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  1. blindaviator94

    Valyrian families surviving after the Doom

    Yes! I think it comes more from wanting to keep dragons within the family than deep belief in incest.
  2. blindaviator94

    Valyrian families surviving after the Doom

    Only those who can trace their unbroken decent from what I remember, meaning it is not necessarily pure. But I do see your point.
  3. blindaviator94

    Alarra Stark

    Do you believe we will find out more about her? If not, why then might she have been introduced to us?
  4. blindaviator94

    Golden Company Exiles

    Will any of the Golden Company exiles become important to the story? Do you believe any will reclaim ancestral titles or holdings?
  5. blindaviator94

    Could Marei be a Lannister?

    Marei fits the Lannister looks perfectly, the right age to be Tywin's daughter even. It's telling to me she can read as well. Tyrion ALMOST slept with her similarly to Gendry and Bella. What do you think?
  6. blindaviator94

    What is up with Daenerys' memory?

    Nearly every chapter has some reference of lack of memory, her first ever chapter specifically, you'd think nothing significant ever happened when she was younger. Am I missing something?
  7. blindaviator94

    Valyrian families surviving after the Doom

    Mantarys seems to have enough people to deal with Meereen politically, but it could be all mutants as you suggest. I'd wager the old families of Volantis and Lys, their surnames, are the best to go by. Personally, I don't think any many other families maintained the "pure" Valyrian blood as much as the Targaryens did.