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  1. iheartseverus

    What is this?

    I saw something earlier at another site that HBO has hidden 6 thrones all around the world and is hyping 'who will be the first to find one.' That's all I know about it so far, but I'm sure we'll hear more, soon.
  2. iheartseverus

    New Prequel Casting Announced

    Miranda Richardson has just been added to the pilot cast. I hope we'll start hearing updates soon. Anybody know when filming is supposed to start? Did I hear correctly that some filming will be in the Canary Islands? https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/game-of-thrones-prequel-miranda-richardson-cast-1203165707/
  3. iheartseverus

    Dark & Sleek CSS Style for A Forum of Ice and Fire

    I'm not a Mod, but I know that they disable all those little 'extras' on the day leading up to a new episode. They will enable them again a couple days later, when the board traffic has slowed down again.
  4. iheartseverus

    How would you rate episode 301?

    Well, now, that sets up THE obvious question--who's your first favorite? :)
  5. iheartseverus

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

    Not a mistake at all, as I see it. He's saying he'd worship even some foreign phony god if only that'd get his sons back.
  6. iheartseverus

    [No Spoilers] EP206 Discussion

    Bits I totally loved... * I feel 1,000% sure that LittleFinger knows its Ayra. After all, she spent, what? Months? In King's Landing before Ned's death. They probably ran into one another many dozens of times. Toward the end of that scene as Ayra is walking away and Tywin is talking, LF's eyes narrow and follow her across the room. Yup, he knows. The question now is--what's he gonna do with that info? For sure, he'll try to work out his 'knowledge is power' discovery to his own best advantage. To my mind, Tywin does not know. How could he? We heard Tyrion (an episode or two ago) mention that there'd been no ravens back and forth from Tywin for weeks. Tywin's never seen Ayra, and as far as he knows 'the Stark girls' are safely under wraps in KL, to be used in trade for Jaime. * During the KL riot, the Hound tucking dipshit scrawny lunatic little Joffrey under one arm like a sack of potatoes and hauling him up the stairs, while Joff is flailing around helplessly like a toddler in a tantrum. Go, Hound! Die, Dipshit! * Jaqen. Anything Jaqen. ( Note to A Man: A Man must be weary. This girl has a warm, comfortable feather quilt upon which you may rest. It is known.) * Jaqen. ETA: typo
  7. iheartseverus

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    Not 'retarded' monks, my friend. Frightened, superstitious men in a frightening, superstitious time--confronted with a terrifying new enemy no one in their world had ever envisioned. Not retarded.
  8. iheartseverus

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    Expensive as it most certainly is, still people, where's Rhaegon? Where's Visyerion? Poor little dudes are like the Rickon Stark's of House Targaryen...
  9. iheartseverus

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Strange that we all see things so differently. Tyrion's 'Lady Stark...' line was my absolute favorite in the entire episode. I thought it was the perfect movie moment, in that it conveyed a world of recognition and respect in just a few words. With that line, Tyrion is saying (in my interpretation) that he was extremely impressed with the dignity, maturity and sheer grown-up class with which Sansa handled herself following that terrible public humiliation. I believe he meant it as a salute to a girl Stark who'd handled herself as magnificently as if she'd been a Lady Stark. I loved it! Loved it!
  10. iheartseverus

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    What I took from J.S. Crews post is that Joffrey's conduct with the whores shows his sexual sadism towards women, and that is a danger to Margaery and therefore, to the Tyrell's. And I totally, 100% agree with J.S. Crews.
  11. iheartseverus

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Wow, I so totally disagree with this analysis. You're literally on your last legs, starving, dying of thirst, utterly defenseless, nowhere to go, the end of the road. You find yourself outside the gates of a rich, lush city, facing 13 cunning powerful well-fed rulers of the city, and they demand that you produce proof--proof that you have in your possession the most valuable possessions the modern world has ever known. What do you do? Show them the dragons? Great. So their guards march over to you, slit your throat, kick your starving bony ass into the bone yard and coo-coo-welcome your dragons into their possession. Buh-bye, Mother of Dragons. Your 'children' are ours, now. You're crow meat. No. You negotiate your way into the city with hints and threats, knowing that while you hold the most valuable hand in the world (i.e., that you may have actual dragons), you're untouchable. You won't be attacked or killed, at least until these city folk get a full understanding of how to deal with you, how exactly to steal your dragons. Meanwhile, you and your troup can feed, rest, restore yourselves, get ready to protect your priceless possessions. Dany did exactly what a trained negotiator would do in this situation. She negotiated--she bought time for herself and her group to heal and gain strength. They'll deal with whatever comes next when it comes, but meanwhile, she saved herself, her troup and her dragons. Show them the dragons? She would have died on the spot.
  12. And where most fans judge a new character on his/her smarts/strengths/ability to play the Game of Thrones, you see... tiddies. And whether they're big enough, or nice enough. I say again... jesus christ... :ack: