message boards and such? I know it's not the same flow as an organic conversation, but it's something maybe? Anyway, I know a stranger's online persual of your pain isn't going to help, and you weren't asking for my two shillings, so I'll leave it with peace and love as always.
  7. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    @Toth Woah. I am at a bit of a loose end right now (hence clicking this thread, which I've often been curious about). I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. That's the thing about this shit - no one can. Even if you've been dealing with this type of thing for 40 years or so, you can isolate factors, engage with therapy; try to eat right, exercise, cut out caffeine, alcohol, nicotine - you name it, and it can bite you all the same. I must stress I don't know your situation, and the last thing I'm trying to do is say, 'there there'. But I feel you. And you're not alone. I did see you said 'friendless background'? Genuine question here: have you really never had a friend? If so, then I'm not being patronising, but I am straight up your friend. I know that doesn't mean much, as I can't actually help, and we're never likely to meet, but everyone needs a friend. Even if it's just words on a screen. I know this sounds cliche as hell, but a lot of the cool, together types who are unconsciously excluding you (I honestly can't believe people at a base level are so callous) are like as not feeling things akin to you, albeit to a lesser degree. I don't for one minute suggest human experience can be generalized in such a way, but at the same time, we're not all that different either. Mammals in the space time continuum, dude. Mammals in the STC. From the above I would guess you are an introvert? Introversion is a wonderful thing, and should be celebrated more - particularly in the bombastic world in which we live. But I suspect you know yourself that it can only take you so far. Please try and speak to one person today, even if it's just a passing comment to a neighbour, or a hello to a guy in a shop. I know this is easier said than done, and is probably a cackhanded piece of advice, but the social skills you think you lack (though I'm guessing from your sensitivity do possess, and just don't feel confident enough to use) will only grow if you're brave enough to exercise them. You got this dude. You really do. In terms of teaching: I don't know which country your based in, but maybe you can find some sort of web based forum for discussion? I used to teach English to speakers of foreign languages, but I doubt it would be of any use here. Are there any online repositories of tips etc? I can appreciate researching this is a chore in itself - particularly if you're low - but it's something to do at least? If you feel up to it, I would definitely have a look Anyway, I'll stop bleating on now, but straight up, feel yourself. And thank you for what you wrote. Peace and love.
  8. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lightsaber_combat/Legends This is good for a geek out, if you're interested (though I'm guessing probably not. My life is pretty sad ). Also, it is 'legends' and not 'canon', where even Luke Skywalker (/Rhian Johnson) takes the piss out of lightsabres so you're technically correct. To be fair, that bit is pretty awesome
  9. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good point. If we accept this whole escapade was a meta-joke, maybe this symbolises that future films will respectfully explore Jedi history and how it informs the new incarnation. It might even explain why the handfull of resistance survivors see out the film by vapidly grinning at each other. They must know something we don't.
  10. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with the interpretation of this meta joke. I chuckled. I didn't mind the throwing away of the lightsabre either. Nice bit of anti-climactic humour, I thought (despite the fact I could hear my friends teeth grinding). It was when Yoda showed up, destroyed the whole Jedi history, and delivered a smug lecture on 'letting things go', which was clearly directed at devoted fans, and which might as well have been personally voiced by Rian Johnson, that the joke wore thin. @Darth Richard II et al have bigged up Rebels, and I'd agree that this explored the, 'third way' or grey/post Jedi esque ambiguity in a far better way - even if it was aimed at kids. What's more, they did it by expanding on Jedi history - and introducing cool new force entities. If half as much thought and creativity goes into the third sequel film, I'll be slap bang back on board.
  11. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So now the virtuosity hasn't been explained in that way (thus far, we have to concede) and there has been no exposition of the type you describe, do you still feel the same? Accomplished fighter, yes, but as I understand it, even the most accomplished fighter would be a clueless light saber duelist the very first time they did it - it's a very difficult weapon to master owing to the fact the blade is completely weightless? And absolutely fair enough if you're saying Kylo Ren's hubris/human curiosity played a part, but the injury thing is hugely overplayed. Ren catches Finn and Rey up fast enough, after all - even though they're miles away from him - and before fighting Finn, force throws Rey like a rag doll. If anything Finn getting a touch on him is a worse case of overpowering. Earlier in the film, Finn gets battered by a storm trooper with a space truncheon, and his only heightened power seems to be that of the one liner. I'm not complaining there by the way - the Rey/Finn relationship, and John and Daisy's performances - particularly comedically - were the highlight of the film for me. The, imho, complete implausibility of the last fight, however, remains the nadir.
  12. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least the podracer can always console themselves with the fact they were comfortably in control of the race until the force made their opponent inexplicably faster. Said podracer would probably also want to avoid punching themselves in their wounds in future - though maybe they were checking they actually had been shot, as Chewie's crossbow is shown in the film to be a midgar cannon of a weapon, and surely would have caused far more damage than it did.
  13. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But Ren kills Snoke, not Rey? And weren't the Knights of Ren just the Miracles to Kylo Ren's Smokey? I thought that Rey has to be as naturally strong with the Force as Ren. Luke Skywalker says this: "I've seen this raw strength only once before, in Ben Solo." Plus strong with the Force is one thing, years of lightsaber combat training another. Anakin is perhaps the strongest with the force there has ever been, but even with years of training, and with Obi Wan's help, he gets trounced by Dooku when they first fight. Could he win a pod race against a force sensitive human with years of Pod Race training, whose strength with the Force scared Luke Skywalker, at the first time of asking?
  14. Bastard of Bournemouth

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't understand people who weren't frustrated by the sidestepping of these points (don't dislike the folks, I just genuinely am fascinated). Fair enough if they're revisited in the next film, but if not, that's pretty shameful storytelling. It's not David Lynch ffs, it's a blockbuster trilogy. As to Rey's Mary Sueness: This wasn't s problem with the TLJ. At least she gets the obligatory Team America montage. TFA was where it was problematic. Rey would have had no chance against Kylo Ren, provided he could stand up straight, and the whole pulling a Jedi mind trick out of her arse thing was just awful - Deus ex Machina as much as anything else. That said, I still liked TFA though (as in went and saw it twice, and own a copy), and TLJ wasn't that bad either - just a bit smug. For the next three though, they really need a joined-up approach. All raises the question: what do they actually teach at Film Schools?
  15. Bastard of Bournemouth

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    @everyone. Fascinating thread. I'm with @Bernie Mac. There doesn't have to be a contradiction. Aerys could have instructed any number of Kings guard to accompany, or subsequently summon Rhaegar, and worded it in a way that allowed them a degree of leeway. Investing Rhaegar with command of the Targaryen forces isn't the same as favouring him for monarch over Viserys. Aerys could easily have said to Hightower: "Go find Rhaegar and ensure he reaches the Trident. Until the war is won he is your commander in all things." Hightower relays the message, Rhaegar leaves and instructs Hightower to stay. Hightower would be obeying a wartime command from his commander. He might not agree with it, but there's no treason per se. That's not to say there was no schism between Aerys and Rhaegar, or that there weren't divisions at court, but Aerys did (ostensibly at least!) kill Brandon for his threats against Rhaegar, so there is a textual basis for Targaryen solidarity of some kind.